How to Exploit Video Commerce in a Right Way?

“Actions speak louder than words” – This is indeed true in any case. A single video or photo does more wonders than 1000 words would do. If you need high traffic, reputation, sales, loyalty then you should exploit the video commerce in a perfect way. Simply embedding videos or creating videos is not the key. The secret is that how effectively you embed the videos and what tools you use in order to properly use the video commerce.

The video commerce tool you use should  support various factors and the features are as;

  1. Live Streaming: This is a very essential feature where in the  content is delivered live over the Internet. Most of the users will be engaged only if the live streaming is provided. This is the main reason that makes the user to share the video on social media sites.
  2. Social Media Integration: The video player or video commerce you use should be able to provide complete social media integration and social sharing options.
  3. Monetization: Ability to play ads and monetize is another essential nature and need from a video player.
  4. Support for Import: Importing  videos from YouTube, Vimeo are important and essential for any site that has video support.

Apart from these as a site owner you need to concentrate on other features like rebranding, HTML5 support, responsiveness, reviews and ratings, etc. To effectively avail these features you might go in for video extensions from Joomla. Joomla offers two unique and useful extensions namely the Joomla HD FLV Player and Joomla HD Video Share.  While the HD FLV Player allows you to play various video formats and the HD Video Share will allow site users to upload videos and share them. You can view their demos here.

Joomla HD FLV PLayer

Live DemoJoomla HD Video Share

Live Demo

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