How to Create a Video Sharing Website Like YouTube, Vimeo & Netflix With Brand New Technologies?

There are countless statistics available online that points out one thing on what kind of content users engage in – videos. Videos fascinate people and spurs audience count to expand tremendously.

In 2017, Oxford has chosen the term “Binge watching” as the word of the year, indicating that entertainment has become synonymous to online video-on-demand platforms.

Revenue generated worldwide through video streaming industry amounts to a total of US$19,572, as of 2018. It is also projected that a staggering population of 548 million people would channel to video-on-demand websites as their prime entertainment source. This climate in media sharing indicates that the gates are wide open to new ventures in the on-demand arena.

Statistics like “55% of people watch videos online everyday” – HubSpot”, “YouTube has over a billions users” – YouTube 2016 official stats, “US adults spend 5.5 hours with video content each day” and much more are suffice for the fact that videos are the best eyeball grabbers and are found to be more intutive among all types of online contents.

The roaring success rate of YouTube has led to many attempts in creating video sharing websites targeting a specific set of audience or industry or region but not every such attempt has tasted success. Having said this, what’s great about YouTube that it stands a class apart from the rest of its competitors.

Why is YouTube a class apart from other video sharing websites?

Create Youtube like website

Putting aside the fact that it is a product of Google, a tech giant ruling the online industry, YouTube makes things very simple for its users right from viewing, providing related video suggestions, smart keyword search system, subscriptions, email notifications, adding video, creating user channels, video importing, providing embed codes, commenting, rating and a lot more.

All these put together sets YouTube as a benchmark for how a video sharing website should be.

How To Create A Video Sharing Website Like YouTube, Netflix?

Build Youtube like Website

Now, how likely are the chances for creating such a technically sound, user-friendly and well optimized live video sharing website? Well, when it comes to development, it demands 100s of coding hours, design creativity, User interface intelligence and user experience understanding to begin with and a lot more to follow.

In order to build a video sharing website that aces the competition in video sharing, there are customizable online video streaming solutions available that would make your job easier in building a successful video sharing website like Youtube and Vimeo.

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How to Create a Video Sharing Website using Contus Vplay?

Contus Vplay is a media streaming solution that has helped multiple global brands to create their own video sharing website like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Since their inception, Contus Vplay has extensively researched on the climate prevailing around the video sharing arena and has subsumed all the above parameters in addition to the highly flexible customization options.

How Contus Vplay confers the possibilities of success

Building an independent video sharing platform yields more benefits than one would anticipate. Contus Vplay has loaded its solution with multiple pre-built features that have proven to be successful models for multiple global brands. These features are explained in detail below to give a foresight as to why it would be the best option you lay hands on for starting your own website like Youtube.

Video Players

Contus Vplay uses HTML5 player in default as it offers additional benefits where you can add external links and applications to your videos. The application links can, in turn, be integrated with Skype or email marketing connects increasing the momentum of your circle reach.

The HTML5 player is capable of driving the quality of pictures, sound quality, the ability to be adapted via extensions and be compatible cross-platform while being supported across all browsers. In case, if the owner of the website desires to wield a video player of their own to create their video sharing website, Contus Vplay equipped team would integrate the said player of their wish.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is a prime feature to be focused on when it comes to building a video sharing platform of your own. This mode of streaming brings in a brand exposure to people beyond your customer target. Contus Vplay prowesses in live streaming, as it has built highly functioning live streaming websites in the past. There is no definitive way to create a live streaming video that works well that lets the viewers gain knowledge of what your product is. Contus Vplay’ Live streaming feature provides a channel in which you can directly engage with your customer base without any restrictions.


Though Contus Vplay has multiple no.of versatile features readily available, the solution always has its doors open for experimenting with new ideas for its clients. Whatever may be the challenge, Contus Vplay delivers what was asked of the video sharing website and app alongside an incredible UI experience that attracts relevant audience to the businesses.


Contus Vplay aces the fixture of widgets, as its prime motto is to offer customization from all dimensions. Widgets are the elements that provide fundamental functions to be configured in web and mobile apps. These widgets form the functional units of any well-versed app. Some of the primary widgets in the video sharing websites are ‘Popular’, ‘Featured’, ‘Recent’, ‘Related’ etc with simple drag-drop options. They are the basic functionalities necessary to customize an app and give them their own style. The Off-panel widgets, in particular, proffers features that can be switched off while using the app by the user but cannot be deleted.

Smart search

Contus Vplay , by standard, integrates the video sharing apps with smart search engines. These smart search engines allow keyword search within the website. By landing on the specific category of content within a click, it enables platforms to retain viewership and extend the time they spend on the platform.

User channels

When you pitch in famous and creative relevant content makers to stream videos on your platform, the user base is bound to multiply with potential customers. Contus Vplay’s video on demand platform has remarkable user channel integration modules that allow the video sharing websites being created to be unique in its own way.

Cloud Storage

Contus Vplay uses Amazon S3 bucket that gives platform owners the freedom to store and transcode unlimited amount of data in them. They also provide a source of security and ensures your data is safeguarded from any kind of theft by incorporating encryption models. The adaptive scaling and speckless streaming are added icing on the cake.

Multiple user registration

Contus Vplay offers Multiple user registration that comes in handy when you desire to engage with viewers and broadcasters. This feature lets the platform to take up the notch and widen the horizons of streaming capabilities.


The term being self-explanatory is to be taken into consideration as one of the prime factors. Security is not a parameter to be compromised with. Contus Vplay offers a three-step security encryption( DRM system, SSL certification & access control) process to safeguard your content from illegal breaches.


Contus Vplay’s astute analysis such as User behaviour analysis, Current viewership status, Comparative study and Consolidated data report ventures on data to give instant updates provides you with real-time data of the performance statistics of each individual video which would give you an insight of what works the best without spending tons of your investment on content that doesn’t work.


Monetizing your videos is as important as producing and streaming it. Below are the methods through which Contus Vplay warrants your content to be monetized.

Subscription — Loyal consumers wouldn’t mind paying a fee for subscribing to quality content. Enabling this option would reap promisable benefits.

Advertisement — Be it an advertisement of your own co-products or ads of external agents. Ads have proven to work well in streaming platforms.

Pay per view — Make money out of every view. By this method, the videos that perform well would be able to fetch justifiable revenues.

Purchasable asset — Sell your content for offline downloads and make money. This video monetization platform model promotes videos to escalate your business.


Even though building a video sharing website like Youtube or Vimeo of your own might sound hectic, creating a platform where you can stream HD videos of your own gives a face-lift for your entire business model and increases returns sooner than one would anticipate it to.

Now you’ve got an idea on how to make a successful video sharing website that performs magic in its platform, it’s time to take your business a step above the notch with Contus Vplay’s expertise to elevate the ordeal.

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