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Whyis so Powerful?

  • Flexible Commission

    Option for admin to setup separate commission rates for each and every vendor exhibiting their products in your marketplace

  • Vendor specific URL

    URL generated for vendors based on their desired store name to enhance visibility and promotion

  • Customizable

    Allows marketplace owners to customize front-end and backend functionality as they desire with 100% customizing options

  • Admin Dashboard

    Powers admin to view and manage the complete Seller accounts and product details efficiently

  • Product Type

    Supports default product types such as Simple product, Virtual product and Downloadable

  • Portfolios

    Options to create portfolio for sellers with complete information and product portfolio for each and every single vendor with tools to manage products effectively

Free Add-Ons

  • Social Login

    Sellers and users can register and log in using their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo accounts

  • One step checkout

    A single, integrated checkout page for customers to make payments instantly

  • PayPal Adaptive

    Revenues can be split between store owners and multiple vendors easily

  • Super Deals

    A deal-specific page which lists all the ongoing deals of the marketplace


Marketplace Features

Payment System

Smooth and Secured payments and revenue settlements

  • Integration of 'One Step Checkout' extension helps customers to do their payment, furnish shipping address and all other essential details instantly in a single page
  • Split revenues between multiple vendors at ease with the integration of Apptha's PayPal Adaptive Payment extension
  • Sellers can receive payments from marketplace owners either through parallel or chain system using Apptha PayPal Adaptive integration
  • Site owners can easily manage payment transactions for each seller
  • Payments can be transferred to sellers from marketplace owners via Bank account/PayPal account
  • Marketplace operator can view the complete transaction history of any particular seller from the Admin Panel
  • Simple, safe, and secure payment transfer options for sellers, site owners and vendors

Social Media: Engage and Enhance

Expose your brand to wider audience by capitalizing on social media

  • Marketplace operators can drive in more fans in Facebook and followers in Twitter by placing 'Join us on Facebook' and 'Join us on Twitter' options in the front-end
  • Sellers can provide instant access for customers to their fan pages by placing Facebook and Twitter buttons on their profile pages
  • Share product information through Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons placed on 'Product Details' page

Sign Up & Sign in

Simplify user entries and enrollments

  • Integration of Apptha's Social Login extension allows customers to log in at ease through their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo accounts
  • Easy to sign up via default login
  • Integrated Social login extension for seller login and registration

Product Comparison

Compare products and get the least pricing

  • 'Product Compare' option is available to compare all the seller products. At the front end, customers will have the 'Add To Cart' button enabled for the compared products using which they can add the least priced offering to their cart

Product-wise shipping options

Set national and international shipping costs for each product

  • Sellers can add both the national and international shipping cost for each product and select the default country for it

Seller Vacation Mode

Set your sales channel in offline mode while on vacation

  • Sellers, if on a vacation, can either enable or disable their products in the front-end by using the 'Seller Vacation Mode' option

Update, Administer and Manage Products

Hassle-free product management options for Sellers and Marketplace operator

  • Sellers can add product of types namely 'Simple', 'Virtual', 'Downloadable' through an option which can be set by the administrator
  • Sellers can add 'Custom' option while adding any product to the store which can be either Enabled or Disabled by the Admin
  • SKU can be provided by sellers while adding a product
  • The display of New product, Popular product and Category link can either be enabled or disabled by the admin
  • Admin control for product approval: Approve or disapprove newly added products by sellers through mails either automatically/manually and option to automatically approve products for all vendors
  • Admin can either enable or disable 'Product Sold Count' and 'Stock Available' count for each product through the back-end
  • Products can be added, sorted and managed by sellers easily through 'Manage Products' tab in 'My Account' page
  • Built-in Super Deals extension which can be managed through 'Manage Deal' tab in seller account dashboard
  • Product details can be updated by the sellers instantly
  • Sellers can add or delete any of their product
  • Products can be categorized by sellers under relevant categories and sub categories
  • Complete product detail page displaying Related Products and store's name as a link which leads to the seller's profile page
  • Site owners can easily manage seller profiles and their products through admin panel


Instruct and guide throughout

  • Can be easily installed following a well instructive User Manual and can also be customized.

Instant updates, alerts and notifications

Keep yourself, your sellers and customers informed

  • Marketplace owners can either customize or make use of the default template provided for the Email notifications
  • Admin can either Enable or Disable seller sales email notification
  • If admin cancels an order then email notification will be sent to seller and customer
  • Sellers will receive Email notifications for every single purchase of their product
  • Instant email confirmation for customers upon product purchase


Integrated live updates on progress, possessions and payments

  • Seller dashboard: Merchants can get to know their sales facts and figures through options like 'Sales Report', 'Most Viewed Products', 'Life Time Sales' which exhibits collective information


Stay connected with your sellers

  • Vendors can contact admin upon any query or clarification from their 'Seller Page' through 'Contact Admin' option
  • The 'Contact Admin' feature which can be used by sellers for sending queries to marketplace owners can either be Enabled or Disabled by Admin

Commission Calculations

A simple mechanism to calculate individual commissions

  • Mechanism to declare and calculate separate commission rates for vendors who exhibit their products in your marketplace

Manage Orders

Advanced filter options for sellers and order status updates for customer

  • Customer's orders can be filtered by sellers based on its 'Status' and 'Time Range' scales from 'Orders' tab
  • Sellers can view complete order details like shipping address, payment method etc, by clicking the 'View' option in the 'Orders' tab


  • Sellers can independently add and edit information and logo using edit options of 'My Profile' page
  • Vendor specific URLs can be generated for stores as per the store names suggested by them
  • Ratings and Reviews for sellers can either be Enabled or Disabled
  • Can be installed and uninstalled without affecting any existing features of Magento
  • Admin can either Enable or Disable the 'Profile Page' for merchants
  • Marketplace operator can approve or decline any seller account automatically/manually
  • Sellers can retrieve complete information on all their transactions made with the marketplace owner through 'Transaction History'
  • Any customer can become a seller in the marketplace on the approval of the marketplace operator
Compatible with Magento Versions: 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9
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Ratings and Review

  • Stunning Marketplace Software..!!!

    Review by:- Wahb Ben Ishak,

    I’m running my b2b & b2c marketplace businesses which include softwares, scripts and plugins etc for techies. I’m completely pleased with this buy and sell marketplace script from apptha. Awesome support! In the beginning baffled with some selections in magento admin for installing product price , but after a thorough looking on user installation guide and a couple of questions with customer support was enough to start my multi vendor shopping cart website. Surely I’ll be back for more extension from Apptha.

  • Excellent Coding Standard

    Review by:- Vanessa Bruno,

    Past 3 months back I bought this ecommerce marketplace software and tested with various levels of coding standards & design integration.

    Built with Magento open source platform developed with php it’s one of the safest and secure platform for any ecommerce online store.

    Design wise they’ve done a perfect job that impress more customers who’s going to step on the marketplace website.

    The module for multi vendors clearly explains all the related files to be added by vendor.

    Apart from this, customization part need to be handle carefully to do any other changes.

    Worth for the money paid. Thumbs up..!!!!

  • Packed with lot of Features

    Review by:- Mark Tillison,

    Before buying Apptha Marketplace, I've tried some other marketplace software for my multi vendor shopping cart website and it was a buggy one that frequently stops running and made me tired of calling their supports to clear those issues. Past 6 months I've been into Apptha Marketplace Extension and it really worth to buy. Still now I couldn't face any issues with the script. Perfectly works and there is dashboard for every seller to manage the products. Mainly Shipping Cost Integration for different countries added more valuable to my website. This buy and sell script enhanced more sales for my b2b marketplace business.

  • Great Thumbs Up for Apptha

    Review by:- Tiffany Brigade,

    Marketplace software is one of my recent purchases from apptha, which powers my total ecommerce
    store. It's a well suited one for my magento open source platform.

    The new updated admin features especially enable or disable the products, which keeps my store always updated with current
    products. Also my sellers can easily add or delete products easily on their own.

    Before it consumes more time for me to delete and add the products. But now it'll make my time more free.

    I would like to thank apptha for their dedicated work on customer need; I'm 100% satisfied with this multi vendor marketplace extension and their customer service.

  • Excellent Software Made by Apptha

    Review by:- Bryce Anderson,

    I've installed the newly released version of Apptha Marketplace script into my existing magento ecommerce store to
    turn my estore to a big multi vendor marketplace. Really it's a great shopping cart script, with great customer support.

    What impressed me?
    The simple mechanism to calculate commission rates for vendors really helped me
    to get more sellers for my marketplace website. Also the vendors can contact me with the simple option enabled in their
    contact section.

    I'm so glad to get the choice of Apptha Marketplace!

  • A must have extension for every marketplace

    Review by:- David Slepkow,

    I always keep track on current trend of ecommerce store to run my magento b2b ecommerce store. I'm already using magento based websites to make more secure and recently I've digged responsive themes for some of my marketplace stores and I can't find something that suits my stores.

    Then I came to know by a blog post that apptha is providing responsive theme on marketplace software. I've checked the demo and contacted the support to know more about this buy and sell marketplace module in terms of technical aspects.

    Support guys helped me to understand all the technical stuffs while installing the marketplace extension and really they went beyond exception. Finally, bought this theme for my marketplace
    website and installed with their support.

    Works well in all devices and I'm gonna buy another one..!!!

  • Obviously Perfect - Highly Recommend to any Marketplace Website

    Review by:- Kent Gustavson,

    A+ level of Source Coding.

    A++ to the customer support team, they understand clearly about my needs of customization.

    A+++ for tech team to implement the customization, that made my online ecommerce store better one than my competitors.

  • Recommended

    Review by:- Hassan Ahmed,

    I think this magento clone script is worth the money. The documentation clearly helped me out in installing the extension for a newbie in PHP like me. For any buy and sell like website, it is highly recommended to have a responsive theme. And I found them here. Thankieu.

  • Perfect software

    Review by:- Sean,

    I've planned to launch a site for buying and selling a variety of products and finally end up purchasing this marketplace software. This clone is a perfect place for launching multiple products where there is the option to play deals in our site. And the free plugins are still more helpful to maintain this online selling marketplace.

  • Thanks!

    Review by:- Herick Thomas,

    I find that apptha multi vendor marketplace is one of the flawless software from Apptha. Am glad to share my feedback here as I have been struggling to find the apt plugin with all the customization I have been requiring for my PHP website. I think I have saved my money with these free addons as well.

  • Affordable

    Review by:- Amit Shah,

    Worth investing in this marketplace product. I have been planning for setting up a marketplace from very long time and finally done with it. The main reason I chose apptha is this three important free ad-ons which highly required for my buy and sell website. Thanks!

  • Prefarable

    Review by:- Rafeeq Abdul,

    I would surely recommend this marketplace website software. I used this extension on my magento b2b buy and sell like website, it was nice except for a very few issues which i faced during installation, which have been fixed up by the team apptha.

  • Amazing!

    Review by:- Andrew Pret,

    For me, this is one of the best marketplace software. The backend was fine and they also have provided me with easy checkout option. As a store owner, i can do whatever i need to do with this open source script. Thanks to Apptha Team for creating my ecommerce shopping store a better one.

  • Worthy for my cash

    Review by:- Kevin Bernstein,

    Investing in this marketplace extension is worthy. I am experiencing great with some of the features:

    -Social login makes buying and selling easier
    -This software supports to handle the seller profiles via admin board
    -Clear installation guide for online selling
    -This marketplace clone script makes perfect commission computation for sellers

    Strongly propose this needy open source module for better business.

  • Offered numerous benefits

    Review by:- Allen,

    Am here to share my feedback on this product for my b2b business, I have been searching for this kind of extension to implement in my open source platform. Although I found few bugs at the time of installation, the technical team had resolved it promptly. I have purchased the product at the time of offer and saved money as well.

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