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Whyis so Powerful?

  • Socialize

    Socialize your products and services through famed Facebook page to help user relish a complete shopping

  • Single Admin

    Powers with single admin facility to control multiple stores with different types of front views for effective management

  • Themes

    Comes with default theme but comprises option to add new themes of your choice to make it appear compelling online


    Facility to set up a safe and secured Facebook page as it provides option to include SSL certification at any time

  • Product Updates

    Facility to notify users visiting Facebook page through alerts whenever a new product is added to your Magento store

  • Free Installation

    Facebook app module carries along free installation benefit using which you can save quite some money

  • 100% Customizable

    Facility to customize the Facebook page thoroughly to display your business products and services at their best

  • Multidomain License

    Option to purchase multiple domain license at 7 times the cost of single domain license available

Customers who are impressed!

  • " We have done some projects with Apptha, Great products and good understanding of the customer needs. Knowledgeable staff.. "

    Colin PhillipsBusiness Manager, People & Technology

  • " We have used solution for one our last project, and they are absolutely perfect in all aspects of cooperation.. "

    Kamil BFounder and Owner, NejPomocnici

  • " I used Apptha products for one of my projects, customer service was amazing and help me a lot to select the best solution... "

    Majid A.Communication & Marketing Manager, UAE

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For The Store Owners

  • Option to promote your products effectively by displaying the product details on User's Facebook wall
  • Option to display your store new products in Facebook Fan Page Tab with social sharing options like Facebook likes, shares, etc
  • Option to display your store product information in Facebook Fan Page Tab with categories, sub-categories, related products, etc.
  • Allows customers to invite their FB friends to your store
  • Displays your product on friends' walls when recommended by users
  • Displays each product updates on users' walls instantly
  • Increases conversion rate with default FB login
  • Displays the recently added items in the Facebook app homepage.
  • Easy to update categories and product information simultaneously in Magento store and Facebook
  • Offers control over homepage banner display
  • Option to display any number of items per page as in Magento config
  • Multiple payment support as in default Magento
  • Supports default Magento Promotion Method
  • Facility to customize home page designs
  • Facility to recommend any product by sending personalized messages to friends list via Facebook profile
  • Facility to estimate overall/total revenue and transactions count

For Your Customers

  • Allows customers to purchase products easily and directly from the FB Fan page
  • Displays New Products in the home page
  • Displays many number of categories and products
  • Optimized for 100% performance and speed
  • Enables purchase of products with Facebook ID
  • Option to track the order details within Facebook account
  • Displays the products either in Grid view or List view
  • Facility to check with recently added items
Compatible with Magento Versions: 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.2

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Ratings and Review

  • Excellent App for Facebook

    Review by:- Michael Hewerd,

    Folks, this app is brining significant change in traffic. I tried this and noticed a better traffic number and more people now know my brand. People are buying so frequently as they feel it is easy to buy from FB. Lovely UI and simple options for ease of use,.. Worth the money invested. Surely will recommend it to others. Great creation. Thanks for the support rendered by Mr. Arun prasath.

  • Good one

    Review by:- Marx,

    This magento facebook extension is so worthy and cost effective. I have been using this for past two months and am so satisfied. Its great to have got this. Go for it without second thoughts.

  • Awesome

    Review by:- Jackson,

    A good one.. I had a good experience on support chat and they rectified all my issues while installing it. I am getting a good response on sales and traffic after installing them. I got a good attractive banner design too.

  • Advance Plugin

    Review by:- Sam alex,

    This plugin is the easiest and most comprehensive way to integrate Facebook Login/signup for my online store.This extension works great on compatible version.

  • Helpful

    Review by:- Chuck Bunn,

    Quick response and very helpful

  • Purchased it!!!

    Review by:- Jack,

    The technical team was excellent. I have got immediate response from them whenever I have asked for help.