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Apptha Paypal Adaptive

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Whyis so Powerful?

  • Three Way Payments

    Supports chained, parallel and delayed chained payments. The payment can be split to the vendors through admin or mutually between admin and vendors.

  • Instant Transaction

    Supports instant payment transaction. The transactions are done at a rapid and instant manner so that there is no need for waiting like before.

  • Split Payments

    Automatically splits the payment between the owner and multi-vendors. Thus, there is no need for manual efforts or reminders.

  • Payment Refunds

    Payments refunds are made promptly and effectively with ease such that it benefits the customers. The refunds if any are done as soon as possible in a quick manner.

  • Free Installation

    Helps you save significant money with the cost-free installation and setup process enclosed with the product

  • Multidomain License

    Option to purchase multiple domain license at 7 times the cost of single domain license available

  • 100% Customizable

    Allows store owners to add their own customization to the design and/or content with ease

  • Support

    Get customer support via live chat, emails, forums for any queries related to set up, installation, performance of products

Customers who are impressed!

  • " I strongly recommend Apptha extensions. We have an excellent product and the customer support is amazing too. Thanks.. "

    Paulo BarbaresiArchitect at Studio Barbaresi doo

  • " Just had dealings with support who were fantastic. Great extension and ideal for my little Local TV Station "

    Gary GreenwoodEditor and Videographer at Dance Show Filming

  • " I fully recommend Apptha products. Especially the service was very good and works had been done in a professional.. "

    Marc KnollEditor & Co-Founder at

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For The Site Owners

  • Enable/Disable the Apptha Paypal Adaptive
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Easy Configuration
  • Enable or Disable Sandbox Mode
  • Edit Payment title and description
  • Support for payment refunds
  • Facility to send the corresponding payment shares to the secondary receivers in Parallel, Chained or Delayed Chained method
  • Option to set the percentage or flat amount is present
  • Facility to process refunds from Magento to PayPal in real time
  • Option to easily customize the user interface from the admin configuration

For Your Customers

  • Customers can purchase products from your store without a need for PayPal account
  • All currencies which are supported by PayPal are accepted
  • Facility to make payments that can be sent to single and/or multiple recipients/merchants
  • Facility for Magento's "Guest" checkout option
  • Facility for the customer to make payments with or without PayPal account
  • Supports instant payment transaction
  • Supports chained payment for multiple recipients
  • Supports parallel payment for multiple recipients
  • Supports delayed chained payment for multiple recipients
Compatible with Magento Versions: 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x and 1.9.2
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Ratings and Review

  • Easy to handle

    Review by:- Johan,

    I used to meet so many payment issues while handling the payment process.

    But now I am glad to write that in Paypal adaptive module, most of the issues vanished and easy to handle

  • Impressed me

    Review by:- OliverPe,

    I've embedded this paypal adaptive module for my Magento multi store. I had some good reviews among my users which impressed me by certain features:
    1. Types of payment methodology
    2. Option to refund the payment
    3. "Guest" checkout option for users
    4. possibility to make payments for users with or without paypal account

  • Satisfied with the support

    Review by:- Risky Wood,

    Good support. Split payment methods for Magento store is a great feature and it made everything easy.

  • Good extension for betterment of business

    Review by:- Lily Kisten,

    Easy module for any user to pay their cash even if they dont have paypal account. Payment gateway is quite simple with guest login. I found these are highlighted features