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Launch Your Own Multi Vendor Marketplace Store In Magento 2.0 & Amplify Sales 2x

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Reviews (4.6/5)

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  • Seller Dashboard Admin & Sellers get exclusive dashboards to monitor real-time sales numbers & everything else happening in the multi vendor store

  • Vendor-specific URL Vendors can use their brand name or a keyword with high search volume as the URL of their store's profile

  • PortfoliosSellers can create an exclusive profile page to promote their legacy, USP, products & provide additional information to customers

  • Custom AttributesCustom attributes can be created by admin which can be chosen by sellers while adding their products

  • Admin DashboardReal-time notifications, insights on sales, average order values, best sellers, seller subscriptions, product approvals & much more.

  • Flexible Commission The Magento 2 marketplace extension allows marketplace operators to set different commission for each vendor based on the products they sell.

  • CustomizableApptha Marketplace Script is 100% customizable. Completely welcoming towards third-party extensions, tweaks & upgrades.

  • Order Management Experience effortless order management with our multi vendor ecommerce software that allows Sellers to initiate shipment and create invoices for processed orders easily.

  • Manage PaymentsAdmin and Sellers have exclusive dashboards for managing payments as the console shows updates on transferred and pending commissions.

  • One Page Checkout Reduce cart abandonment significantly by making it easier for customers to check out easily with a minimal checkout process that asks for essential details only.

  • Responsive Design Build websites designed to adapt perfectly to any screen sizes for delivering an easier, smoother & delightful user experience with Apptha’s marketplace ecommerce platform.

  • SEO FriendlyMobile responsive and fluidic theme that helps your website render uncompromising experience overcoming device fragmentations.

Marketplace - Features

Commission Calculations

  • Admin can set different commission rates for each vendor
  • Global commission will be considered as the commission rate for sellers who have not been specified a commission by the admin
  • Allow sellers to subscribe for your marketplace via monthly and yearly subscription plans
  • Universal shipping price applies to products which have not been given a shipping price by sellers
  • Administrators can contact multiple sellers at one go via bulk emailing system
  • Sellers can make commission request to the admin using the internal mailing system
  • Ajax powered loading for category pages to decrease loading time

Product Types

  • Simple - Stock your store with products with same physical attributes but varying pricing & color or size attributes.
  • Downloadable - Digital products with time based expiry limits that reside on your server and that can be downloaded by customers on purchase.
  • Configurable - Allow customers to mix and match several simple products to create a single complete product for instant purchase.
  • Virtual - Sell intangible services, warranties, subscriptions, etc. as single or bundled products coupled with time-bound restrictions.

Backend Controls for Admin

  • Product approvals can be set to automatic or can be done manually
  • Stock details and sold count for each product can be turned on or off by the admin
  • Seller profile pages can be enabled or disabled by the admin
  • Seller approvals can be automated or manually done by the admin

Backend controls for sellers

  • Sellers can upload 'Simple', 'Virtual' and 'Configurable' products
  • For each product, seller can set the default country, national and international shipping cost
  • Seller can add custom option for a product while uploading it in the store. Admin has the ability to enable or disable the custom option for sellers.
  • SKU for each product can be added by the seller
  • Seller has an exclusive grid, 'Manage Products', to add, edit, filter and bulk upload products easily
  • Sellers can add or delete any product
  • Products can be classified into several categories and subcategories
  • Related product suggestions will accompany each product detail page
  • Sellers have an edit option available in 'My Profile' page to edit and add store logo and information
  • Sellers can fabricate their store URL with desired name or keywords.
  • Sellers can get historical information on transactions using 'Transaction History' option
  • Reviews and Ratings options can be enabled or disabled by the admin
  • Sellers can either enable or disable the Ratings and Reviews option


  • Marketplace operator and every vendor who sells in the marketplace store will get a dashboard that keeps them informed about sales and other key happenings.
  • Admin dashboard: Product & Seller Approvals, best sellers, order updates, commission splits, average order value etc.
  • Seller dashboard: Overall revenue, highly viewed products, highly purchased products, analysis on sales and much more


  • Sellers can contact the marketplace operator using 'Contact Admin' option
  • 'Contact Admin' option can be enabled or disabled by the admin

Commission Calculations

  • Admin can set different commission rates for each vendor

Order Management

  • Sellers can filters the orders placed by shoppers based on 'Status' and 'Time Range' scales using the 'Orders' tab
  • Sellers can view shipping address, payment method and other order details using 'View' option in the 'Orders' tab
  • Sellers are bestowed with the ability to create invoice and shipment for their products.

Product comparison

  • Products can be compared by users using 'Product Compare' option. The 'Add To Cart' option available for the products which a user has compared will help in proceeding to checkout in an instant.

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    Release Versions

    • Sellers shall enable or disable the vacation mode from their account
    • Seller Products will appear/disappear once vacation mode is enabled/disabled and you need to set cronjob to trigger the product enable or disable status
    • Allowing seller to add YouTube videos while adding products
    • In product page users shall view the video just like images
    • If the stock is low for specific product email will be triggered to respective seller to update the stock
    • The low stock threshold will be set by admin in the backend and based on that threshold number low stock will be notified to the seller
    • Compatibility with Magento 2.2.X version
    • Seller Can add Downloadable products
    • Bug Fixes and Magenot 2.1.9 Compatibility
    • Register and Sign in options for sellers
    • Dashboard for admin and seller
    • Seller profile page
    • Seller can add simple,virtual and configurable product types.
    • Order management options for sellers
    • Backend options for admin to manage sellers, products, approvals, payments and orders
    • Manage Subscription for sellers
    • Assign product for sellers
    • Option for sellers to use custom attributes and custom options
    • Review for sellers

    Compatible with Magento Versions: 2.1.x and 2.2.x

    Reviews & Ratings

    • Excellent Magento 2 eCommerce Solution It’s really good product from Apptha . A Power packed magento 2 marketplace extension which is used for my website with a complete features & customization part is so easy with Apptha team. More supportive and friendly people to work with. Review by:- Nirupama

    • Described Functionalities are performing well I just build a magento 2 multi vendor store with this readymade magento 2 marketplace extension. As the features described here it loads with all the necessities. No issues. Good support team. However it has the same prebuilt magento 2 theme, if they make some unique themes for magento 2 marketplace then it will be good. Review by:- Eddie Lieurs

    • It has all the features of multi vendor. Give a try!!! I was looking a magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension with all the necessary multi vendor features. This is what an admin can expects and additionally I have customized this multi vendor theme with their dedicated developers and over all apptha fulfills my complete needs of creating my multi vendor ecommerce store. However, my rating is 4 out of 5. Review by:- Boris Vin

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