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Launch Your Own Multi Vendor Marketplace Store In Magento 2.0 & Amplify Sales 2x

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  • Seller Dashboard Admin & Sellers get exclusive dashboards to monitor real-time sales numbers & everything else happening in the multi vendor store

  • Vendor-specific URL Vendors can use their brand name or a keyword with high search volume as the URL of their store's profile

  • PortfoliosSellers can create an exclusive profile page to promote their legacy, USP, products & provide additional information to customers

  • Custom AttributesCustom attributes can be created by admin which can be chosen by sellers while adding their products

  • Admin DashboardReal-time notifications, insights on sales, average order values, best sellers, seller subscriptions, product approvals & much more.

  • Flexible Commission A marketplace operator can set different commission for each vendor based on the products they sell.

  • CustomizableApptha Marketplace Script is 100% customizable. Completely welcoming towards third-party extensions, tweaks & upgrades.

  • Order Management Sellers can initiate shipment and create invoices for processed orders easily.

  • Manage PaymentsAdmin and Sellers have exclusive dashboards for managing payments as the console shows updates on transferred and pending commissions.

  • One Page Checkout Reduce cart abandonment significantly by making it easier for customers to check out easily with a minimal checkout process that asks for essential details only.

  • Responsive Design Websites designed to adapt perfectly to any screen sizes for delivering an easier, smoother & delightful user experience.

  • SEO FriendlyMobile responsive and fluidic theme that helps your website render uncompromising experience overcoming device fragmentations.

Marketplace - Features

Commission Calculations

  • Admin can set different commission rates for each vendor
  • Global commission will be considered as the commission rate for sellers who have not been specified a commission by the admin
  • Allow sellers to subscribe for your marketplace via monthly and yearly subscription plans
  • Universal shipping price applies to products which have not been given a shipping price by sellers
  • Administrators can contact multiple sellers at one go via bulk emailing system
  • Sellers can make commission request to the admin using the internal mailing system
  • Ajax powered loading for category pages to decrease loading time

Product Types

  • Simple - Stock your store with products with same physical attributes but varying pricing & color or size attributes.
  • Downloadable - Digital products with time based expiry limits that reside on your server and that can be downloaded by customers on purchase.
  • Configurable - Allow customers to mix and match several simple products to create a single complete product for instant purchase.
  • Virtual - Sell intangible services, warranties, subscriptions, etc. as single or bundled products coupled with time-bound restrictions.

Backend Controls for Admin

  • Product approvals can be set to automatic or can be done manually
  • Stock details and sold count for each product can be turned on or off by the admin
  • Seller profile pages can be enabled or disabled by the admin
  • Seller approvals can be automated or manually done by the admin

Backend controls for sellers

  • Sellers can upload 'Simple', 'Virtual' and 'Configurable' products
  • For each product, seller can set the default country, national and international shipping cost
  • Seller can add custom option for a product while uploading it in the store. Admin has the ability to enable or disable the custom option for sellers.
  • SKU for each product can be added by the seller
  • Seller has an exclusive grid, 'Manage Products', to add, edit, filter and bulk upload products easily
  • Sellers can add or delete any product
  • Products can be classified into several categories and subcategories
  • Related product suggestions will accompany each product detail page
  • Sellers have an edit option available in 'My Profile' page to edit and add store logo and information
  • Sellers can fabricate their store URL with desired name or keywords.
  • Sellers can get historical information on transactions using 'Transaction History' option
  • Reviews and Ratings options can be enabled or disabled by the admin
  • Sellers can either enable or disable the Ratings and Reviews option


  • Marketplace operator and every vendor who sells in the marketplace store will get a dashboard that keeps them informed about sales and other key happenings.
  • Admin dashboard: Product & Seller Approvals, best sellers, order updates, commission splits, average order value etc.
  • Seller dashboard: Overall revenue, highly viewed products, highly purchased products, analysis on sales and much more


  • Sellers can contact the marketplace operator using 'Contact Admin' option
  • 'Contact Admin' option can be enabled or disabled by the admin

Commission Calculations

  • Admin can set different commission rates for each vendor

Order Management

  • Sellers can filters the orders placed by shoppers based on 'Status' and 'Time Range' scales using the 'Orders' tab
  • Sellers can view shipping address, payment method and other order details using 'View' option in the 'Orders' tab
  • Sellers are bestowed with the ability to create invoice and shipment for their products.

Product comparison

  • Products can be compared by users using 'Product Compare' option. The 'Add To Cart' option available for the products which a user has compared will help in proceeding to checkout in an instant.

Release Versions

  • Register and Sign in options for sellers
  • Dashboard for admin and seller
  • Seller profile page
  • Seller can add simple,virtual and configurable product types.
  • Order management options for sellers
  • Backend options for admin to manage sellers, products, approvals, payments and orders.
  • Manage Subscription for sellers.
  • Assign product for sellers.
  • Option for sellers to use custom attributes and custom options
  • Review for sellers.

Compatible with Magento Versions: 2.x

Reviews & Ratings

  • Described Functionalities are performing well I just build a magento 2 multi vendor store with this readymade marketplace extension. As the features described here it loads with all the necessities. No issues. Good support team. However it has the same prebuilt magento 2 theme, if they make some unique themes for magento 2 marketplace then it will be good. Review by:- Eddie Lieurs

  • It has all the features of multi vendor. Give a try!!! I was looking a magento 2 multi vendor extension with all the necessary multi vendor features. This is what an admin can expects and additionally I have customized this multi vendor theme with their dedicated developers and over all apptha fulfills my complete needs of creating my multi vendor ecommerce store. However, my rating is 4 out of 5. Review by:- Boris Vin

  • Well Structured Multi Vendor Module With the help of support team, I have installed this magento 2 multi vendor module for my existing magento store. As described the given functionalities and the features are promptly works good and the source structure formatted well to understand for any one, there is no lag and all with the script. Review by:- Frojan Senpus

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