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Experience Clutter Processing Of Orders Belonging To Multiple Sellers By Splitting Carts


  • Why you need it?In a marketplace, processing an order which has products sold by different sellers at one go might be confusing and so we have come up with a solution to split cart based on sellers.

  • Add multiple seller's productsWith Apptha Split Cart extension, buyers can add multiple seller's products to the cart which can be processed without clutter.

  • Split CartCart will be divided separately based on the sellers. For instance if a buyer adds products from three different sellers, his/her cart will be split into 3.

  • Shipping and PaymentsThe existing shipping methods and payment gateways used by sellers in the marketplace will work perfectly ditching out the need for the marketplace admin to go for alternatives.

  • Admin ProductsBuyers are allowed to add products hosted by the marketplace admin as well to the cart along with the products of other sellers.

  • Free InstallationThe installation process will be a breeze, as our development experts will assist and provide a walkthrough in installing and configuring the product.

Split Cart - Features

General features

  • Marketplace admin can enable or disable Apptha Split Cart extension
  • Products sold by the admin can also be added to the cart
  • While a particular seller's products added in a cart are being processed, the remaining products will remain in the cart so that payment can be made immediately or later as per buyer's convenience.
  • Works well with the existing shipment and payment service providers
  • Shopping cart will be split based on sellers

Customers Who Vouch For Us

These Guys are Great!! Helpful knowledgeable staff who gets the job done!! I would recommend everybody to check out some of the services they offerDerick Downs, Founder & CEO of BidsList

They are experienced in PHP and Magento platform and can quickly determine the requirements for new development projects that I give them.Adam W, CEO at Simplicity Group

They have even done the application on my behalf to the Apple store which has been approved in a few days. I recommend them to anyone looking for a well done job. Raffi Arslanian, General Manager in Stationery & Art Materials

I am very satisfied with the products so far. Especially the service was very good and customization works had been done in a professional and fast fashion.Marc Knoll, Digital Marketer & Blogger

I had worked with them in two projects, at the same time. And before they are over, I outscourced a third one! Soon I will ask them for more.Orestis Matsoukas, Coordinator at StartingUP

Release Versions

  • Efficient way to manage orders.
  • Easy to manage from Admin
  • Buyer can add multiple seller's as well as admin products to their cart.

Compatible with Magento Versions: 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.1 and 1.9.2

Reviews & Ratings

  • Needed One A week before I integrated this split cart on my marketplace. We got a phenomenal response from the vendors and buyers. Had a good experience. It would be good if it is added on the marketplace package itself. Review by:- Marc Poulin

  • Sounds Interesting Our store contains more fashion accessories for women, and the number of sellers in our website is bit high; it will be quit tough to manage orders based on sellers in checkouts. Before opting for this split cart extension, our customers used to get annoyed with different sellers while doing purchase orders and now the process is a simple one as it splits products based on different sellers and our customers can make their purchases easily. I will recommend this extension! Review by:- Orsini Ange

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