Apptha Wordpress Banner Version 1.0

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Compatible with Wordpress Versions: 3.0 or Higher


General Features

  • Displays Products and Promotions in attractive banner design
  • Banner with attractive write ups ensures customer attention
  • Show banner for your service in a simple click
  • Increase website visibility and drives traffic

Product Features

  • Provides five default attractive banners.
  • Compatible with 3.2.1
  • Easy to Use and Quick Installation Plug-in
  • Stylish and smooth animated Banner designs which helps you to widely use in various commercial establishments and advertising campaigns.
  • Activate the desired banner style with a single click.
  • Facility to upload multiple images simultaneously with maximum upload size 10MB.
  • You can add title and description to the banners.
  • Customizable settings for banner images.

Admin Features

  • Single banner display with different styles.
  • Multiple uploads of images for thumbnail list
  • Change color options and font options in the admin
  • Set animation speed for the slideshow in the admin
  • Ability to customize the styles of banner like changing the dimensions (height, width),color options(background color,text color,border color).

Product Overview

A professional and neatly designed banner is counted as a promotional tool or an advertising partner of your website. This banner maker offers different styles of banner that suits your website/products/services. The plugin offers five default banners named Navo Slider, Blinking Navo ,Plain Image,Smooth Slider and Lofslider Images. With a simple click make banner that displays your services, increasing the visibility.

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Ability to customize the styles of banner
  • You can set the animation speed of your choice

Upload multiple images simultaneously with maximum upload size 10MB The animated banners ensure attention with striking design and vibrant colors. The WordPress banner provides an exclusive facility to change the styles and choose the banner, switch between the banner styles. The banner plugin enables to upload multiple images simultaneously, add banner title, description and target URL instantly with a quick edit option. Create a truly amazing web banner design bestowing an exquisite website that helps to drive traffic to your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this extension for?

Add a classic advertising banner image for your WordPress site. This plugin acts as a marketing solution for your WordPress site by showcasing your product image in a full length banner at the header. The website banner has five default banners with attractive and unique design and easy facility to upload multiple images simultaneously with maximum upload size 10MB.

What is the list of versions it is compatible with?

It is compatible with WordPress 3.2.1

Can I install this in more than one domain?

Nope, you can install this on only one domain

Is there any discount for additional domains?

Yes, If you already purchased one license you can always contact us for special discount on second purchase

Where can I look for any technical answers?

Please visit the forum for technical answers. If you don't find the answers you can post your questions there for others to answer your queries - Apptha WordPress Banner Technical Support

Is there any Document available?

Yes. Please check Apptha WordPress Banner Document

Will I be eligible for all future updates?

Yep, you are eligible to install the latest version for lifetime

Is there any money back guarantee?

Yes. If any of the features listed in our website is not working and if we are not able to fix it then we will refund your money

Is this a stable version?

Yes. This is a stable version and you can download it without any doubt as we have tested it internally and used widely by our customers

Can you give a reference list of your customers?

Sure. Please send your request to

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