Mac Photo Gallery - WP Version 3.0

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Compatible with Wordpress Versions: 2.8 or Higher


General Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Smooth Gallery
  • Mac Dock Effect
  • Facility to upload n number of Pictures
  • Option to create multiple albums

Product Features

  • Display entire album list in thumbnail format with Ajax pagination
  • Click on an image and get the maximized view it with carousel effect
  • Option to download and share
  • Facebook share for each Pictorial
  • View Galleries with Facebook effect
  • Maximum upload size 10MB

Admin Features

  • Import Albums from picasa, flickr and facebook and show with Mac Dock effect.
  • Option to set the number of images to be displayed in a particular row in the back-end
  • Option to set the number of rows per page to displayed in the back-end
  • Option to modify the height if the thumbnail in the back-end
  • Facility to set the macdock effect direction and proximity in the admin
  • Ability to change the style (rounded corners, winged)
  • There is a album listing widgets for the Mac Dock effect. In this you can set the number of photo to list on widgets and number of row/col can also setted
  • Enable/disable general settings

Product Overview

Apptha's WordPress Photo Gallery is the best and neatly designed plugin that gives a perfect array of images in your website. The Mac Dock effect of the WordPress Image Gallery gives a stylish look to your images. It is this Mac Dock effect that lets the image to glow separate when the cursor is placed on it. This best wordpress gallery allows you to switch between the images easily. Another best thing about the WordPress Slideshow gallery is it comes with Facebook options like downloading, sharing and commenting.

This Wordpress Picture Gallery lets you create multiple albums and display them in a smooth gallery slideshow. Installation of WordPress Photo Gallery plugins are extremely easy. You can simply install the plugin, create and upload your pictures. As you install the plugin, two widgets gets added to the side bar by default. One widget is to display the album cover and the other is to display the images from the particular album. Our Wordpress Image Gallery also comes with the settings to import albums directly from Flickr/Picasa/Facebook.


What is this extensions for?

Wordpress Photo Gallery extension is used to create number of albums and share it with your friends. The best thing with this extension is, it displays images in a Mac Dock effect.

What are the list of versions it is compatible with?

It is compatible with WordPress 3.0+

Can I install this in more than one domain?

No, you can install this on only one domain

Can I add multiple Images ?

Yes, you can add multiple images in Mac Photo Gallery for Wordpress.

Does it also include video upload ?

No, we cannot upload videos in Mac Photo Gallery.

Why this is called mac photo gallery ?

It is called so, since it contains the mac effect of the Apple Mac OS.

Is it possible to add unlimited albums and images ?

In paid version it is able to add unlimited albums and images, but in demo version only one default album will be present in which we can add unlimited images.

Is there any image upload size restriction ?

No, we can upload images of any size.

Does your software resizes the uploaded images ?

Yes, our software resizes the uploaded images.

Can I set the rows and columns of images and albums as per my wish ?

Yes, you can set them as per your wish.

Can user upload images ?

No, user cannot upload images in Mac Photo Gallery.

Is there any discount for additional domains?

Yes, If you have already purchased one license you can contact us anytime for a special discount on a second purchase

Where can I look for any technical answers?

Please visit the forum for technical answers. For more relevant answers, you can post your questions as comments over there, so that we could come up with answers for the same.

Is there any Document available?

Yes. Please check: WordPress Photo Gallery-Document

Will I be eligible for all future updates?

Yes, you are eligible to install the latest versions for lifetime.

Is there any money back guarantee?

Yes. If in case any of the features listed in our website doesn't work and we are not able to fix it, we will make a refund.

Is this a stable version?

Yes. This is a stable version and you can download it with no doubt, since we have tested it internally and is being used widely by our customers.

Is this compatible with all the browsers?

Except Internet Explorer it is compatible with all browsers

Can you give a reference list of your customers?

Sure. Please send your request to

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