26 May, 2024
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6 Reasons Why React Native Is Best For Making A Chat Solution

Evolution or revolution always results in a solution. Communication has been in an evolving stage for a long time and at last, it found its solution.

Can you remember your young age, and how critical it was to communicate back in the 90’s? But now at the instance of your thought, you can communicate with anyone in the world.

The primary reason for this evolution is chat apps. They made the communication between individuals or groups in a more simple and easy way.

As chat apps are evolving in a jetway, their markets started fueling and preparing them for skyrocketing. A recent survey states that monthly 2 billion users are actively using WhatsApp Messenger for their communicational needs.

Further in this blog let’s dive deep in knowing more on chat solutions, multi-platform growth with React Native, and 6 key reasons why you should build a chat, voice, and video app using React Native in 2024 and in the future. Fasten your seat belts, let’s take off now!

What is a Chat Solution?

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Chat solution is a mode of communication that bridges the conversation gap between any two individuals, organizations, team or group. Some of the most common forms of chat solutions come in a way of chat apps, in-app chat APIs, and collaboration tools.

Each form of chat solution has their own remedies for conversational problems in different places. But in-app chat APIs are instant chat solutions that can be integrated into any web or mobile apps to facilitate real-time communications.

What is React Native?

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React native is a multi-platform programming language developed and backed by Facebook. It is mostly loved by developers to build cross-platform mobile applications. 

It offers more enhanced features like Hot reload, Native components, large ecosystem, community support, access to third-party libraries, cross-platform development, cost effective, reusability, performance and more.

Why Use React Native For Your Chat Platform?

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React Native has special features for building a chat app. Native components and access to third-party plugins like WebRTC help facilitate native app-like performance across platforms and real-time communication.

Furthermore, React Native is open-source software to build multi-platform apps with native apps like performance. It is developed and backed by Facebook, which promotes large community support for React Native.

If you are planning to build a chat app like WhatsApp on multiple multi–platforms then React Native is your go-to choice at minimal cost, effect, and time.

Benefits of Using React Native

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Since its launch in 2015, React Native has offered various benefits for developers and is constantly evolving. In these past 8 years, it has made a significant mark in multi-platform languages and has vast community support.

Here are a few of React Native’s primary benefits:

  • Cross-platform development: React Native provides cross-platform developments among web and mobile apps that facilitate native app-like performance.
  • Hot Reloading: It provides a hot reloading feature; using this, developers can see the changes made in code reflecting in the app in real-time. This speeds up the development process and enlightens the app’s UI.
  • Cost-effective: React Native is an open-source multi-platform language where you can code once and deploy it on multiple platforms. This reduces the cost involved in building separate APs for each platform.
  • Strong developer experience: It provides a smooth development experience for Javascript developers with a rich set of development tools and an effective feedback loop for faster testing and debugging.
  • Live updates: Apps built with React Native can use the feature push over air to fix any quick bugs or issues. So whenever you give an update for fixing a bug, the user doesn’t want to update the app each time.
  • Performance: React Native can provide you with near-native-like performance, as they use native components and modules. You can also write native modules if you need to access device-specific features or optimize performance further.
  • Popular Apps: React Native has proved its worth with popular apps like Airbnb, UberEats, Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Discord, Walmart, Bloomberg, Soundcloud Pulse, and Townske, and is still growing.

These are a few of the primary benefits of using React Native for building a chat app or any app. These benefits are directly associated with enhancing the user experience.

Looking For A Chat Solution For Your Platform?

Why Build A Chat Solution With Our React Native SDK?

So far in this blog, we have discussed chat solutions, React Native, its benefits, and more. Now let’s move forward on why to build a chat solution using React Native. There are many reasons to build a chat app with React Native.

Here Are Six Major Reasons To Make A Chat Platform With Our React Native Sdk.

  1. Customizable components: The React Native chat solution provides you with 100% customizable components that allow you to customize the app based on your project requirements and business needs.
  2. White-labeled chat: React Native chat SDKs also provide white-labeled chat solutions to make the app’s UI visually appealing with your own brand identity.
  3. Complete ownership: React native SDKs can also provide you with complete ownership of the app and its source code. So with source code, you can recreate the app, customize, personalize, and perform multiple operations at your own expense. 
  4. Hybrid/native language translation: React Native can be coded in both hybrid and native languages. It is a multi-platform software that uses native components and modules to provide native app-like performance.
  5. Topic-based chat: As the name suggests, our React Native SDK is compatible with buyer-seller or topic-based chat, where users can organize chats based on topics of their interest.
  6. Low-code SDKs: Our React Native SDKs are built with low code to minimize development and deployment time. Based on the app platform, the low code init might vary in the points to remember column on our documents page.

These are the six major reasons why you should make a chat platform with our React Native SDKs.

Why Choose The Mirrorfly React Native Sdk For Integrating Chat Platforms?

MirrorFly is the leading in-app chat, voice, and video SDK provider for iOS, Android, Web, and desktop. It offers feature-rich chat APIs with multi-platform deployment.

Furthermore, MirrorFly chat, voice, and video SDKs can be integrated in less than 20 minutes across any platform.

Key features of MirrorFly React Native Chat SDKs

  • Cross-platform deployment: Our APIs can be integrated into all platforms, including iOS, Android, Web, and desktop.
  • Push notifications: Users can mute or unmute notification alerts based on their preferences.
  • Large file sharing: Only our SDKs allow users to share large files. Users can upload files of any size and send them to another user.
  • One-to-one and group chat: Chat with a single user or group in real time without worrying about latency.
  • Ultra-low latencies: Our React Native chat solutions guarantee a stable connection even during unstable internet with ultra-low latencies.
  • 99.999% uptime SLA: MirrorFly React Native SDKs facilitate a 99.999% uptime SLA with multiple IXPs.
  • End-to-end Encryption: All the messages, media, audio, and call files are end-to-end encrypted. So that they are accessible only to the sender and receiver.
  • Privacy Regulation laws: MirrorFly React Native APIs are compatible with privacy regulation laws such as HIPAA, GDPR, and OWASP.
  • Integrate in < 20 mins: Integrate out React Native chat, voice, and video SDKs in less than 20 mins by following our quick steps.
  • Lite-chat app: Get the Lite-chat app with limited and essential chat features that can be integrated with your app in just 5 minutes.

MirrorFly provides the utmost security and data privacy based on government regulations. So far, MirrorFly’s chat solutions are used by more than 30 million active users all over the world.


Thank you for reaching this far. I hope this article has answers to all your questions related to building a chat app with React Native SDKs and why to choose React Native for making a chat solution.

If you still have any further queries, you can either post in the comments or talk with an expert to get your queries clarified in real-time.

You can also book a quick free demo to check your app’s feasibility with our React Native chat SDKs. Good luck in your search. Adios, Amigo! Powering off!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I create a chat system in React Native?

Use a React Native messaging SDK to build a functional chat system in less than 20 minutes. By doing so, you can quickly add features like push notifications, file sharing, one-to-one or group chats, security attributes, and more in a breeze. 

What is the major benefit of React Native?

Code Reusability is the biggest benefit of using a React Native framework. Meaning, developers can write a single codebase and deploy it on both Android and iOS platforms thereby reducing cost and development time.  

 Is React Native good at building social media apps?

Yes. The React native framework comes as an ideal choice for building social media applications as it lets you reuse certain features like news feeds and user profiles. Plus, it makes your social media apps look responsive, reliable, and user-friendly. 

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      Yes, React Native supports a consistent and engaging user experience in chat apps. Its ability to create native-like interfaces, coupled with access to device features, ensures a seamless feel. Customizable UI components and real-time updates enhance interactivity, fostering an engaging chat environment across platforms.

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