17 April, 2024
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Top 7 React Native App Development Companies!

Developing chat apps is fun, just make it merrier with the React Native cross-platform framework, which lets you use a single codebase on iOS and Android devices!

Believe it or not, a person spends over 4.5 hours on smartphones browsing through apps every day on average. Imagine the numbers annually, they are surely going to be hot, and so is the mobile app development market! 

So, if you are ever planning to build the best chat app for your business, take a look at open-standard JS frameworks like React Native, which is considered to be a good place to start! 

Editor’s Note: Did you know that due to the agility of the React Native platform, the React Native Companies are receiving a lot of focus?

Top 7 React Native App Development Companies of 2024!

Listed here are some of the top-tier React Native app development companies like MirrorFly, Apptha, Moove It, TechAhead, .. that are based out of the USA, UAE, Poland, and other major parts of the world. 

Please do note that our best picks are drafted considering their scope of service, user reviews, and features that not only build amazing chat apps but excel in adding responsive in-app messaging experiences too. 

1. MirrorFly

MirrorFly is one of the most efficient providers of in-app video, voice, and chat SDKs in the global market. It is much liked by developers all around for its cross-platform support, quick integration, and 2 communication models – SaaS and Self-hosted solutions.

In addition to these, MirrorFly also has the following under its hood:

  1. 100% customizations on its 150+ call and chat features
  2. Full source code ownership at a one-time license cost
  3. Multi-tenancy model to uphold group chat security
  4. Ability to hire developers for integration support
  5. Supports 100+ integrations and free migration

And there are more!

So with MirrorFly on your side, your business possibilities and opportunities will automatically go limitless. 

Supporting Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Location: USA, India

Use Cases/Industries: Healthcare, Education, Online Gaming, Financial Services, Transport, Logistics, Marketplace, Telecom

Core Services: SaaS and Self-hosted chats, voice and video calling, on-premise chat server, SIP and VoIP calling. 

2. Apptha

Apptha stands as a favorite choice for developers around for its lite code React Native SDKs that let them to integrate impeccable call and chat features to any communication apps in less than 10 mins. 

Besides this, they are also applauded for high scalability parameters, robust security and reliability, 99.999% uptime SLA with latencies very less than 100ms, and a whole lot of other features for a one-time license cost. 

Let us look down at some of their key highlights

Success Points:

  1. 100% customization on its features
  2. Lifetime ownership of source codes
  3. White-labeled solution
  4. Join the call via links

Supporting Platforms: Android, iOS, and the Web

Location: UAE, India

Use Cases/Industries: Telecom, Edtech, Digital Healthcare, Transport & Logistics, Fintech

Core Services: Self-hosted chats, HQ voice and video calls, and hire developers

3. Moove It

The next company on our list is Moove It, which is ranked to have the highest Client Net Promoter Score in the tech industry. 

Based out of the Americas, their team of React Native experts brings best-in-class real-time solutions to clients’ tables post a detailed study of their needs.

Some of their core services include product discovery or identification, scaling teams, digital transformation, web and mobile app development, machine learning, and data science. 

Above all these, Moove has dedicated developers who are highly skilled in the React Native framework to produce scalable mobile apps across platforms. 


Supporting Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Location: Texas and Austin, USA

Use Cases/Industries: Healthcare, Wellness, Geolocation

Core Services: DevOps, SRE, Cloud, Machine Learning, Software Development

4. PagePro

This web and mobile app development company specializes primarily in React and React Native libraries and technologies to build powerful and industry’s best apps. 

Besides offering solutions to build chat apps, they also support migration to modern tech stacks, which their developers seamlessly carry out.

Moreover, their team of specialized agencies always stays ahead in digital innovation by bringing low-code and no-code trends to make all their apps future-proof. 

And the best part of PagePro is that they look after post-launch maintenance too, which many companies don’t support.


Supporting Platform: Web, Android, iOS

Tech Stack: React Native, React, Node.js, Jamstack, TypeScript, AWS, Next.js, Expo, Vercel

Location: Poland

Core Services: MVP Development, Post-release Support, Team Augmentation, Jamstack Development

5. Designli

They go by the saying that quality is all that matters, and Designli has a proven record of delivering exceptional web apps and responsive mobile apps using advanced technologies and React Native libraries during application development. 

Plus, standing to clients as a top-rated software firm, Designli’s successful team guides through all stages of building any type of custom software by following the waterfall approach, starting right from concept gathering to iteration. 

And yes, like the previous company, even Desgnli also offers post-launch maintenance. 


Supporting Platform: Web, Android, and iOS

Location: SC, Greenville, USA

Core Services: On-demand product team, UX/UI Design, Web development, Mobile app development

6. TechAhead

TechAhead is a real spot where technology meets innovation and they not only promise to deliver high-quality React Native mobile and web apps but also boost partnerships with clients. Why wouldn’t they? 

With a decade-old experience in the app development field and after receiving multiple awards, they remain poised to give what’s best to users. 

Additionally, when we look at their specializations, they build mobile apps along with AI-powered solutions that maximize digital impact, and their UX/UI designers create unique and intuitive user interfaces. 

Well, well, well, we indeed talked a lot about what they are good at, let us look at some of their selling points. 


Supporting Platform: Web, Android, and iOS

Location: Santa Monica, CA

Use Cases: Fitness, Social Media, InsurTech, Travel, Education, Sports, Real Estate, Healthcare, Enterprise, and E-commerce

Core Services: IoT, Web app development, Mobile app development, Staff augmentation, App maintenance, Digital product engineering, and more.

7. Cheesecakes Labs

The next up on our list is a React Native app development firm that helps startups and Fortune 500 companies build world-class and successful digital products by utilizing their right team, skills, and technologies. 

Cheesecakes does this propelling job from basic apps to world-class products by following a more value-centric and collaboration model. 

Plus, whether clients are looking to enhance their apps with features, or create an entire product from scratch, or modernize an existing one, they take care of all possibilities with a suite of features and responsibilities. Looking out for what best they are at?


Supporting Platforms: Android, iOS, and the Web

Location: CA, San Francisco, USA

Core Services: Next-gen technologies, UX/UI design, mobile app development, web development, strategy, and product definition

Closing Notes!

To conclude our post, we agree with you that React Native stands as one of the popular frameworks used to build iOS and Android apps. 

But with plenty of React Native app development companies offering the same service to clients, finding the right one is not everyone’s feat. Plus, the development cost that would back a project will also be hefty.

Therefore, opting for MirrorFly’s React Native chat SDKs seems the right choice. With us, not only can you build responsive in-app chats but:

  1. Take complete ownership of our SDK codes.
  2. Integrate React Native Lite SDKs in < 10 mins.
  3. Get Twin pricing models – SaaS and Self-hosted solutions to save dimes.

Ready to take off? Talk to our experts or check our free demo to get hold of our SDKs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is React Native app development, and how did it rise?

React native app development is a process of creating react native apps using the framework, built by Facebook. Initially, the React native framework was used to build Android and iOS app alone, which later extended to develop macOS, Android TV, UWP, tvOS, and Web software. 

Plus, the framework got its recognition after creating giant social media applications like Instagram and Facebook. 

What are the benefits of React Native for mobile app development?

React native app developers can experience several benefits with this framework, like:
1. Single codebase
2. Code reusability
3. Greater flexibility
4. Saves time and effort
5. Ability to instantly view changes
6. Best performance
and there are more.

How to know which React Native app development company is the best?

Here’s how you can choose the best React Native app development company:

1. Find out your business needs
2. Search for companies that offer greater expertise
3. Check their development process and cost
4. Look for React native app developers and their skills
5. Evaluate their communication and support levels
6. Assess their maintenance and hosting services. 

How much do React Native app development projects cost?

React Native app development cost depends largely on the project requirements, complexity levels, and its goals. However, to build an average project, it can cost you somewhere between $5000 to $15,000. 

Is the process of React Native app development difficult?

A React Native app development process is a little tricky one that needs thorough detailing on its planning, design, development, and testing phases. 

Plus, a React Native app developer must carefully utilize tools and technologies that will help them build a responsive and aesthetically pleasing mobile app.

How is React Native different from React?

React Native is not an enhanced version of React, but are two different tech stacks for app development. While React uses programming languages like HTML, JS, and CSS to develop responsive user interfaces, React Native on the other hand uses APIs and UI components to build cross-platform mobile apps. 

However, developers can make use of React’s principles and components to build React Native apps with ease.

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