11 Best Online Course Platforms for 2024 (Free Trials)

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Online course platforms make it a breeze for teachers to share their knowledge digitally. With technology occupying students’ lives more than ever, they want to be taught without leaving the comfort of their homes.

So, as a teacher, you can build your online channel, connect with a broader range of students, and build your community.

All you need to do is explore some online teaching platforms, compare them with your requirements for features and budget, and get started with the most ideal-looking one.

The 10 Best Online Course Platforms for Creators

Here, we bring the 10 best online course platforms to your consideration list.


GUDSHO - Online Course Platform

On GUDSHO, tutors can create their own channels, upload course videos, and start tutoring online. You can also livestream your sessions and teach your students in real-time. Tutors can use this platform to sell online courses or bundle similar videos and sell them together as a package. You earn from revenue options such as SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and Donations. Additionally, GUDSHO comes with various inventive features that make your entire journey as an online tutor effortless and productive.


  • Video hosting and live streaming
  • Real-time analytics to track your students’ engagement with the video content
  • Video CMS to provide a centralized approach for all needed operations
  • 4+ video monetization options to maximize your earnings
  • Video marketing tools to enhance the reach of your videos
  • Akamai CDN to deliver all the requtests promptly
  • Password-protected videos, single sign-on, geo-fencing, etc.

2. OnTheFly


OnTheFy is an all rounder when it comes to online educational streaming, it brings the most useful and highly customisable features according to the needs of the streamer. A 360 video analytics with complete streaming data and customisable branding  with themes, overlays and interface make it  a powerful, white-label solution for educators in the e-learning and coaching space.


  • Real Time chat to interact with students
  • Streaming analytics to monitor the live performance data. 
  • Custom RTMP to multi stream in various destinations
  • Embed URL to live stream in educators website
  • Scheduler and pre-recorded stream to re-stream streaming content
  • Polls and feedback survey to understand viewers mind

3. Thinkific


Thinkific is another one of the most popular platforms for online course hosting. Its templates make your chores even easier as you don’t have to prepare everything from scratch. The platform provides amazing customizations that let you tweak many aspects of your courses and channels. Additionally, creators or tutors can have more features, smoother integrations, and advanced analytics with Thinkific Plus.


  • Course creation templates with sample quizzes, surveys, tips, cues, and more
  • White-label platform that lets you customize every element completely
  • Community to let your audience connect and grow
  • Complete track of students’ activity and your sales
  • Pricing plans for both newbie creators and experienced ones
  • Commission earning with affiliate program

4. Teachable


Another one of the most known online tutoring platforms is Teachable, with over 100,000 instructors and millions of students. Here, tutors can earn by creating courses, tutoring, and providing downloadable content. To begin with, you can try their Free Plan, and as you need more resources, scale with the most suitable plan. Here you also get customization options so you can brand your videos and channel in many ways.


  • An AI-backed platform that makes course creation hassle-free
  • Affiliate program so you can earn every time a course is sold
  • Boost sales with features like Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Tools to have success with your marketing funnel
  • A community of fellow creators to connect and learn from each other
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5. Kajabi


Kajabi is more than an online education platform; it’s also a space to provide you marketing assistance. Kajabi lets you create courses and podcasts; it enables you to tutor online and have your own membership site. Creators can build and monetize a place for their community directly, making recurring revenue predictions easier. For all kinds of course creation and course website building, Kajabi provides a single venue to operate from.


  • Options for community building, quizzes, assignments, etc.
  • Significant support for email marketing
  • Entire marketing funnel preparation assistance
  • Pre-built site themes with lots of customizations
  • Memberships, communities, and affiliate programs to earn from

6. LearnWorlds


Another online course platform is LearnWorlds, known for its amazing course creation and selling capabilities. It lets you create compelling sales pages to get more leads and conversions. The interactive videos allow you to add quizzes and pop-up texts; interactive eBooks have note-taking options to ease the learning experience. Many other tools make the platform highly interactive and engaging, motivating your students to stay longer.


  • All essential e-commerce features for payments, subscriptions, coupons, etc.
  • Interactive eBooks and videos to keep students engaged
  • Hundreds of templates for sales pages
  • Tools to develop your own mobile application
  • Pricing plans for new as well as advanced creators

7. New Zenler

New Zenler is an all-in-one platform for course creation, marketing, community, funnels, and more. Tutors can upload pre-recorded course videos or go live and connect with their students in real time. This platform is a newcomer compared to other platforms; however, seeing its features for designing courses and generating leads and conversions, it can be considered.


  • All kinds of content are supported, such as video, audio, PDF, text, eBook, downloads, etc.
  • Choose from the pre-uploaded designs for certificates and other pages
  • Create course funnels and track the progress
  • Powerful email automation as per your sales funnel
  • Create a community where your audience can engage

8. Podia


Podia is a simple and easy-to-use platform that lets you host online courses and sell them. The platform lets creators create courses using multiple formats such as video, audio, text, PDF, and more. You can also sell other digital products like downloads, create communities, use their basic sales page builder, sign up for affiliate programs, and monetize. However, Podia has limitations since it doesn’t allow interactive elements like quizzes. 


  • Single venue for course creation, selling, and marketing
  • Email templates, automation, segmentation, etc.
  • Beautiful and customizable templates for website and landing pages
  • Affiliate program to let your fans sell for you
  • Community to connect all the members on your own platform

9. Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks is all about networking first and then course building. Since they prioritize networking, creators would find the most powerful community-building tool. You can also upload their courses and live stream. You can earn from building sales landing pages and setting your products for a one-time or recurring fee. They let you choose among the three plans; you can select the Community, Business, or Mighty Pro plan based on your requirements.


  • Excellent platform for building a community and earning from it
  • Options to create your courses, memberships, and offers, all under your brand
  • Interactive chat experiences with embeds and GIFs
  • Run events across your community and attract maximum participation
  • Sell spaces individually or bundle them together

10. Simplero


Simplero offers you course creation tools, marketing automation, and overall CRM. This allows creators to create their courses and market them while tracking the progress of every single stage. With Zapier’s integrations, you can even automate new learners’ emails to be added automatically. So whether you’re just starting or wanting to scale it up, they have a plan for every creator.


  • Course creation and marketing tools, all in one place
  • Perfect for courses, landing pages, affiliate programs, automation, and more
  • Custom-made templates to launch quickly
  • Easy-to-use website builder with lots of customizations
  • Grant access to your fans and subscribers as per their payments

11. TalentLMS


As its name suggests, our last one on the list is TalentLMS (Learning Management System), which lets you use it for course creation. The platform is also built for training such as employee training, sales training, partner training, etc. The platform is primarily useful for companies or businesses that want to maintain all training materials in one venue. TalentLMS is cloud-based, so you don’t have to do installations, and can access anything anywhere.


  • Intuitive interface for training in multiple segments
  • Course creation with just a few clicks
  • Personalize the courses to match your preferred themes
  • Ready to deploy environment; no need to develop anything from scratch
  • From starters to enterprise-level, multiple plans are available
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Online tutoring brings you a new audience as it makes more students aware of your presence. Such tutoring also offers earning opportunities since almost every online platform provides revenue options. Tutors can earn by selling their courses or giving them for rental. You can also use AVOD and run advertisements on your videos or receive donations from your fan following. There are many ways to expand your reach and grow financially as an online tutor. So take your first step, explore these online course platforms, and start your journey as an online tutor.


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