15 April, 2024
Usecases of white label chat

A Guide To White Label Chat Application For Any Use Case!

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Did you know that with a messaging app that’s white labeled, a business can connect with users with full-stride confidence? Because, they get this sense of users using their brand, and their chat app even if they haven’t built one?

Well, this ain’t all the driving force my dear folks!

As, using a white-label messaging app for Android, iOS, and the web leads to an insignificant number of benefits for businesses. Of the many, the best perk is Growth! Others include strengthening your app integrity levels, enriching user experiences, driving user engagement, and on and on. 

And considering the level of acceptance a whitelabel chat app gives to users, these days businesses are branding messaging software for multiple use cases and integrating it into several platforms and existing apps.

Therefore, if you are a seeking member of an organization looking out for ways to brand your own scalable messenger application and customize it as per your needs, you are in the right and tight spot.

In the blog post below, we will explore the white-label messaging app’s benefits and use cases and analyze the features that make an platform a right fit. Before anything, it is time for vocab.

What is a White Label Chat App?

A white label chat app is a messaging application or a generic software that is initially built by a company and sold to another business for rebranding it as their own product.

With a customizable messaging solution, businesses can add their branding elements like logos, fonts, themes, and colors that reflect their identity on all mobile and web chat software. 

Additionally, it gives the flexibility to host apps on our cloud or your premises/cloud thus giving full complete control of your app and data. 

Well, well, Is branding the only reason to go ahead with this type of solution? The answer is a straight ‘No’. Because, there are other reasons to choose whitelabel solution. 

Why should you use a white label messaging app?

Every business at some point of time will realize the importance of chat application strategies and decide on whether to develop a chat software from scratch or invest in a custom-made messaging platform by purchasing chat APIs from renowned service providers. 

However, what they miss to understand is that the benefits of whitelabel messaging apps outweighs larger than any custom-made messaging solutions. Here’s why:

1. Fast & Cost-effective

One of the prime benefits companies use white label messaging apps is because it is fast, easy, and comes as a cost-effective solution.

All you must do is to check whether the apps delivered by messaging application vendors are of good quality and possess perfect features. This way, you can save a ton of time and resources than spending on app building, testing, debugging, and maintaining.

2. Secure Communication

Security is one such factor that businesses focus on with a goggle’s eye because no one likes sensitive information to be eavesdropped by hackers.

And hence, white label messaging SDK providers are clearly aware of this and try to incorporate strict E2E encryption protocols like AES, TLS/SSL to deliver a secure and safe messaging solution.

However, some messenger apps even include safety features like 2FA and on-premise hosting

3. Enhancing User Engagement

A recent survey shows that adopting messaging apps for customer service has increased the B2B customer satisfaction level by 63%. Thus, companies that use messaging solutions often perform better in engaging customers and retaining them for a very long time. Because retaining existing customers comes as a greater difficulty than acquiring new customers. 

Above this, as an additional step, many organizations today implement chatbots and programmable voice APIs to automate user conversations.  

4. Achieving Brand Cohesion

Maintaining brand consistency across different platforms can help businesses to drive their revenue numbers by 23%, says a statistical report. And to help achieve this brand cohesion, white labeling comes in demand. It is a means to apply a business’s branding elements like logos, colors, themes, and fonts to chat platform built by other organizations. 

Therefore, brand cohesion leads to an increase in brand recognition and trust from prospects and customers.

5. Top-notch Features At Fingertips

As chat API vendors’ main motive is to deliver a niche messaging app without any flaws, we can expect that it must have been built with high-quality features.

And businesses that need whitelabel messaging apps need not compromise on the feature suite part as messaging app vendors would offer a wide range of customization options to create personalized interaction. 

DYK: We have recently published a blog post on creating your own white label video chat app. Maybe this blog post can be of use for your future business engagements. So, do take a look!

Now that you know the benefits of using a white label messaging app for enterprises, websites our next section is about what features you must see in a customizable chat API provider for iOS and Android to make your app a success

What features to look for in a white-label messaging app?

Whether you are looking for a popular chat API provider for Android or iOS and websites to enhance employee productivity or boost customer experience or just rebrand your messenger app, below are some of the features to look upon:

1. 100% Customization:

Whenever you go ahead with a customizable chat API solution, you must ensure that you are getting access to 100% customizable SDKs for iOS, android, so that you can personalize video, voice, and chat features that suit your brand. This way, you can give your users a familiar look and feel throughout the app.

2. Safety and Dependability

Security is the prime aspect of any communication application. Hence, make sure that the messaging app is built with stringent end-to-end encryption protocols like AES- 256, and TLS/SSL with pinning. 

3. Two-way Communication

These days, most of the messaging apps are two-way, but there are a few that support 1-way communication which resembles more to be a notification reminder to users.

So, make sure to clarify this feature with the White Label messaging SDK for the iOS and Android provider you are opting for. Also, check whether the app supports video and audio calling capabilities too.

4. Support for Rich Media

Media generally comprises audio calls, video data, and images.

Hence, it is advisable to have these features in your messaging application to boost user engagement and retention of your chat applications.

5. Push Notifications

Push notifications have become an obvious reason to grab customer attention and therefore, miss no goal to check whether your white label chat SDK provider gives you this feature. 

Finally, we’re halfway across the blog and have a grasp of the features and benefits of using a white label messaging app. Next is everyone’s much-awaited question.

10 Best Use Cases Of White Label Messaging Apps!

So far, in the document, we discussed the various benefits and features of successful white-label messaging apps. And this section of ours is about how a white-labeled application can be used for various industries and contexts to deliver seamless communication experiences. 

Thus, be it your choice for opting for either white label video calling API for iOS or a voice chat SDK solution, make your users go conversational across any vertical.

Our first use case is,

1. Healthcare:

Give instant virtual care anytime and anywhere with the help of white-label messaging apps that can be used to effortlessly connect patients, physicians, caregivers, and medical professionals.

Plus, make sure that when you opt for customizable video, voice, or chat SDKs for your app, it supports industry security regulations like HIPAA and GDPR. 

Some of the top features of white-label SDK for healthcare apps include one-to-one and group chat and video calls, screen sharing, media sharing, push notification, E2E encryption, and more.

white label messaging apps
customizable video calling API for healthcare

2. Insurance:

Using customizable messaging apps in the insurance or banking sector can create a sense of trust among customers when they see your brand on all the app screens.

Further, a white label chat application allows customers to make transfers, view their policy claims, premiums, and coverage, and facilitate communication between banking and insurance professionals. 

Plus, some of the white label chat solutions support integration to third-party services like car service centers and healthcare providers to simplify the claim settlement process.

white label mobile app
secured messaging API for insurance

3. Financial Sector:

Users can know about their spending and savings securely across mobile and web apps with a white label messaging application. This way, they can focus on money conversations and communicate with fintech services through safer video and voice calls or messages. 

Above this, users in the app can be notified of their transactions, withdrawals, and deposits through push notifications.

white label community platform
white label chat app for financial sector

4. Social:

One of the prime benefits of using a white label messaging app is the ability to power up social interactions across the globe by bringing in users from all around through social channels, breakout spaces, and more to express their views and collaborate.

Please make sure that your choice of white label messaging SDK offers a group video calling facility, instant messaging, media sharing, and community spaces for users to build stronger communities across the app.

Customizable chat API for Social

5. Dating:

Just like how white-label messaging apps come beneficial for different use cases, they can be used in the Dating sector to enhance user communication and engagement.

Because white label messaging apps can be used to find the perfect match for users based on their preferences and interest and offer features like instant messaging and group audio and video call for easy collaboration. 

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Along with these, whitelabel communication apps help businesses to customize messenger apps with their brand along with adding features like subscriptions, in-app purchases, and more. 

scalable messaging API for dating
Looking For A Customizable Chat Solution For Your Platform?

6. Edu-tech/e-Learning:

Scalable messaging app can make online learning more interactive and engaging by seamlessly connecting students, teachers, and staff through chat, voice, and video calling capabilities. Such apps also render communication features like webinars, seminars, and conferences to boost internal communication and problem-solving skills.

what is a white label app
Digital communication app for e-learning

7. Retail Sector:

It is the retail sector that will benefit the most from whitelabel messaging apps because retailers can facilitate real-time interactions with customers, offer them personalized services, render 24/7 customer support in case of any query, and assist them during product purchase and delivery too. As a result of this, the app’s engagement gets increased, also raising the sales bar.

Plus, retailers can enhance their brand recognition through white-labeled chat apps with their own logos and branding elements that make them recognizable across audiences.

white label live chat
self-managed communication SDK for retail

8. Transportation

Like all the above sectors, using a messaging app in the transportation & logistics sector can establish secure communication with drivers, staff, and customers in real time and handle customer queries regarding delays or schedules. 

A white label messaging software can also help users to track their bus, learn their departure timings, and communicate with transport officials in real time.

On the other hand, even delivery & shipping companies can benefit from using such apps by tracking their shipments and receiving real-time updates on their order deliveries.

white label community app
whitelabel voice chat SDK for transport

9. Real Estate Sector:

A white label messaging software can serve as a valuable tool in the real-estate domain by efficiently helping real-estate agents to collaborate with clients in real-time about land details, project deadlines, queries, and updates on any new property deals. Clients can also share their feedback with agents and help in the improvement of the app.

Thus, increasing sales, boosting user engagement, and retention of the app. 

Finally, we saw the different use cases where white label messaging apps fit right in. Therefore, go ahead with this solution if you want to deliver a personalized experience to your users with your branding elements.

whitelabel collaborative
customizable communication SDK for real estate

10. Messenger for Banks:

The tenth one at last! Using a white label messaging app for the banking sector can turn out to be beneficial for several reasons like offering a seamless user experience through custom branding,

instant access to documents and banking information, hassle-free payments and transfers, and pave the way for a secured communication channel. 

Along with this, such types of messaging apps can help banks too in retaining customers by addressing customer queries instantly. As a result of which, it helps to boost loyalty and retention rates.

However, it is required that before using messaging apps for the banking sector, such apps meet all the regulatory requirements and security policies.

Finally, we saw the different use cases where white-label messaging apps fit right in. Therefore, go ahead with this solution if you want to deliver a personalized experience to your users with your branding elements. 

business chat platform
self-hosted chat solution for bank messangers

How MirrorFly’s White-labeled APIs Help Deliver Everything From A Messaging App!

Quite true isn’t it that businesses expect the best in-app messaging features for their chat platform?

Well, MirrorFly understands this and stands tall in being called as the #1 provider of both SaaS and Self-hosted chat solutions, and a buddy of developers for building the best white label messenger app with rich feature suites and pricing models. 

This isn’t all! Because, MirrorFly’s self-hosted solution offers 100% customizable SDKs for Android, iOS, and Web to build a highly secure and scalable white-labeled chat app.

From offering modern messaging and call features to ensuring a smooth and buffer-free experience to users with 99.999% uptime SLA and ultra-low latencies, we offer more and more for a one-time license cost.

Above all this, we also give you the flexibility to host apps on your premises or any third-party cloud servers thus giving you full control of deployment. And, need help in integration, we offer end-to-end integration support too. 

Thus, ask us for anything and we’re ready to offer that!

Wrapping Up!

We hope we did our job right in helping you conclude the benefits of using a white-labeled chat app and how it supports greatly for different use cases.

The best takeaway is that white-label chat apps are the future for any brand recognition and these days many businesses are delving into finding the right white-label messaging SDK provider to customize their chat apps as per their needs to boost user engagement and retention.

So, white label chat apps are going to stay for a very long time, and if you are interested to try white labeling for your business, ping us in the comment section below or just ring our experts who would guide you from A to Z of integration and more. 

Happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the tech stacks included in a white-label chat app?

A messaging app can be built with the following tech stacks:
– Chat Client: Storage, notifications, and display
– Chat Server: Databases, frameworks and software
– Backend programming languages: PHP, Scala, Erlang, Java, JavaScript
– Frontend programming languages: JavaScript (web, iOS, and Android), Kotlin (Android), and Swift (iOS)
– Communication protocols: XMPP, MQTT, WebRTC, WebSockets and more
– Security Protocols: TLS/SSL and industry-grade compliances like GDPR and HIPAA

Does the white-label messaging app allow third-party integration?

The key advantages include: The solution lets you customize your messaging features as per your needs, gives you the flexibility to host your app on premise or on any third party server, and boosts your brand credibility with a solution that is already tried and tested.

What are the benefits of white label chat solution?

Any businesses that desires to create their identity and wants to have their own chat app with their company’s logo, color and custom features, needs a white-label chat platform. Valuing your desires, our solution helps your business to expand to the next level by building better relations with your customers. Moreover, white label chat solution is comparatively cost-effective instead of building something from scratch.

Can I own the source code of my white-label chat app?

Yes, once you purchase our chat solution you get a SDK license key and the source code to develop your chat app. This grants you complete ownership of the chat app, allowing 100% customization.

How much does it cost to white-label an app?

The cost of a white-label chat app depends on different criteria like the messaging features your users need, size and  scale of your app, technological requirements, deployment and more. You need to list out your requirements to find out the specific cost of your application.

What is a white-label mobile chat app?

A white-label mobile chat app is a messaging application that is built to operate on platforms like Android and iOS. The features of these apps are built by a third-party vendor and are licensed to be used by developers with their own logos, brand elements and hosting infrastructure. 

What is the benefit of a scalable chat app?

A scalable messaging application is essential for any business to meet the growing demand of users. These apps can scale up or down as per the business requirements, without having to compromise on the performance and functionalities of the app. 

Can I customize the chat features to match my business?

Yes,  white-label messaging solutions provide you full freedom to customize the messaging features in your app as per your needs. You can add, remove or alter the features, so that your app perfectly meets your user demands. 

What is Whitelable Chat App?

A White-label chat app is a messaging platform that is built using third-party messaging SDK. The features do not carry the logo or branding elements of the vendor. Instead, you can use the chat app under your brand name.

How do I select the right white-label messaging solution for my needs?

To select the best white-label chat solution, you need to consider if the vendor provides the following:

Flexibility to customize the messaging features
Full control over hosting infrastructure and security
Multiple deployment options – cloud, on-premise or hosted
Customizable security and privacy

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      Regarding pricing, we offer monthly subscriptions (SaaS plan) and one-time license costs (for building customizable white-labeled video apps) for the benefit of developers.

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      Sure the advantage of white-label chat apps is 100% customization, Robust Security, Push Notifications, Security and reliability, a High-quality chat app at your fingertips, and more for your queries, you can check our blog. How to create a white-label chat app.

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      Before you go ahead with implementing a Whitelabel messenger app for your business, the first and foremost step is to do a quick market analysis as the market is filled with many chat SDK providers. Therefore, pick the best lot based on the following:
      Quality of the app
      Security and scalability
      On-time delivery
      Therefore, these are some of the basic steps to keep in mind before building any white-label iOS chat app or android chat application and web chat apps.

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      Thanks for your wonderful query, here To customize a white-label chat app, access its admin panel, modify branding, colors, fonts, and upload your logo. Customize features, integrate APIs, and test thoroughly for your specific requirements.

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      hi jawadhar,
      Yes, it’s often possible to integrate a chat application with other tools or services using APIs or third-party plugins. This enables seamless data sharing, improved functionality, and a more comprehensive user experience, depending on your needs and the app’s capabilities.

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    Hello Nevil,
    I am very glad to reply you, The limit on users and messages in a white-label chat app can vary depending on the app’s specifications and your hosting infrastructure. Many apps offer scalability options, but it’s crucial to check the app’s documentation or consult with the provider to determine any limitations and plan accordingly for your user and message volume.

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