21 February, 2024
in app chat api for dating

How does the in-app chat API help dating & matrimonial apps?

In-app chat has enormous uses that can help dating and matrimony apps or websites. Here we can have a detailed view of in-app chat and its support for dating apps or websites.

Origin of dating apps online

In 1995, while Gary Kremen, founder of Match.com, was in the shower, he got this huge idea about relationships and the internet.

Moreover, he stated that “I thought it would be really interesting to use the Internet for relationships and to do it right.”

Purpose of chat apps in dating apps or websites

Dating apps or websites have been online since 1995. The primary goal of any dating site or app is to connect and communicate with people.

Allowing people to meet strangers, exchange information, discuss interests, and get closer to sharing their lives is what dating apps or websites do.

Even matrimonial apps and websites do the same thing but in a traditional way. But dating apps or websites have become a trend.

The chat apps made the communication part easy and meaningful for dating and matrimonial apps or websites.

Have a look at the most popular dating apps or websites along with the number of user downloads in a year.

How do in-app chats discard communication gaps in dating apps?

Communication is the key to any relationship. If there are communication gaps, then there is no use for them.
In-app chat APIs fix the communication gap in your dating apps or websites without diverting you from the momentum.
They can be easily integrated into your app or website, and users can chat with other users and also with your representatives in case of any queries.

Why have a chat on your dating website?

Okay, now let’s have a look at the benefits of in-app chat APIs and how these few benefits will scale your business among competitors.

1. User engagement and retention

The first and foremost thing about being on the internet is that its success depends on engagement and retention. The amount of time a user spends on your app or website determines his preferences for your app or website.

In-app chat has multiple features that help users have hassle-free communication, which means cool communication doesn’t end shortly.

So when the communication is on, then the engagement is on.

There are certain reasons why a user might not hold back on your dating app or website. Customer service, user interaction, and fake users might be the major causes for users not retaining their loyalty. But in-app chat helps you solve issues and increases the chances of user retention. User engagement and retention are sort of like twin models; they follow each other.

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2. Interaction features

In order to eradicate communication barriers or gaps, the chat app on your dating website must have the following features:

Voice and video calls:

In-app chat not only helps your business with the chat option. It also allows you to make voice and video calls even at ultra-low latencies.

As technology grows, it makes the world look so close. Communication is setting tremendous benchmarks, and people are able to connect instantly from anywhere in the world.

Whereas for users of dating and matrimonial apps or websites, voice, and video calls are a must.

Push notifications:

Whenever a user is attracted to another one, the first thing he or she is going to do is send a text message. And after waiting for a certain time, the sender gets frustrated and leaves.

If the same issue happens with three or more users, then they tend to quit using the app permanently or for quite some time.

Whereas in-app chat helps you avoid these issues, whenever a user receives a text or file, he or she gets notified, which helps you strike out attention issues.

Online/offline presence:

Starting off with chats, allowing the sender to know whether the receiver is online or offline makes their choices easier.

If they have something important to discuss, senders can always look for the receiver’s online or offline presence and then make a move. This helps in understanding the user’s preferences and saves quite a bit of time waiting for replies.

Media sharing:

When communication means everything, why just limit it to texts? In order to communicate, share files, media, voice notes, and whatnot.

In-app chat features allow you to communicate in every possible way, without boundaries. This is what users expect.

By having chat features in a way that they love to communicate, you make them feel satisfied and show them that you care for them.

3. Privacy and security:

Nowadays, data is the most valuable asset a human could hold. And the internet world wants that asset.

Unlike any business offline, online businesses also tend to commit fraud through data breaches, sharing, and theft.

Securing your data and privacy is the most important task, and when it comes to dating apps or websites, that communication needs extra protection. And in-app chat provides that protection through end-to-end encryption and AES128 security standards.

Check out this list of highly secure messaging apps.

4. Monetization

Monetizing your platform might be the biggest challenge when it comes to scaling your business. But the right users are ready to pay for the right features.

  • R-BAC (role-based access system) can be the right technique to implement on your website. For example, you can allow users to use the real-time chat option for free, but in order to access voice and video calls, they need to be premium users. Through this, users know the value of voice and video communications, and the chances are high that they will become premium users.
  • In-app ads are your secret profits that take care of your app’s reach and give you income through that. Adding essential ads according to customer preferences helps you generate a decent income through ads. Sometimes users have certain needs and don’t have ideas about buying them. But placing a properly verified advertisement at the right time makes your users trust you more.
  • The credit feature is another magical wand that increases your potential for monetization. Allowing users to purchase features in premium subscription plans while deducting some credits for chat integration not only increases your chance for monetization,

But it also helps with customer engagement and retention.

Tech talks

In-app chat APIs can be built from scratch when you are ready to hire a bunch of developers, UI and UX designers, cross-platform developers, and a dedicated testing team.

Maintaining them all for months or years to successfully develop your chat API will come at the cost of opening a few additional businesses for you.

Or else, you can outsmart your competitors and have a look at the best messaging APIs and integrate them with your dating apps or website in just minutes.

Businesses understand businesses, and we’ve got your business covered.

Why MirrorFly?

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