31 May, 2023

8 Best Video Platforms For Education To Grow Your Live Streaming Classes

video platform for education

I believe we can all agree that education is an important aspect of humankind. For otherwise evolution would have led us nowhere but toward a meaningless abyss of oblivion. Thankfully, we have surpassed any chance of it with the advent of an education system introduced into our lives. But we must agree that our video streaming services for educational avenues took a hit like any other sector serving the vast majority of the public amidst the yet ongoing pandemic of Covid-19.

We had still overcome the said challenge via learning avenues on the internet brought on by live video platform for education. While we are well familiar with concepts of online classes, video classes and its kind, we must as well collectively acknowledge the enabling technology behind these concepts. Without an adept system backing the round-up of e-learning concepts that brings you video lessons or tutorials, there shall not be one such desired outcome.

The stats too, say, reveal the eminence of e-learning in present times especially since the onset of ongoing pandemic. See for yourself: the observation world over is that the e-learning market may well shoot up to a value of 457.8 billion dollars around 2026 considering the big-bite of interest shown towards the e-learning sector by the american and european markets. China is predicted to landmark itself as the biggest market for e-learning by 2026. Nothing surprising there when it has been noted that of the entirety of web activity, video web activity for purposes of live education online accounts for most usage.

The business world is spotlighting online video education too- 40% of Fortune 500 companies train their associates through online learning platforms, the US government put down 2.6 billion dollars as investment in e-learning products for its staff, courtesy of the very well-read First Lady Dr. Jill  Biden, I guess. Even e-learning developers draw an average of $79,526 which is almost four times the national average per annum income of $20,000. In the academic world, 70% of students conceded live online classes being better than conventional classroom systems and 75% teachers credit belief to digitized lessons replacing textbooks soon.

Essential Key Features Of An Online Video Education Platform

One of the success points to the boom of e-learning is the backbone technology actualizing video platforms for education. Its platform is only effective if it is in line with certain attributes expected of such educational streaming solutions. In fact, you could look for these particular features in such a platform to begin with,

Live Stream Classes

1. Recording Live Sessions

Recording the video content in plans, on the virtual classroom platform directly cuts down any logistical efforts made towards editing, transferring or configuring the video. It keeps the video-making a straightforward process confined only to a single online video platform. There is also the added advantage of having a backup for future revisits.

2. High-Quality Delivery via Content Delivery Network

For a satisfactory viewer experience, videos are generally expected to be consumed at high speed and resolution which might require the support of an intermediary stop point between the source of video and receiver’s end. The video files are transferred to CDN servers that will seamlessly replicate and distribute videos to high volumes of viewers at once.

3. Automated Closed Caption Support

Caption lends any lost clarity to videos. In scenes of live streaming classroom, there is a higher need for captions. Whether it is for reinstating the presented material or bridging any gaps in information, it helps. The caption is much helpful if it is auto-generative right when the video goes live.

4. Performance Analytics

The best online video education platforms are constantly optimizing their content to fit in with the needs of their audience. The optimization can be taken in a quantitative direction with performance metrics in hand.

5. Video Content Management System

Organization matters everywhere, here too, in educational streaming services. For effective management and systemization of an index of video files to your name.

6. Security & Privacy

Protection of your authentic video material from piracy or unauthorized circulation is an imperative requirement for management of your business. The appropriation of your student’s engagement with the video content must be seen to as well. All this is carried out via earnest protocols set in place amongst creating a foolproof architecture with safety features to it.

7. Course Suggestion

Generally, OTT platforms for education in schools, universities and other institutions alike see a wealth of material corresponding to prescribed subjects and grade of every student taking up the live class under their institution. Thereby creating a need for an indexing system to effortlessly locate the wanted content at any time.

8. Video Monetization

This may not be for educational establishments backed by the state government or private funding. On the other hand, some academic institutions or high profile educators looking to generate revenue from the viewership of their content can benefit from it. There are multiple models of video monetization platforms to online teaching: charging based on subscription, ‘pay per view’ and advertisement.

9. HLS Video Player

This choice of HLS video player allows for video streaming without lags & delays. Its adaptive bitrate streaming communications protocol runs videos compatible to the user’s.

Are You Planning To Build An Online Video Platform For Education?

The 8 Hand-picked Live Video Streaming Platforms For Education

Now for spotting the right fit of a streaming platform for your case, let us go through 8 hand-picked video streaming platforms for education, namely,

1. VPlayed

Stream Your Live & On-demand Content With Video Platform For Education

video platform for education

VPlayed by CONTUS is a dedicated educational video streaming solution equipped with sufficient sophistication to actualize an e-learning avenue for the audience of an institution or an individual tutor alike. One supportive attribute of this platform is that it is equally capable of actualizing a live video streaming and VOD platform alike for its customers depending on the latter’s choice.

Since its platform is dedicated to the seamless facilitation of a virtual classroom; it has in provision- an appealing range of features, to take on the tasks of- capturing the ways of a conventional classroom on a video platform for education, essential features unique to a live video streaming platform, and a miscellany of auxiliary tools & widgets for making it to the list of best educational streaming solutions.

Enabling Features Of Online Live Class Platform:

Lecture Capture- Lets its user automatically record live-streaming content to a secured video archive so as to come back to it in future.

Flipped Classroom – Enables students to take up preparatory reading before the respective lecture for maximum comprehension & engagement.

Blended Learning- It incorporates multiple media formats into the live class setting for extensive engagement amongst online pupils.

Core Features of VPlayed Educational Streaming Service:

  • Powerful Player- with a solid HLS player at the center, it gives out content with zero latency.
  • Video CMS– its system completely organizes and manages pre-existing, incoming and forthcoming content.
  • Multi-screen Platform- it enables transmission to any kind of device as available with the user.

Auxiliary Support Features:

  • Interactive Video Quiz/Chat- it enables students to be quizzed real-time to ensure maximal engagement with the material.
  • Closed Captions & Subtitles- It generates textual captions alongside the video streaming to help the tutor convey information without missing a thing.
  • Auto Archive- it automatically records and archives the content streaming live, to give it a second life as VOD content.

2. Dacast

More Accessible To Stream Live Classes Over The Internet

educational streaming service

Dacast provides an efficient video platform for education in general. It is supportive of both modes of video streaming, VOD and live streaming. Dacast pricing model accounts for all sizes of institutions to provide educational video streaming services to. Whether a longstanding heritage institute or a booming educator on their own are both equally likely to benefit from Dacast’s offerings.

Though, its two unique offerings being, china video hosting and zoom live streaming. Since video hosting in china is not completely democratic owing to the great firewall of china, any theme of video streaming from outside of mainland to the chinese market is constrained. But Dacast intervenes successfully.

Dacast offers an option of zoom live streaming to its customers so that their OTT platform for education can leverage the advantage of zoom in a live streaming classroom setting and become more connective as well as elevate their lecturing game by inviting on guest educators for live webinars and conferences.

A Look At Its Top-rated Features Of Video Streaming For Education:

  • Secured video paywall gives security over the Subscription VOD monetization of your content.
  • Ad-free streaming for pleasant as well as focused user experience.
  • Multi-bitrate streaming to adapt to the speed of the user’s so as to bypass any instance of video buffering.
  • Zoom live streaming Integration gives the user an opportunity to make possible collaboration with other educators in a live classroom setting for the benefit of students.

3. Panopto

Enables Video Platform For Students To Personalise Their Learning Experience

online video education platform

Panopto poses itself as an e-learning video platform that specifically targets bigger universities and institutes. It provides objective software for lecture capture. Its solution also offers a way for learning management system (LMS) integration.

It offers a system of solutions in relation to video content hosting, management and librarization.

Institution-targeted Main Offerings Of Video Streaming Services For Education

  • LMS integration ability for customized user experience.
  • White-label OTT platforms & video player gives the content owner their rightful authority over their content on their OTT platform.
  • Asset categorization for a good system of video indexing for easy recall mechanism.
  • Insightful analytics for education of content performance to further repurpose it for best results.

4. Kaltura

Create An Engaging, Personalised & Accessible Experiences In An Online Live Class Platform

Kaltura is an open source platform for streaming live or on-demand video. It caters to all kinds of streaming needs but with a higher concentration from the segment of infrastructurally backed up institutes.

An advantage to the basis of its open source software is enabling its users to be able to integrate others apps and programs for a tailored learning experience. Kaltura is a full-on customizable video cloud platform for education.

Notable Features Of Kaltura’s Educational Streaming Service:

  • Customization capacity to give the user maximal satisfaction in designing their own platform and its play-out.
  • Multi-bitrate adaptive streaming for lag-free content streaming and satisfaction.
  • Powerful video player that enables effective video streaming on the user’s device.
  • Secured streaming for anonymity and viewer discretion.

5. Zype

High Quality Educational Videos Across Multiple Platforms With Online Video Education Platform

video streaming for education

Zype is a big-budget educational video streaming platform provider. It focuses on educational streaming services for bigger institutions. The depth of its provision of solution matches the stature of its target customers.

Its solutions centres around a simplified content management system, a smooth subscription policy and scope for constructing multiple e-learning apps. Followed by other features best for video streaming in the education sector.

Key Features In Sight For Online Video Streaming Services For Education:

  • Video monetization helps platform owners to find a return on investment for their efforts of content creation.
  • Big ticket packages target at customers with high budget streaming needs.
  • Bulk video importing to enable uploading of heavy video files.
  • App-making support for further activity built around the scene of a live classroom to maximize possible engagement online.

6. Vimeo OTT

Increase Your Reach Beyond The Classroom

Vimeo OTT is an online video education platform provider. It gives out live video streaming solutions as well as VOD. Its OTT venture is different from the regular by having a higher scope for inclusivity, it is more expansive than the regular vimeo which is set up for broadcasters of limited needs.

It offers upto four different models of monetization, and a suit of tools for running analytics on the performance of video content streamed as well as marketing support technology.

Highlighted Features Of OTT Platform For Education:

  • Large scale live streaming is for accommodating streaming to numerous users per moment in time.
  • App-making support for further activity built around the scene of a live classroom to maximize possible engagement online.
  • High-volume storage is to address storage needs of long volumes of video library.
  • Account management is to organize and maintain an overall good account as the holder of your platform.

7. Cincopa

Make Online Classes More Interactive & Engaging For Students & Teachers

Educational video streaming services

Cincopa is a multimedia hosting and storage platform. Its all-round media solution covers videos, photos and audio formats of content for streaming. This is best useful for academic organizations looking for one-stop shop to purchase a well rounded video streaming platform for education.

It has an agreeably nominal starting price plan too. And it can cater to all kinds of organizations in the education sector.

Some Features of Attraction In Cincopa’s Educational Video Streaming Sites

  • Multimedia hosting to engage with any format of media for purposes of education or a reason surrounding it.
  • Integration with LMS & CMS softwares for a much more focused output in sync with audience’s favorability.
  • In-video Search is to effortlessly pick out any video at an instance from the vast library of counterpart videos.
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming to adapt to the speed of the user’s device so as to overcome video buffering.

8. Muvi

Provides End-To-End Educational Streaming Solutions

Muvi is a provider of online video education platforms to universities, publishers and enterprises. It boasts of being the only offerer of an end-to-end educational video streaming solution to its customers via one of the three ways of video-on-demand, real-time streaming and online store. It gives access to a set of tools for success at hosting educational content online.

Key Features Of Muvi’s Video Streaming Services For Education

  • Video Analytics for education of content performance to further repurpose it for best results
  • Monetization Tools help platform owners to find a return on investment for their efforts of content creation.
  • Reliable video delivery to ensure timely video delivery to the audience.
  • Create an video streaming app for further activity built around the scene of a live classroom to maximize possible engagement online

In Conclusion

As we went through these top engaged live video streaming solutions for education one by one, we took in their unique highlights and placement in the market. So that you shall make an informed choice based on the specifics of your need for a video platform for education.

Or if you are inspired now to launch your own OTT platform for education- kindly check out CONTUS VPlayed site and our sales team will connect with you.

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