15 April, 2024
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9+ Best Streaming Services for Education To Stream Live Video Online

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I believe we can all agree that education is an important aspect of humankind. For otherwise evolution would have led us nowhere but toward a meaningless abyss of oblivion. 

Thankfully, we have surpassed any chance of it with the advent of an education system introduced into our lives. To this day, we must admit that educational streaming services, like any other industry that serves the vast majority of the public, have taken a hit. 

But we overcome this challenge by embracing livestream classes online for education. While we are all familiar with online classes and video sessions, we must also acknowledge the technology that allows these notions to be realized. 

The targeted goals would be impossible to achieve without a strong system.

The significance of e-learning has grown tremendously, especially after the pandemic. The e-learning market is projected to reach a value of $457.8 billion by 2026, driven by the interest shown by American and European markets. 

In fact, China is expected to become the largest market for e-learning. Notably, video web activity for live education comprises a significant portion of web activity overall.

The business world is also spotlighting a number of online video education platforms. Around 40% of Fortune 500 companies train their employees using online learning platforms. 

The US government has also invested $2.6 billion in e-learning products for its staff. In academia, 70% of students find online classes better than traditional classrooms, and 75% of teachers believe that digitized lessons will soon replace textbooks.

Essential Key Features Of An Online Video Education Platform

One of the reasons behind the success of e-learning is the technology that powers video platforms for education. However, for an educational streaming solution to be effective, it needs to possess certain key attributes. When choosing a platform, it’s important to consider these specific features that enhance the overall learning experience.

Live Stream Classes

1. Recording Live Sessions

The ability to record live sessions directly on the virtual classroom platform eliminates the need for additional efforts such as video editing, transferring, or configuring. This simplifies the overall process and keeps everything within a single online video platform. Apart from this, it provides the advantage of having a backup for future reference or revisiting the content.

2. High-Quality Delivery via Content Delivery Network

To ensure a satisfying viewer experience, it is important to deliver videos at high speed and resolution. This often requires the support of an intermediary stop point between the video source and the viewer’s end. By transferring video files to CDN servers, videos can be seamlessly replicated and distributed to a large number of viewers simultaneously.

3. Automated Closed Caption Support

Captions play a vital role in enhancing the clarity of videos, particularly in live streaming classrooms. They help reinforce the presented content and bridge any gaps in information. Having automated closed captioning support is highly beneficial, especially when captions are generated automatically as the video is being streamed live. This ensures that the content is accessible and understandable to a wider audience, including those with hearing impairments.

4. Performance Analytics

Top-notch online video education platforms continuously strive to optimize their content to cater to the needs of their audience. To achieve this, they rely on performance analytics that provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of their videos. By analyzing performance metrics, these platforms can make data-driven decisions to enhance the overall learning experience and ensure the delivery of high-quality educational content.

5. Video Content Management System

In educational streaming services, efficient organization plays a crucial role. That’s why a robust CMS is essential. With a reliable CMS, you can effectively manage and systematize a library of video files associated with your educational platform. It provides a streamlined approach to categorize, tag, and organize your video content, making it easily searchable and accessible to both educators and learners. 

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6. Security & Privacy

Ensuring the security and privacy of your valuable video content is of utmost importance for effectively managing your educational business. It is essential to safeguard your authentic video materials from piracy or unauthorized distribution. Indeed, protecting your students’ engagement and maintaining their privacy is also crucial. To achieve this, robust security protocols are implemented, creating a foolproof architecture with advanced safety features. 

7. Course Suggestion

Education-focused OTT platforms in schools, universities, and other institutions often have a vast collection of educational materials tailored to the subjects and grades of their students. This abundance of content highlights the importance of an efficient indexing system. With a well-organized and user-friendly indexing system in place, students and educators can quickly locate and explore the relevant educational resources. 

8. Video Monetization

While this feature may not be applicable to all educational institutions supported by government or private funding, certain academic establishments or prominent educators may seek to generate revenue from the viewership of their content. In such cases, video monetization platforms offer valuable opportunities. These platforms provide various models for online teaching monetization, including subscription-based fees, pay-per-view options, advertising, etc. 

9. HLS Video Player

An HLS video player is a preferred option for seamless live video streaming without any lags or delays. This player utilizes adaptive bitrate streaming, ensuring smooth playback by dynamically adjusting the video quality to match the user’s internet connection and device capabilities. With an HLS video player, viewers can enjoy uninterrupted educational streaming altogether. 

Are You Planning To Build An Online Video Platform For Education?

The 9 Hand-picked Live Video Streaming Platforms For Education

Discover the top-notch educational streaming service providers in the industry. These video platforms for education, including VPlayed, Dacast, Panopto, Kaltura, Zype, Vimeo OTT, Cincopa, Muvi, and IBM Cloud Video, offer a range of features and capabilities ideal for a number of content creators in the educational sector.

1. VPlayed

Stream Your Live & On-demand Content With Video Platform For Education

video platform for education

VPlayed, is a dedicated educational video streaming solution designed to cater to both institutions and individual tutors. The  platform offers a seamless experience for both live video streaming and video-on-demand content, depending on the user’s preference.

With its dedicated focus on virtual classrooms, VPlayed provides a wide range of features that replicate the traditional classroom environment on a video platform for education. Above all, it offers various auxiliary tools and widgets, making it one of the top choices for educational streaming solutions.

Key Features Of Online Live Class Platform:

  • Lecture Capture: Users can automatically record and securely archive live-streaming content, allowing for future reference and review.
  • Flipped Classroom: Students can access preparatory reading materials prior to the lecture, promoting better comprehension and engagement during the class.
  • Blended Learning: The platform integrates multiple media formats within the live class setting, thereby fostering extensive engagement among online students.

Core Features of VPlayed Educational Streaming Service:

  • Powerful Player: The platform utilizes a robust HLS player, delivering content with zero latency and ensuring smooth playback.
  • Video CMS: The integrated system efficiently organizes and manages all types of content, including pre-existing, incoming, and upcoming videos.
  • Multi-screen Platform: VPlayed supports seamless transmission of content to various devices, allowing users to access content on any device of their choice.
  • Interactive Video Quiz/Chat: This feature allows real-time quizzes and interactive chats, promoting active student participation and engagement with the material being taught.
  • Closed Captions & Subtitles: The platform generates textual captions and subtitles alongside the video streaming, ensuring accessibility and aiding comprehension for all viewers.
  • Auto Archive: The platform automatically records and archives the live streaming content, giving it a second life as video-on-demand (VOD) content, which can be accessed by students at their own convenience.


“The Most Efficient Education Video Streaming Platform”

education platform

GUDSHO stands as one of the most engaging, and easily accessible e-learning platforms that allows tutors and professionals to do live streaming or pre-record sessions for students to learn and interact.

And as we speak about that, the platform recreates classroom-like experiences by offering a content management system that categorizes videos and assigns modules under it. Plus, creators can make use of custom subscriptions, pre-booking options, and multiple monetization models to draw revenue from their educational content.

By just not resting with these, educational creators have the option to copy and paste the video URL into any platform or social media channel using the embed code feature that allows learners from other platforms to view videos. 

Top-Rated Features Of This Video Streaming Platform

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming for delivering stutter-free and jitter-free video content
  • Video CMS to handle and manage content in one place for later perusal
  • Screenshot prevention and AES encryption security features to protect data
  • Actionable analytics dashboard to gain insights on video performance
  • Special screening option for select viewers

3. Dacast

More Accessible To Stream Live Classes Over The Internet

educational streaming service

Dacast is an efficient video platform for education that supports both VOD and live streaming. Their pricing model caters to institutions of all sizes, making educational video streaming services accessible to both established educational institutions and individual educators.

Dacast offers two unique features: China video hosting and Zoom live streaming. In China, video hosting is restricted due to the Great Firewall, which limits streaming from outside the mainland to the Chinese market. However, Dacast successfully addresses this constraint. Moreover, Dacast also provides the option of Zoom live streaming, which is super useful.

Top-Rated Features Of This Video Streaming Platform

  • Zoom live streaming integration, enabling collaboration with other educators. 
  • Ad-free streaming so that the users can enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience. 
  • Multi-bitrate streaming, allowing for smooth playback and eliminating video buffering.
  • Secured video paywall that safeguards your content by implementing a subscription VOD monetization model.

4. OnTheFly

Superior educational streaming service 

OnTheFly is a solid multistreaming platform for edu tech classes and meetings. It comes out with premium live streaming features like recording, editing, cloud storage, branding, and a dedicated space to host live online webinars and podcasts. 

OnTheFly addresses most of the content creators’ and educational streamers’ issues with high-end solutions. The benefits one can reap by hosting webinars and podcasts in OnTheFly are numerous and everlasting.

Top-Rated Features Of This Video Streaming Platform

  • Multistreaming, connecting with different sets of viewers from various platforms and other educators. 
  • Low latency and superior visual quality streaming 
  • Supremely Secured domain to protect your paywall transactions and content
  • Branding options within the studio to market and sell your content efficiently.

5. Panopto

Enables Video Platform For Students To Personalise Their Learning Experience

online video education platform

Panopto positions itself as an e-learning video platform designed specifically for larger universities and institutes. It provides comprehensive software for capturing lectures, making it easier for educators to record and share their content. Also, Panopto offers seamless integration with LMS, enabling educators to incorporate video into their existing teaching workflows.

One of the key features of Panopto is its robust video content hosting, management, and library system. With this, institutions can easily store, organize, and make their video accessible to students and faculty members. This solution streamlines the process of managing videos, making it a valuable tool for institutions focused on delivering high-quality e-learning experiences.

Institution-targeted Main Offerings Of Video Streaming Services For Education

  • LMS integration for customized user experience.
  • White-label OTT platforms & video player for content ownership.
  • Asset categorization for efficient video indexing.
  • Insightful analytics for content performance optimization.

6. Kaltura

Create An Engaging, Personalised & Accessible Experiences In An Online Live Class Platform

Kaltura is a versatile video streaming platform that supports both live and on-demand video content. While it caters to various streaming requirements, it is particularly popular among institutes that have a strong infrastructure in place.

One of the key advantages of Kaltura is its open-source nature, which allows users to integrate other applications and programs seamlessly. This flexibility enables educators to create a tailored learning experience by incorporating additional tools and functionalities. Indeed, Kaltura serves as a highly customizable video cloud platform designed specifically for educational purposes.

Notable Features Of Kaltura’s Educational Streaming Service:

  • Secure streaming for anonymity and viewer discretion.
  • Extensive customization for high level user satisfaction.
  • Multi-bitrate adaptive streaming for lag free content playback.
  • Powerful video player for effective video streaming on the go.

7. Zype

High Quality Educational Videos Across Multiple Platforms With Online Video Education Platform

video streaming for education

At the core of Zype’s offerings is a user-friendly content management system that simplifies the organization and delivery of educational content. Also, Zype offers flexible subscription policies, allowing institutions to customize their monetization strategies according to their requirements. 

The platform also provides the capability to develop multiple e-learning applications, further enhancing the educational streaming experience. In addition to these key OTT features, Zype offers a range of other functionalities that are well-suited for video streaming in the education sector. 

Key Features In Sight For Online Video Streaming Services For Education:

  • App making support that enables the creation of customized applications. 
  • One can generate a return on investment for their efforts in content creation.
  • Bulk video importing simplifies the process of adding content to the platform.
  • Big ticket packages designed for customers with higher budget streaming needs

8. Vimeo OTT

Increase Your Reach Beyond The Classroom

Vimeo OTT is an online video education platform that offers both live streaming solutions and video-on-demand services. Unlike regular Vimeo, it provides a broader range of features, catering to a wider audience with diverse educational video streaming requirements.

With Vimeo OTT, you have the flexibility to choose from different monetization models to generate revenue from your educational content. Apart from this, the platform provides a suite of tools for analyzing the performance of your video content, as well as advanced marketing support technology to help you reach and engage your target audience effectively.

Highlighted Features Of OTT Platform For Education:

  • High-volume storage that addresses the storage needs of extensive video libraries. 
  • App support that maximizes student participation in a live classroom environment.
  • Efficient account management, ensuring a smooth operation of your video platform.
  • Large scale live streaming accommodates streaming to a large number of users at a time.

9. Cincopa

Make Online Classes More Interactive & Engaging For Students & Teachers

Educational video streaming services

Cincopa is a multimedia hosting and storage platform that offers a complete solution for streaming videos, photos, and audio content. It serves as an ideal choice for academic organizations seeking a well rounded video streaming platform for their educational needs. 

With its wide range of features and capabilities, Cincopa provides a versatile platform to deliver engaging and interactive educational content. One of the advantages of Cincopa is its affordable starting price plan, making it accessible to organizations of all sizes. 

Some Features of Attraction In Cincopa’s Educational Video Streaming Sites

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming to eliminate video buffering.
  • In-video search for quick access to specific videos in the library.
  • Seamless integration with LMS & CMS software for a more focused output.
  • Versatile multimedia hosting for engaging with different media formats in education.

10. Muvi

Provides End-To-End Educational Streaming Solutions

Muvi is an online video education platform provider whose focus is towards universities, publishers, and enterprises. It stands out as an all-in-one solution for educational video streaming, supporting video-on-demand, real-time streaming, and online store functionalities. 

With Muvi, customers gain access to a range of tools designed to ensure success in hosting educational content online. Above all, the platform’s user-friendly interface and robust features empower educators to create, manage, and monetize their video content with ease. 

Key Features Of Muvi’s Video Streaming Services For Education

  • Monetization Tools for generating revenue from educational video content.
  • Reliable video delivery for ensuring timely and seamless streaming experience.
  • Video Analytics for evaluating performance and optimizing educational materials
  • Create a video streaming app for further activity built around the scene of a live classroom to maximize possible engagement online

11. IBM Cloud Video

Get Powerful Live Video Educational Streaming Services

educational streaming services

IBM Cloud offers a robust cloud computing platform that caters to the needs of various industries, including education. With its extensive range of services and features, IBM Cloud empowers educational institutions to leverage the power of cloud technology for their video streaming and content management needs.

One of the key benefits of IBM Cloud is its ability to facilitate collaborative learning experiences by enabling integration with various educational applications and platforms. Whether it’s virtual classrooms, online assessments, or interactive learning modules, IBM Cloud empowers educators to deliver interactive educational experiences.

Key Features Of IBM Cloud for Educational Video Streaming Services:

  • Enables efficient and high-speed content delivery to students across the globe. 
  • Advanced security and compliance measures for safeguarding educational content. 
  • Offers robust analytics that provide valuable insights into student learning patterns.
  • Seamless Integration with some of the popular Learning Management Systems (LMS).

In Conclusion

As we have explored a range of highly effective live video streaming solutions for education, we can say that each platform has its own set of features and benefits. By taking into account the specific needs of your educational institution or tutoring services, you are now well-prepared to make an informed decision when choosing an educational video platform.

If you are now inspired to take your educational initiatives to the next level, we encourage you to visit the VPlayed website. Our dedicated sales team is ready to connect with you and provide further information to help you launch your own OTT platform for education. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What Are the Benefits of Using a Video Platform for Education?

The benefits of using a video platform for education are ensuring customized learning journeys, heightened student involvement, and effortless content sharing. Besides, it empowers educators, institutions, and businesses to expand their reach, offer superior video quality, and enable interactive teaching. All of this results in impactful knowledge delivery for diverse audiences.

2. What Features Should I Look For in a Video Streaming Service for Education?

The features for your educational video streaming service: extensive content variety, customizable branding, secure user authentication, analytics for insights, scalable infrastructure, live streaming capabilities, interactive discussions, integration with Learning Management Systems (LMS), flexible monetization models and regular content updates. These features will attract users and offer a seamless learning environment.

3. How Much Does Building an Online Video Streaming Platform for Education Cost?

The cost of building an online video streaming platform for education can vary depending on a variety of factors. It includes factors like platform complexity, features, the level of customization, and ongoing maintenance. Having said that, a basic platform might cost around $50,000 to $100,000. However, more advanced systems with custom features could range from $200,000 to several million dollars. So, it’s essential to outline your specific requirements and consult with development experts for a tailored estimate.

4. How Do I Choose the Right Video Platform for My Education Needs?

To choose the right platform to cater to your streaming needs you need to consider factors like content variety, user interface, interactivity tools, compatibility with devices, analytics, user reviews, cost, and support. Ultimately, prioritize a platform that aligns with your business goals, enhances engagement, and provides a seamless learning experience for your target audience.

5. How Do I Manage My Videos on a Video Educational Platform?

Managing videos on your educational platform involves the following steps. Organize content into categories or courses, use metadata and tags for easy search, ensure smooth uploading and transcoding processes, and implement access controls for security. In addition, you must integrate your platform with a content management system and regularly update and curate content. 

6. How Do I Secure My Videos on a Video Platform for Education?

For security, you need to employ the following measures on your platform. They include content encryption, robust user authentication and authorization protocols, secure video streaming URLs, digital rights management (preferably multi-DRM), IP restrictions, digital watermarking, and regular security audits.

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