Live Streaming Solution / Platform / Service for A to Z Media Purposes

Gone are the days when streaming was confined to playing music and video games. Live streaming is a new phenemenon to wider audience and enhance brand image.

According to the recent industry data, 61 percent of the 18-29 population prefers streaming videos to cable TV. This explains how Instagram rose to become one of the most used websites for global brands to stream live.

Now, the pressing question. What does it have for a business?

Mitchell Harper, a startup advisor in his Medium post says, ‘Build the audience before the product.”.

Live streaming helps build a community of audience, and ultimately curious customers too. In the past, that is some five years ago, live stream was the forte of sports channels, news channels and event organizers. The current generation of video content creators was largely left out. Also, the ways to monetize live streaming videos were also limited. In fact, the market was literally non-existent.

How Live Streaming works From Camera to Screen

From a bird’s eye view, live streaming happens in three stages:


Acquire is procuring the video from its source. It could be from a professional video cam of a TV channel, or an Internet-connected smartphone or even a flip cam that can broadcast live feed online. From the input device, the video will be fed to the encoder.


The video, in its original state will be bulky in size. It needs to be chopped down into tiny pieces, or packets, for easy transportation across the Internet. An Encoder software does that task. This duty makes the encoder the backbone of buffer-free live streaming.


Delivery is the ultimate pin-pointing of the live stream to the user screens. To make the live stream video fit tightly into the user device, be it mobile, tablet, laptop, PC or even a TV; the live stream has to be played using specific players like HTML5 players for responsiveness and also HD clarity visuals.

Now, there are plenty of apps that help you live stream at will from anywhere you are. But, for businesses these apps pose some serious downsides. For instance, they do not provide much facilities to brand the live streaming videos. Often, these apps come with a watermark of the app or ad interruptions which can disturb the overall live streaming experience.

There arises the need for a white-label live video streaming solution. Contus Vplay fits right here as a ready-to-market solution with all the prerequisites to build a Live Streaming website and app.

Contus Vplay Live Streaming Platform – Under the Hood Components

Contus Vplay is a readymade video on demand & live streaming solution that offers scalable and reliable live streaming. Contus Vplay comes with a treasure trove rich interactive media experiences that will delight customers and simplify video asset management for admins. Be it a handful of videos running into couple of hours or endless list of dynamic live streams running into petabytes or more, Contus Vplay can help manage, stream and monetize video in a simple & secure manner.

Real-time streaming

Live streaming is achieved by RTMP and HLS protocol which render maximum video flexibility. Cloud transcoding helps in faster reach to market and implement maintenance activities across multiple screens in real time.

Adaptive Bitrate streaming

67% of viewers say the quality is the most important factor when watching a live stream

Contus Vplay’ live streaming solution comes with adaptive bitrate streaming that will help you deliver uncompromising video quality across multiple screens.

HTML5 Player

HTML5 based online video player ensures that videos are delivered with an ultra HD visual clarity. The video player can be further customized with built-in paywalls or one-page checkout pages for viewers to pay and resume watching videos of their interest.

Native Android / iOS app

Make your presence felt across the globe using a live streaming app. By this way, Contus Vplay was inbuilt with app functionality that exclusively branded for your own service.

Multiple Registration Forms

Users must be able to log into the app through several forms like email, social logins Facebook, Twitter, Google+ credentials, etc.

Live Chat + Comments

The Video streaming app can bridge an instant connect with customers through live chat and comment posting options for customers and broadcasters.

Filter Option

Landing on the exact video that users are searching for can be made easy with a well-equipped filter option for video length, quality, ownership, etc.

Live Streaming Monetization

Contus Vplay live streaming solution supports video monetization in multiple formats including SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, Pay Per View and etc. You can make money by integrating any of these revenue models to your streaming channel.

Pay Per View – An effective way to multiply your revenue by allowing viewers to watch the video content based on the number of times the content has been watched.

Banner Ads Streamlining brand Advertisement in between the videos by utilizing the views of users in return to generate revenue.

Subscription Based Live Streaming — This feature allows to bring profits by allowing users to watch streaming content based on subscription options.


Contus Vplay ensures the video publishers to secure their video assets with advanced security features.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) – It provides copyrights protection for all your videos and prevent from redistributing without your permission

Access control – Vplay solution lets limits access to keep unsubscribed users from accessing premium content.

AES Encryption – Contus Vplay’ live streaming solution built with exhaustive encryption strategy which protects vital information.

Analytical Insights:

Deeper in knowledge = More Revenue and More Fanbase. Know all in and out about your videos with analytics.

  • Total visibility and their demography

  • Engagement level

  • Most viewed video contents

  • Preference

  • Payment pattern and etc

What makes Contus Vplay a unique live streaming solution?

Being a ready-made software, the platform is already set requiring only customizations to meet specific business demands. The customization can be done extensively including the player skin, controls and backend admin controls.

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12 thoughts on “Live Streaming Solution / Platform / Service for A to Z Media Purposes

  1. Henna Rose

    Allows multiple panelists from multiple geographically dispersed locations

    • Ramanathan

      Use CDN – For Quick Live Streaming (CDN that stores data across multiple cloud servers, for faster rendering)

  2. Jones

    How can Contus VPlay live streaming solution give you a competitive edge?

    • Ramanathan
      • High definition -From 320p to 4K and beyond
      • Video Player
      • CDN
      • On Cloud
      • Multiple Device Compatibility
      • Customizable
      • Monetization
  3. Michael

    What are the service offered Contus Vplay live Streaming services?

    • Ramanathan
      • Events (Sports or Business)
      • TV Channels (If you have TV Channel Streams)
      • Celebrity Engagements (Periscope or Facebook Live like P2P Apps)
      • Camera and Web Cam based streaming (for coaching and training)

      Its depends on your requirement

  4. Sujan

    Hi, i want to create my own live streaming website. What are the possible ways to make money through it??

    • Alex Sam

      Hi Sujan,

      There are several ways to monetize your live streaming, some direct, some indirect. You can do it directly with pay per view live broadcasting or by requiring subscriptions. You can sell advertising for your broadcast or form a relationship with one or more sponsors. You can use crowdfunding to let people play a part in the creation of new content.

  5. Jack

    I am looking at building a website similar to youtube where members are allowed to subscribe and upload paid videos. Now i got clear idea. Thank you . and keep sharing like this.

  6. Elena Kalis

    Hi, I wanted to create a live streaming website. What are the benefits of choosing a readymade solution rather than going from scratch?

    • Alex Sam

      Great way to go!

      Well coming to your point, If you start from the scratch it takes plenty of time and you’ll need to face complexity in the development process. In a readymade solution you can avail a complete end to end platform so its easy to build your own site in a lesser time with 100% customization as well.

  7. Walter Nelson

    I’m looking to create the ​​ for churches pastors and preachers. App and website solution.

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