How to Start Your Own Video on Demand Service?

Online TV episode and movie revenues for 138 countries will reach $83 billion (€70.4bn) in 2022. ~ Global OTT TV & Video Forecasts, Digital TV Research

Roku – the streaming platform and device brand has released 5 new players for superior TV watching experience.

The time people spend watching youTube on a TV has doubled since 2016.

The global VOD market will grow from $25 billion in 2014 to $61 billion in 2019.

Can you see a pattern? Connect the dots. Video is no longer a leisure activity. It is a way of living. Part and parcel of everything we do and see in the digital world.

It is a high profit margin promising industry that is growing by the minute. Video creators, broadcasters, television channels, and everyone else living and breathing videos, end up asking the ultimate question.

How to start a white-label video on demand platform? And, not any average video website, one where videos are elegantly classified and assorted based on genres; one from where viewers can pick their favorites, pay for it right away and start watching without any further wait.

Before the Launch: Setting of the Stage

Netflix has been working on the movies-over-the-Internet concept since 2005. In fact, Reed Hastings, the CEO and co-founder of Netflix had once said in an interview that, “Movies over the internet are coming, and at some point it will become big business.” Everybody who discredited him then better run for cover now.

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Netflix set the stage for its business by compiling genres of movies that viewers were ready to pay. Secondly, they set up an Internet focused platform through which video can be streamed endlessly. They also solved a mathematical problem to eliminate bandwidth interferences in video streaming platform.

So that sums up two major things you ought to do before you decide to launch your video on demand website.

#1 Plan Your Video Content

  • 1. What type of video content are you planning to stream?
  • 2. Who will watch the streams?
  • 3. What will be the niche audience you will be targeting?
  • 4. How many video on demand providers are already present in the industry?
  • 5. Are you going to make educational, entertainment, live or viral video content?

These questions will give you a headstart on where to get started to assemble your video library.

To successfully build a video on demand website like Netflix that entices large masses and get recurring engagement requires quality content. This factor boils down to two large methods in which captivating content can be pitched into your video on demand website. Either to research the market for well-doing videos and buy their rights or to create your own videos that are viral worthy. In case of opting for the second option, prime factors such as budget, crew, and script relevant to your viewer base are to be considered. It is also important to invest a considerable amount of resources in making your video on demand platform’s UI attractive, responsive and easy-to-use.

Secondly, bring an order to your video content library. Which brings us to how to manage your video content.

#2 Manage Your Video Content

Unlike other document types (docs, pdfs, etc.) video assets are bulky in size and difficult to move around. That makes their management a laborious chore that consumes time and effort.

The biggest challenge in video content management is perhaps the naming convention and also classifying the content according to the genres.

Additionally, use of meta tags for each video will also help in quick searches and locating using generic search phrases. Proper meta tag management helps in quick retrieval of videos, especially in dynamic circumstances like news reporting, live streaming, scheduled broadcasts, etc.

#3 Opt The Right Monetization Strategy

This is easily said than done! The video monetization platform strategy you pick will decide the long-term success of your video on demand services.

Though video-on-demand models often swear by the transactional VOD model for payment, there are multiple innovative payment schemes such as push TV and catch up TV that might intrigue your viewers to buy precise content of their interest in flexible ways. Video on demand platforms can also run ads in pre, mid and post-rolls of their videos and in rare cases have placements for banner ads. Choosing what would work the best for your target demographic is crucial in how you reap your returns.

For instance, your anchor pricing for a transactional video will revolve mostly around pieces of content. While time-bound plans like subscription video on demand are measured in definite time frames.

With all the above factors on the check, building your own video on demand website comes down to just good programming and back-end tech work. Instead of hiring an entire team to build your video on demand website and OTT app from scratch, there are options to buy ready-made yet customizable solutions that are on par to the movie streaming moguls such as Netflix and Hulu.

Contus Vplay – An Ultramodern Video on Demand Solution

Contus Vplay is a video on demand platform that helps video creators and publishers of all sizes and scale build, stream and monetize their videos easily.

It can be hosted on AWS, Microsoft Azure or Akamai with supreme quality streaming for camera to end user screen on mobile, tablet, PC or TV. A proactive approach to track user activity with the help of customised reports and analytics. Get customized quote on each purchase request which includes 24/7 backed up support service on deployment and hosting of your website.

What makes Contus Vplay special?

So what makes Contus Vplay video-on-demand solution stand tall among the crowd? To put it into perspective, we have created a list of features that are the onus to Contus Vplay’s style of curating solutions.

Organized content

A Powerful Content Management system to streamline the streaming flow of your content on multi-platforms. Contus Vplay’ video CMS manage, sort and organize every piece of your video content that performs in delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Unlimited video storage

A Robust Cloud storage enables to store boundless video content and also manage the entire video library that facilitates easy uploading, downloading of the content with an encoder. Contus Vplay Cloud storage provides everything you need to share and maximize the reach of your Content.

Geographic blocking of video content

Blocking of the video views and downloads outside and inside of your ownership is easily applicable now with Contus Vplay. Set an appropriate flag on the link to avoid downloads of your video assets with blocking policy options.

Customizable player

Contus Vplay is inbuilt with a dynamic video player that reaches every screen at a faster rate. Contus Vplay’ video player is enabled with compressing plugins, skins, pre-compiling that helps to reach the audience by 75% faster than any other players.

Multiple Security options

A reliable encryption functionality that assists in controlling of videos for public-facing platforms of private, Contus Vplay ensures in delivering HD pixel rate video content to any sizes of the screen with robust security functionalities such as DRM, and Access Control.

Smart tv and mobile app

Contus Vplay provides mobile-ready software development that performs more reliably on both Smart TV platforms like IOS, android tv apps, and Mobile OTT applications. Reach any number of platforms through SDK development kits and live streaming Programs in HD rate on all the OTT devices.

Content Partner

Deliver high pixel rate live streaming content through ideal content delivery network offered by Contus Vplay. An effective way to magnify your live streaming revenues through content partnering and get custom access to your content owners in order to take aggrandize the business.

Hybrid Platform

Contus Vplay offers diverse videos solution such as OTT platform, Live Streaming, Video On Demand service to trigger your VOD Business for such aspiring business professionals to thrive in the streaming Industry.

Video monetization

Monetize your content with a wide range of options at your dispense. Video on demand websites has promising returns in ads, subscription plans, transactional schemes, catch up and push TV monetizing models.

Creating your own video on demand website is no simple task. But along with the giant comes even bigger positive outcome. So if you are an entrepreneur who is considering to venture into this stream of entertainment, think no further. Make sure you fend to the needs of your focus population through your own video on demand platform with custom awe-inspiring features that woo them to your platform.

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