How To Build A Magento Marketplace Store Like Amazon Ebay & Etsy With Apptha Multivendor Script?

Next to social platforms, online marketplace stores are those which create a lot of buzz as the number of online shoppers are almost in par with the number of socialites.   Read More »

How to bug fix ‘Shopping Cart Quantity Update’ in Arabic Store View – Magento

In this blog I would like to share a useful solution which I found out for a problem which I experienced in a Magento powered store.

Problem: I worked on an Ecommerce store which had both English and Arabic store view. In the Arabic store view, after changing the quantity number from 1 to 2 and clicking the ‘Update Shopping Cart’ button, the reloaded page did not show the updated figure in the ‘Quantity’ area and I did not receive an error message too. Read More »

How to Convert the Visitors into Shoppers through E-mails?

What is the point if 1000 plus people walk in to your store and only 10 among them turn into buyers? This kind of low customer conversion rate will be disappointing and is an alarming issue for any store owner. In case of showrooms, the owner might have an idea of why the customer has left without doing any purchase, but for an online web store owner, the reason for a visitor abandoning the cart is mostly unknown. Read More »

How to Create a Simple Photo Gallery for Your Joomla Website?

For websites of any kind, displaying images in a well organized manner is a must as it helps to engage users and instruct them in a better way. For websites powered by Joomla, Apptha has created a cost-free, easy-to-use extension, the ‘Simple Photo Gallery’, which will enable websites to display high quality images in a neatly crafted gallery structure.

Simple Photo Gallery which comes loaded with a lot of customizable options can be installed easily and configured appropriately to match your site’s nature. Follow the instructions given below and get this free photo gallery plugin working silky smooth on your site in minutes. Read More »

How to Enhance Credibility of Your Magento Online Store Using Reviews & Ratings?

Just setting up an online store alone wouldn’t do much good. It definitely needs more extensions and add-ons that specifically perform various functions that will enhance the credibility your online store to a higher level. It’s a fact that not every store is fully equipped at the base level itself. It might need more additional enhancements. one such important extension is Reviews and Ratings. Read More »