26 May, 2024
Pubnub vs CONTUS MirrorFly Chat

CONTUS MirrorFly VS PubNub : Perfect Chat Alternative to PubNub?

PubNub adds real-time chat proficiencies to an application, but CONTUS MirrorFly is a fully customizable white-labeled chat solution through which developers can build instant messaging apps. So, does this mean that CONTUS MirrorFly is a better alternative to PubNub? If so, what makes CONTUS MirrorFly among the top alternatives to PubNub?

Let’s understand through a detailed comparison between CONTUS MirrorFly and PubNub.

Let’s understand more about CONTUS MirrorFly & PubNub

What is CONTUS MirrorFly

CONTUS MirrorFly is a customizable chat API and SDK built for enterprises to create comprehensive communication solutions on Android, iOS, and Web platforms. The solution comes with major real-time collaboration mediums like chat, voice, video, and video conferencing. CONTUS MirrorFly messaging solution supports 40+ use cases, 150+ communication features, and scales up to millions of concurrent users. Enterprises can connect their messaging, voice, and video calling features to ensure communication in business is seamless.

What is PubNub?

PubNub is a data streaming network that offers a secure real-time communication API for web and mobile applications. PubNub also takes care of the infrastructure needed for the real-time communication layer of the applications.

Chat Solution vs Chat Platform (SaaP vs SaaS)

SaaP vs SaaS Comparison

Know Why Contus Mirrorfly is Perfect as a Chat Solution (SaaP)

CONTUS MirrorFly is a white-label communicaiton solution built for instant messaging apps. It can be used by any type of enterprises as it offers over 150 features and is completely customizable. CONTUS MirrorFly real-time chat solution provides a high-quality voice and video calling API & SDK to build interactive chat systems on Android, iOS, and web applications.

Get CONTUS MirrorFly for the best real-time communication experience and expand the chat opportunities for any industry to enhance communication.

Let’s understand in detail the various features of CONTUS MirrorFly as a chat solution:

  1. 100% Customisation
    Customization is the key that makes CONTUS MirrorFly as a top alternative for PubNub. CONTUS MirrorFly is so customizable that developers have the liberty to use it as per their preference without any limitations.

  2. High Scalability
    With CONTUS MirrorFly – enterprises can integrate chat apps that support billions of concurrent users. This offers the developers to build a scalable chat platform with unlimited chat networks.

  3. One-Time Payment
    Onetime payment with CONTUS MirrorFly offers a lifetime hosting feature. Hence, CONTUS MirrorFly severs as the top alternative to PubNub making it is highly affordable and cost-effective.

  4. Monetization
    CONTUS MirrorFly as a chat solution is developed in such a way that it can also be monetized. Enterprises can complement the built application with in-app purchases, paid subscription, or any other form of extended services.

  5. Unlimited Video/Voice Chat
    CONTUS MirrorFly among the best PubNub alternatives also because it offers an unlimited video and voice chat facility. With elastic SIP trunking connectivity CONTUS MirrorFly creates a path for unlimited calls with infinite data connectivity that allows users to make unlimited video and voice calls.

PubNub Chat Platform

PubNub is a real-time communication platform that can be used to communicate on the web and mobile apps. PubNub Chat offers easy-to-use SDKs to add in-app chat and has rich chat features and the flexibility to add custom enhancements.PubNub is a chat API that provides best chat service and server infrastructure with stability.

The available broad features offered by PubNub can be easily embedded into real-time chat apps at a scale required by the business – but it comes at an added cost. Also, being a SaaS messaging product there are some limitations that enterprises must consider.

Highlights of PubNub chat platform

  1. User Limitations
    PubNub has an API limit which practically means that it limits the number of users chatting on the platform. However, this is subscription-based and users can be increased as per the requirement of the enterprise for an added cost.

  2. Chat Integration Kit
    PubNub offers a complete UI framework and their chat integration kit lets enterprises get started simply and efficiently. Moreover, with ready-made UI components, sketch flies, feature sets, etc. it is easier to customize the chat apps.

  3. Limited Cloud Storage
    PubNub cloud storage system allows users to playback, store, and retrieve chat messages. PubNub chat applications can retrieve chat messages that were missed while a user was offline. Nonetheless, there is a limit on the storage that users must adhere to.

  4. Message Retention
    PubNub offers message retention – users need to enable the storage feature for the given API Key and have to configure the duration of the retention. But once a message is stored, it cannot change its retention. Changes only apply to messages published after the context of a message has been changed.

  5. UI Customization
    PubNub provides UI customization that allows users to make their own choices about what they want to see, or set preferences according to their enterprise or brand image. Developers are provided with easy customization facilities so that the user experience can be enhanced.

 Detailed Comparison Between CONTUS MirrorFly and PubNub

Pubnub Alternatives

CONTUS MirrorFly and PubNub have defined features. But certain USPs distinguish an application from better to the best. Let’s take a quick analysis to determine which application is better!

Here is a quick analysis of CONTUS MirrorFly vs PubNub

Best Pubnub Chat Alternative

  1. 100% Customizable: CONTUS MirrorFly is a 100% customizable real-time chat messaging solution for enterprises. Likewise, PubNub also offers customization, however, they have a lot of limitations.

  2. Self hosted: The solutions that are self hosted stands better as it reduces the dependency and when run in a centralized manner, the chances of any glitches reduces.

  3. 300+ Messaging Architects: Both CONTUS MirrorFly and PubNub offers a highly secure and functional messaging architecture.

  4. One Time Cost: PubNub operates on a subscription-based model and its pricing plans based on Monthly Active Users (MAUs). In comparison, CONTUS MirrorFly is more cost-effective as users have to bear only a one-time cost.

Build Vs Buy – What must you opt for?

A lot of people get confused about whether they should opt for building Chat API and SDK or they should select the already established API and SDK to integrate the chat feature.

Building chat API is a better option as it offers enterprises the liberty to customize chat apps as per their preference. By building a chat application from the start developers have the liberty of adding unlimited functionalities. On the other hand, already built platforms allow users to buy chat apps but restrict and limit customization.

Hence, while choosing between CONTUS MirrorFly and PubNub, it is evident that CONTUS MirrorFly focuses on scope and affordability. At the end of the day, every enterprise requires a chat app that is easy to implement, user-friendly, and will ultimately yield a better outcome.

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