7 Best Solutions for Building a Connected Vehicles Platform

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Over the past few years, connected vehicles, often referred to as smart cars, have become increasingly popular. Automobile experts attribute this surge to the infusion of innovative and pragmatic features into the driving landscape.

These connected vehicles use advanced technology to connect to the internet and other nearby vehicles. This enables them to execute a diverse array of sophisticated functionalities that human actions have so far guided. It includes real-time traffic updates, pivotal for circumventing congestion, navigation facilitation, and even autonomous parking capabilities. The scope and benefits of connected cars are almost endless. The anticipation of these supplementary benefits steers the burgeoning market for connected cars. 

According to a World Economic Forum report, the market value of connected automobile platforms is expected to expand threefold from its present $63.39 billion (in 2023) to over $215 billion by 2027. The report also adds that the connected car platform would open up new revenue streams for the automotive industry. This is attributed to features like remote diagnostics, online service scheduling, and predictive maintenance.

As technology continues to revolutionize the automotive industry, one of the key drivers behind this transformation is connected car solutions. Today, cars are not just vehicles; they are sophisticated systems powered by advanced software that enables connectivity and smart functionalities.

Let’s understand the nuances of connected car platforms and how they benefit the Consumers and the industry.
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What is a Connected Vehicle Solution?

A Connected Vehicle Solution is a technology that links cars or other passenger vehicles to the internet. It allows those vehicles to communicate with each other and share data. It also equips them with smart features such as real-time GPS navigation, remote diagnostics, and automatic emergency calls. Top connected vehicle solutions providers build your vehicle ecosystem in today’s world.

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How Do Connected Vehicles Benefit Car Manufacturers?

Connected car solutions bring a multitude of benefits to the automotive industry in general, and car manufacturers in particular. In many senses, their arrival revolutionizes how vehicles are operated, maintained, and experienced.

Firstly, these vehicles enhance road safety through real-time data sharing. For example, cars plying on a busy road can communicate with each other, and the traffic infrastructure — like traffic lights, sign boards, pedestrian ways, etc. The system warns about potential collisions and hazardous conditions, ultimately reducing road accidents.

Secondly, connected car software provides proactive maintenance. Sensors fixed inside the car monitor the health of various vehicle components and relay this information to the driver and service centers, ensuring timely repairs and preventing breakdowns. This predictive maintenance not only saves costs but also enhances vehicle longevity.

Thirdly, these vehicles optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion. Sharing data with traffic management systems enables real-time route adjustments, alleviating traffic jams and minimizing fuel consumption.

Besides, connected car services also offer personalized driving experiences. Drivers can access entertainment, navigation, and other services tailored to their preferences. It enhances customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Connected software empowers vehicles with a myriad of benefits, including real-time navigation, remote diagnostics, and personalized driving experiences. By leveraging advanced software solutions, connected cars enhance road safety, optimize traffic flow, and improve overall efficiency.

In essence, connected cars bring safer roads, lower maintenance costs, improved traffic management, personalized experiences, and ecological benefits to the automotive industry, reshaping its landscape for a more efficient and user-centric future.

Top 7 Connected Vehicle Solution Providers 2024

The market has plenty of connected car solution providers, including connected car software companies. Connected vehicle software plays a pivotal role in enabling seamless communication, data sharing, and advanced functionalities in modern vehicles.

Numerous companies specialize as connected car software providers. Here’s a list of some based on third-party site reviews

1. CONTUS Tech

Driving Connectivity Forward: Your Premier Connected Car Solutions Provider

CONTUS Tech - Connected Vehicle Solution

CONTUS Tech is regarded as one of the best-connected vehicle solutions providers due to its seamless integration of diverse technologies. The fact that the company can integrate with any device underscores its commitment to delivering quality technology. It is done by enabling comprehensive control of automobile engines through mobile devices. By leveraging CV2X IoT networks, CONTUS Tech powers an interconnected vehicle ecosystem, fostering better communication.

CONTUS Tech showcases its prowess in automotive software development through a range of services. From crafting Automotive IoT platforms and embedding IoT into systems to deploying solutions on the cloud, they cater to top-tier automotive brands and suppliers. Their expertise extends to navigation, mapping, electric control unit management, and ensuring stringent cloud security standards.

Besides, CONTUS Tech also excels in automotive asset management. It is done through effective IoT implementation, enabling efficient tracking of operational assets. This, in turn, translates into reduced equipment loss and heightened productivity through improved restocking processes and GPS tracking of movable assets.

With its multifaceted approach and commitment to innovation, CONTUS Tech stands out as a premier connected vehicle solutions provider in the fast-changing vehicle space.

2. ApphiTect

Navigating the road to connectivity excellence with our premier vehicle solutions.

ApphiTect, is a multinational IT company headquartered in UAE. This company has been in IT services, consulting, and business solution organization for over 10 years. 

As a leading connected vehicle solution provider they have a deep understanding of the constantly changing connected mobility industry, allowing their clients to anticipate consumer needs and adapt to the latest technological advancements in transportation.

They provide seamlessly integrates vehicles, infrastructure, pedestrians, and networks through advanced technologies like Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X).

Apphitect specializes in providing connectivity solutions for cars, enhancing reliability through real-time monitoring and diagnostics, and offering advanced telematics systems for improved communication and safety features.

They help automakers drive their way to the future of connected mobility, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and deliver innovative, sustainable experiences to their customers.

3. AWS

Powering Next-Gen Connected Vehicle Platforms with AWS

Often known for its cloud computing platforms, AWS (Amazon Web Services) is also a robust connected vehicle solution provider. 

To start with, AWS offers a suite of tools that ensures secure, efficient, and innovative intra and inter-vehicle connectivity.

For example, Cars connected to the AWS cloud establish secure connections by leveraging the AWS IoT Core, while AWS Greengrass enables local computing within vehicles, enhancing real-time responsiveness. 

AWS Lambda is a computer service that lets you build applications without provisioning or managing servers. It supports serverless microservices, facilitating various platform functions.

Besides, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Kinesis Data Firehose handle seamless data ingestion and streaming, while Amazon S3 and DynamoDB provide reliable data storage. Furthermore, AWS harnesses the power of machine learning and natural language processing through Amazon Sage Maker, while Amazon Comprehend enables insights and improvements in driving experiences. 

So, due to its sheer technical prowess and comprehensive range of services, AWS is a prime choice as a vehicle solutions provider for car manufacturers worldwide. 

4. Ericsson

Leading the Evolution of Connected Car Services

Ericsson, the Swedish multinational networking and telecom giant, has joined hands with Microsoft to create an incredibly strong connected vehicle solution. It brings together the best parts of both companies’ platforms and cloud services. 

Together, they’ve designed something extraordinary called the Connected Vehicle Cloud. And a whopping 5.5 million vehicles are already using this cloud system in more than 150 countries all around the world.

The company’s connected vehicle cloud offloads the complexity of global operations and lifecycle management related to connected cars and provides a guaranteed service-level agreement.

Ericsson is a trusted technology partner for a number of prominent players in the automotive industry. They provide connected vehicle services that support the growing connected car ecosystem and infrastructure and the development towards 5G.

In a nutshell, Ericsson’s connected vehicle cloud enables vehicle manufacturers to expand services to new segments and regions quickly. Besides, it also lets the company deliver personalized and contextualized experiences to drivers and passengers.

5. L&T Technology

Innovating Automotive IoT Solutions: L&T Technology at the Forefront

If you’re in the Indian subcontinent, there are chances you would often come across L&T as an infrastructure giant and soft services provider. But what about the connected vehicle platform?

L&T has been in the automotive IoT industry for a few years. The company has been eyeing a larger market share in the connected car platform in India and Asia-Pacific. L&T has been actively working with global technology companies like AWS to bring digital engineering solutions to end customers on the cloud.

Recently, the firm has developed a one-of-its-kind Electric Vehicle (EV) testing lab at its Bangalore delivery center to perform electric vehicle component testing. 

L&T Technology, as a connected IoT vehicle solution provider, is a compelling option for various reasons. 

Firstly, they excel in security, ensuring your vehicle’s data and systems are safe from threats. 

Secondly, they offer practical ways for vehicles to communicate with each other (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) for improved safety, and their companion application enhances your driving experience. 

Thirdly, they’re skilled in integrating your vehicle with the cloud and developing advanced features to enhance your current vehicle systems. 

Moreover, L&T has established strong partnerships with leading automotive IoT companies, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation in the connected car space.

Lastly,  L&T’s advanced driver assistance systems and secure gateways protect against cyberattacks, ensuring your users a reliable and safe connected driving experience.

6. Aeris

Transforming Connected Vehicle Solutions with Cutting-Edge Technology

Aeris is a great connected car solutions provider for several reasons. They’ve now acquired the Connected Vehicle Cloud from Ericsson, which helps car makers create amazing experiences for drivers and passengers. 

They also have the Aeris Mobility Suite, a software platform that helps automotive companies build and make money from globally connected vehicle platforms. They’ve even shown how their technology can recover a stolen e-rickshaw in India, which has turned many eyeballs. 

In addition, Aeris gives users a clear, easy-to-use, connected vehicle platform to manage things like security updates, data usage, and driver behavior. 

Plus, Aeris is an expert in putting together various technologies and making smart things work with the internet. The company has proven its track record in helping its customers leverage next-gen technologies, reduce costs, and seize emerging opportunities in the automotive IoT landscape.

7. Tata Consultancy Services

Revolutionizing Connected Car Software Solutions

Tata Consultancy Services, commonly known as TCS, is an Indian multinational IT company headquartered in Mumbai. The company has been in IT services, consulting, and business solution organization for over 50 years. 

To begin with, TCS is a good connected vehicle platform provider for many reasons. They have developed autoscopes, a bunch of solutions that help connected and Self-driving cars work smoothly. This lets car companies create new services, give customers’ exceptional experiences, and do things differently.

TCS also helps insurance companies with their telematics solution. This means they use smart car technology to make insurance better for us. They do everything from collecting car data to making sense using big computers.

They also have a “mobility suite” that helps cars connect to the internet. It gives advice, takes care of vehicles in the cloud, improves driving, and even turns car data into helpful stuff. TCS is like a smart friend helping cars and companies do amazing things in the world of connected cars.

The connected car service industry is thriving with the contributions of various stakeholders, including manufacturers, software developers, and connected car service providers. These companies play a crucial role in shaping the future of automotive and iot solutions.


We have reached the end of this blog post. 

To summarize, we have seen the six connected car solutions providers so far who are leading the way in making our driving experiences safer and smarter. 

In other words, connected car platforms bring cutting-edge innovation, better data security, and improved passenger comfort to our cars. Be it protecting our information, finding the best routes, or making our rides more enjoyable, companies like CONTUS Tech are shaping the future of how we travel. 

Companies like CONTUS Tech and AWS are at the forefront of developing advanced connected car services that enhance these benefits further.

And, if you’re not sure where to begin your automation journey, feel free to get in touch with us. 

From electric vehicle monitoring, fleet management telematics, and predictive maintenance, CONTUS Tech is the one-stop solution for your connected car service.

With over 300+ engineers on board, we have served over 1000+ clients in the last 15 years while maintaining an impressive 99% customer satisfaction. 

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