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Are you into technology and app development?

Then there is a high chance that you may have come across this technology called “DevOps.”

DevOps is redefining software development with agility, efficiency, and rapid innovations. A portmanteau of “development” and “operations,” the technology that represents a paradigm shift in how organizations build, deploy, and manage software.

As you may have been aware, DevOps company help businesses foster strong collaboration between software development and IT operations teams. A DevOps service provider breaks down the traditional silos plaguing software development and streamlines the entire development lifecycle.

The technology promotes continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD), and automation, leading to shorter development cycles. All this results in reduced risk and enhanced customer satisfaction.

DevOps is more than just a methodology; it represents a cultural shift for companies aiming to deliver high-quality software faster and better. And it is no wonder some of the top software companies rely on DevOps service providers to streamline their operations.

Tech giants like Amazon, Netflix, Alphabet, and Meta have embraced DevOps for their technology needs in the last few years. With the urgency for swift software development and delivery, methodologies like Agile and DevOps have taken center stage in the contemporary tech landscape.

The market size for DevOps service companies will balloon from $10.84 billion in 2023 to $24.71 billion in four years. (Cloudzero)

However, finding the right DevOps consulting company to fuel your business needs may not be as easy as it looks.
So, what’s the solution?

Where do you find high-quality DevOps engineers at a price that fits your budget?

In the next few minutes, let’s discuss the list of things to consider before hiring DevOps engineers and the list of some of the top DevOps services.

Things to Consider Before Hiring DevOps Consulting Companies

Hiring a DevOps service company is a significant decision that can impact the efficiency and success of your software development and operations. Before making a choice, consider the following factors:

1. Total Years of Experience

The years of experience in a DevOps company provide insight into their industry knowledge and adaptability. A company with, let’s say, 10+ years of experience brings a wealth of expertise, having tackled diverse challenges across evolving technological landscapes.

Some of the best DevOps service companies with substantial experience bring refined expertise and strategies honed over time. It also instills confidence in their ability to deliver effective solutions.

2. Review their Portfolio

Review the DevOps company’s portfolio to assess the breadth and quality of its work. CONTUS Tech showcases projects involving complex infrastructure automation and successful CI/CD pipelines demonstrating our proficiency in handling intricate DevOps workflows.

A strong portfolio demonstrates their practical skills and ensures that the DevOps service providers’ capabilities match your requirements.

3. Check Client Feedback

Client feedback gauges a company’s ability to deliver on promises. For instance, ” CONTUS Tech” boasts a number of positive client reviews highlighting our exceptional communication and problem-solving skills, reflecting our commitment to client satisfaction.

4. Successfully Launched Projects

Scout for companies that have launched projects aligning with your industry needs. 

It demonstrates relevance and a track record of executing projects effectively, lending credibility to their capabilities.

5. Awards and Certification

Awards and certifications are essential because they serve as external validations of a DevOps provider’s competence and excellence. These accolades demonstrate industry recognition for their contributions and adherence to best practices. 

For instance, certifications of DevOps service companies, such as “Certified Kubernetes Administrator,” highlight expertise in specialized skills. It assures clients of the company’s expertise in specific areas, thus building confidence in their expertise.

Are You Planning to Hire a DevOps Service Company for Your Project?

11 Best DevOps Service Providers [Top Picks 2024]

Want to find the best DevOps consulting companies for your business? Here we have curated some of the top DevOps service providers are CONTUS Tech, ApphiTect, Veritis, Appinventiv, Algoworks, Nine Hertz, Rishabhsoft, etc.

1. CONTUS Tech

Empowering Your Digital Transformation with a DevOps Company

DevOps services

For years, CONTUS Tech has been a premier DevOps company for all the right reasons.

They have a team of 300+ highly skilled, creamy DevOps professionals. The team excels in all areas you would expect from a typical DevOps service company— like implementing CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, and infrastructure as code.

But what more do you get with CONTUS Tech?

Well, we assure you a 50% faster software deployment and implementation than most others in the market with impeccable reliability.

Their deep understanding of cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP is a big plus. It gives seamless scalability and flexibility.

Additionally, CONTUS Tech’s emphasis on security ensures robust protection of applications and data throughout the development lifecycle.

Their client-driven approach fosters effective communication and collaboration. And this leads to tailored DevOps solutions that align with each client’s unique needs.

This commitment to excellence makes CONTUS Tech a top DevOps consulting services provider for businesses seeking efficient, secure, and agile DevOps practices.

Founding year – 2008

Headquarters – Chennai (Service Location in Santa Clara, USA)

Services offered – DevOps services, DevOps software development, Messaging Solutions, Live Streaming Solutions, Over-the-Top Solutions, Video On Demand Solutions, Enterprise Full Stack Web & Mobility Solutions, IoT Solutions, etc.

Industries – Streaming, Communications, Automotive Tech, Information Technology

Tech stack – React Native, Flutter, Angular.JS, Node.JS, etc.

Team size – 250 to 500

Portfolio – The Scramble, Bookaboat, South-South News, R3 Remarketing, Flook, Marcel Miller, etc.

2. ApphiTect

Streamline your process with best DevOps Services

best DevOps services

When it comes to DevOps, ApphiTect stands out as a trusted DevOps service provider.

They have a team of over 300+ skilled professionals, who are experts at implementing innovative DevOps practices to streamline your deployment cycles with precision and reliability. 

ApphiTect main goal is to focus on on-time delivery and commitment to quality sets them apart.

Well, their hiring model is quite different when compared to other service providers.

They provide a flexible hiring model, with customized solutions tailored to their project needs and growth trajectory.

When it comes to security in ApphiTect, they integrate advanced security measures into your DevOps pipeline which safeguards your data and applications with the utmost care.

ApphiTect’s expertise extends to crafting scalable strategies that grow with your business.

  • Founding year – 2008
  • Headquarters – United Arab Emirates
  • Industries – Media, healthcare, finance, sports, E-commerce, etc.
  • Tech stack –Flutter, Angular.JS, and Node.JS etc.
  • Team size – 250 – 350
  • Portfolio – Mahindra RISE, Dr. Reddy’s, Accenture, The World Bank, and CBazaar. 
  • Services and expertise – Full Stack Development, Cloud & DevOps, SaaS Product Development.

3. Veritis

Seamless DevOps Solutions for Agile Enterprises

DevOps service provider

Veritis is a premier DevOps solution provider. They are adept in bridging inter-team gaps, fostering heightened productivity and seamless collaboration.

Veritis offers an array of services encompassing continuous integration, code management, security testing, and communication enhancement. And the provider tailors DevOps solutions to suit diverse brand needs.
In addition, the company extends offerings to operational and release management, vigilant monitoring, and application development. 

Veritis has a well-structured 6-step lifecycle encompassing analysis. And it typically includes design, development, quality assurance, maintenance, and planning. It also underpins Veritis’ approach and it further solidifies its position as one of the top DevOps solution providers in North America.

Founding – 2004

Headquarters – Irving, United States

Industries – Aviation, Telecom, Tourism, Banking and Financial Services, Healthcare, Travel, etc.

Services offered – Veritis DevOps service company offerings include various DevOps solutions, cloud solutions, containerization, access management, managed services, and more.

Tech stack – Azure, Amazon Web Services, OpenStack, Google Cloud, etc.

Team size – 200 to 250

Portfolio – Mayo Clinic, NEC, Solera Holdings, etc.

4. PixelCrayons

DevOps company

PixelCrayons offers DevOps services to help businesses improve their software development and deployment processes. The company focuses on enhancing collaboration between development and operations teams, automating workflows, and guaranteeing faster delivery of high-quality software products. 

With a team of experienced professionals, PixelCrayons assists clients in implementing DevOps best practices, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, infrastructure automation, and monitoring. Their services aim to streamline development cycles, reduce errors, and increase efficiency in software delivery. 

Clients can rely on PixelCrayons for end-to-end DevOps solutions tailored to their needs, ensuring a smooth and successful software development lifecycle.

Founding Year – 2004

Headquarters – Noida, India

Services Offered – DevOps Consulting Services, Infrastructure Automation, DevOps Configuration Management, Integration & Deployment, Infrastructure Monitoring, Platform-As-A-Service (Paas), CI/CD Automation, Containerization & Orchestration, DevSecOps, etc

Industries – Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, Banking & Finance, Travel, Education & eLearning, Logistics & Transportation, Retail & eCommerce

Tech Stack – Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, GitLab, Python, Ruby, JavaScript

Team Size – 650+

Portfolio – Adobe, Citigroup, eBay, HP, NEXT, Puma, QATAR, TESCO, Vodafone, and Volkswagen

5. Appinventiv

Accelerating Innovation through Excellence through DevOps.

DevOps services company

AppInventiv is a premier DevOps service provider known for its comprehensive approach and expertise in various crucial aspects.

With a strong focus on DevOps automation, it implements CI/CD services with rapid and reliable software delivery. Its specialization in DevOps for mobile applications guarantees optimal performance across platforms.

AppInventiv manages microservices, using Kubernetes and containerization for efficient scaling and management. The company offers a meticulous DevOps roadmap and strategic implementation. This DevOps service company, in turn, enables clients to navigate complex transformations with ease.

Furthermore, AppInventiv ensures robust infrastructure employing automation, configuration management, and monitoring with timely alerts.

It is this holistic approach that cements AppInventiv’s position as a trusted partner in driving efficient and secure DevOps implementation.

Founded in: 2014

Headquarters: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Industries: Healthcare, Real Estate, Electronic health record, Process management, Medical insurance claims, Lifestyle tracking

Services offered: DevOps consulting services, DevOps professional services, DevSecOps services, Cloud security services, DevSecOps services, Cloud Security

Tech stack: JavaScript, React Native, Flutter, Java, etc.

Team size: 1000-1500

Portfolio: KFC, Alphabet, Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, Domino’s Pizza, Americana

6. Algoworks

Elevating Your Infrastructure, Empowering Your Digital DevOps Services.

DevOps consulting companies

Algoworks is an exceptional DevOps service provider known for its ability to enhance software delivery and reduce costs. It is made possible by creating smooth continuous delivery pipelines across various cloud platforms, leading to quicker releases.

Algoworks drastically cuts down infrastructure-related deployment failures and enables successful rollbacks through frequent testing. This DevOps as a service company has mastery in source code control and cloud computing elasticity resulting in improved scalability. Automated process monitoring ensures efficient operations. 

Algoworks’ collaborative teams with shared objectives and steadfast principles ensure reliable value delivery. And their system service architecture provides quick recovery and minimal downtime.

In a nutshell, Algoworks excels in continuous delivery, infrastructure as code, and robust monitoring, making them one of the best DevOps providers around.

Founded in: 2006

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California, United States

Industries: Transportation and Logistics, Financial Services, Retail and e-Commerce, Gaming and Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Software Services, Communications, and Media

Services offered: DevOps as a service company, DevOps consulting, DevOps and test automation, mobile and web app consulting, product design, Xamarin, ECM consulting Services, Java software development services, DevOps solutions, Website designing, software test management, etc. 

Tech stack: React Native, AngularJS, Python, Flutter,  Golang, etc.

Team size: 750-1000

Portfolio: Cresthill Capital & Mantis Funding, White Pine Diamonds, DeGroot Logistics.

7. Nine Hertz

Transforming Complex Systems into Cohesive with Devops Consulting Companies.

DevOps as a service companies

With over a decade of experience,  Nine Hertz is one of the top DevOps as a service company for DevOps consulting services. The company offers DevOps solutions to build highly impactful and functional automated workflows.

You can hire senior DevOps engineers to develop, test, and deploy your new code for your business from this DevOps service company.

Having accomplished over 1800 successful projects, Nine Hertz boasts 14 years of expertise in DevOps consultation services. With a 92% client retention rate, they follow a full cycle DevOps approach with an extensive 6-step process. The steps are clear and straightforward.

  • Begin with an inquiry.
  • Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Pick your expert DevOps team.
  • Choose a hiring model (which is quite flexible at full-time, part-time, or hourly rates)
  • Onboard the team and assign tasks
  • Leading to the final project delivery

Founded in: 2008

Headquarters: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Industries: Education, Healthcare, Banking, Gaming, and Lifestyle

Expertise: DevOps development, Cloud computing, Salesforce development, On-demand app development, CRM solutions

Tech stack: PHP, Java, Angular JS, React Native, Flutter, etc.

Team size: 500-750

Portfolio: Cosmet, RentalP

8. To the New

Driving Continuous Improvement through Best DevOps & Cloud Innovation.

top DevOps consulting services

To the New is a DevOps company that fuels your project’s success through teamwork, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation, and Cloud integration. They automate the complete delivery process by means of fast application onboarding. It fosters continuous integration and development on major cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, etc.

In their elaborate experience, this DevOps service has aided big enterprises and fast-scaling startups in synchronizing development and operations. They employ all the top-tier DevOps tech stacks to automate the delivery pipeline performance.

Founded in: 2008

Headquarters: Singapore

Industries: Consumer Internet, Financial Services, E-Commerce, Healthcare, and Pharmaceutical sector

Services offered: DevOps and cloud, OTT solutions and services, digital marketing, data analytics & digital engineering, and CX content.

Tech stack: Java, Python, React, TypeScript, Redux, Oracle, Kotlin, etc.

Team size: 5,000 to 10,000

Portfolio: Amart Furniture, TATA 1mg, HDFC Mutual Fund, Fitch Ratings, and Lenskart.

9. Rishabhsoft

Seamlessly Integrating DevOps Development and Operations for Success.

DevOps consulting company

Rishabhsoft is a DevOps consulting company. They deliver DevOps and associated services for businesses looking to automate and streamline their software development processes. 

With over two decades of proven IT excellence, their team offers effective DevOps implementation strategies. These include capabilities like iterative and incremental development, lightweight architecture, on-demand workload management, and automated testing techniques.

Like other DevOps service companies, Rishabhsoft bridges the gap between development, quality, and operations while implementing DevOps best practices. In addition, they also assist with cloud integration, leveraging the potential of AWS and Azure.

Rishbhsoft offers services that include orchestration and CI/CD, configuration management, containerization, microservices, etc., and it makes them one of the top DevOps solution providers.

Founded in: 2000

Headquarters: Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Industries: Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, FinTech, Retail, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Logistics & SCM, Travel & Hospitality, EdTech

Services offered: Mobile App Development, Enterprise Application Integration, Software Testing Services, Custom Software Development, Microsoft .NET, Java, PHP, Opensource, Mobile Technologies, Engineering Design, BPO, Analytics, Application modernization, SaaS App Development, IoT, Cloud, and Product engineering

Tech stack: React, Angular, Java, .NET, Laravel, Node.js, Python, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, iOS, Android

Team size: 500-1000

Portfolio: Bright Star Engineering, HCXP

10. Cygnet Infotech

Fueling Your Success with the Best DevOps Company for Optimization.

devops as a service companies

Cygnet Infotech is a DevOps service provider that operates across 35+ countries. The company employs a robust team of 1200+ skilled experts. And their portfolio spans sectors like Digital Engineering, Technology Products, Fintech, and Tax Technology solutions. 

Cygnet Infotech shares a commitment to tech-enabled business solutions. It delivers comprehensive DevOps solutions to the business-critical needs of its clients. In addition, they offer standalone solutions in a connected ecosystem, thus creating a series of smart systems. This DevOps consulting company’s portfolio spans many global firms including several Fortune 500 firms, startups, medium-sized enterprises, and government corporations.

Founded in: 2000

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Industries: Automation, Software Testing, FinTech Solutions, Tax Technology Solutions, Enterprise Transformation, Product Engineering, Digital Engineering

Services offered: DevOps consulting company, Robotic process implementation, Product engineering, Software development, DevOps consulting services, Application development, Application testing, Managed IT services, SAP, content management services, Implementation services, Microsoft development and consulting.

Tech stack: React, Angular, Java, Python, Flutter, etc.

Team size: 1000 – 5000

Portfolio: Not Available

11. e-Zest Solutions

Crafting Tailored Solutions for Your DevOps Needs

e-Zest is a DevOps company based in Pune, India. It provides high-quality DevOps consulting services for many Fortune 500 firms, ISVs, and public corporations. Their service improves processes, profitability, and user experience through technology adoption.

The company has been operating for over 21 years, and its global team of 1000+ skilled engineers has transformed 400+ businesses so far.

The list of DevOps services offered by e-Zest Solutions includes the following:

  • DevOps code inspection and continuous integration services
  • DevOps managed services
  • DevOps deployment automation and orchestration services
  • DevOps infrastructure management services
  • DevOps environment management services
  • DevOps end-to-end implementation services

Founded in: 2000

Headquarters: Pune, Maharashtra, India

Industries: IT Services and IT Consulting

Services offered: Data analytics, DataOps, product development company and software development, Cloud application development, Digital transformation services, Native and Cross-platform Mobile app development, Big data services, etc.

Tech stack: React, Angular, HTML5, jQuery, Java, Python, Flutter, etc.

Team size: 1000 – 5000

Portfolio: Not Available


In the fast-evolving technological landscape, the role of DevOps has become more crucial than ever. Meanwhile, finding the best DevOps service provider is akin to finding a key collaborator in driving your business forward.

To help you in the process, we have compiled this list of some of the top DevOps consulting companies worldwide.
The DevOps service providers highlighted in this list have a proven track record.

In addition, DevOps as a service companies like Contus offer a spectrum of DevOps solutions that resonate with diverse business needs. From seamless automation to robust security, DevOps is transforming your business, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

So, it’s high time you adapt DevOps and stay agile, and competitive, and keep your business well-equipped for the challenges of tomorrow.

Get in Touch With Us To Hire a DevOps Engineer. Our Responsive Sales Team Operates Across Major Time Zones. You Can Expect to Receive a Response Within 24 Hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of practices and tools that combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality.

2. Why Should My Company Consider Hiring a DevOps Provider?

Hiring a DevOps provider brings a wealth of benefits to your company. These providers offer access to the latest tools, software, technologies, and talented engineers. They excel at managing complex projects and tailor solutions to your specific requirements. By leveraging their expertise, you can streamline your development and operations processes, enhance collaboration, and boost automation. It ultimately improves your software delivery pipeline and project success.

3. What Services Do DevOps Service Companies Typically Offer?

DevOps service companies typically offer services like automation, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD), cloud infrastructure management, monitoring, security, and consultancy to help clients achieve efficient and agile software development.

4. How Do I Choose a DevOps Service Provider?

Choose a DevOps service provider involves assessing the following things — evaluating their of expertise, understanding your specific needs, considering industry experience, and assessing their ability to align with your company’s culture and goals.

5. How Do I Measure the Success of a DevOps Engagement With a Service Provider?

Measuring success in a DevOps engagement can involve tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) like deployment frequency, lead time for changes, mean time to recover, and change failure rate. Ultimately, a successful engagement should lead to improved software delivery and operational efficiency.

Ram Narayanan

Ram Narayanan is a skilled Full Stack Developer and DevOps Engineer with a deep understanding of IoT technologies. He specializes in building scalable web applications, optimizing development pipelines, and integrating IoT solutions to create smooth, secure, and innovative digital experiences.


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