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What would you say that WhatsApp was valued at just around $1.5 billion in 2013?

But now we all know that Facebook paid $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp.

Most out of the chat product and service providers reasoning the success rate of WhatsApp and urge to replicate the growth of WhatsApp through embedding features and technologies. To portray the business growth of WhatsApp, Chat app providers features several accounts as “build a chat app just similar to Whatsapp”, “create an instant messaging app like Whatsapp”, “Cost to make a messaging app like WhatsApp” and so on.

What Do These Titles Actually Portray?

A step-by-step procedure to create a chat app like Whatsapp or to drive engagement?

But the actual certainty behind WhatsApp’s success was its Technologies & Concurrent user adaptability which plays the crucial role in transmitting conversations globally.

Finally, you are very sure with the success of WhatsApp is much concerned with the technologies used to develop white label chat app (WhatsApp) rather not with the popularization. Then here comes the million dollar question, Who holds the potential to build a similar messenger app like Whatsapp with the similar embedded technologies?

And More Than Whatsapp,

What does MirrorFly Really Bring You in the World of Global Communication?

1. Built-in WebRTC: To make a chat app like whatsapp where the entire video/voice chat is persistent on any platform, MirrorFly provides unlimited data scalability with one-time payment option to diminish the pay-per-usage subscriptions.

2. Payment Integration: MirrorFly is equipped with payment functionality to enable a secure transition (3-tier security layers) of payments through Quick-transfer, QR-code and so on.

3. Chatbot Integration: A proactive chatbot residing to provide you to take multiple functionalities for enterprise, sales or to any possibilities for a real-time and human-like chat across the platforms as you demand.
chat app feature
4. Monetization: Earn from a diverse number of monetization options such as in-app purchase modules, business services, advertising, theme collection, Sponsorship, Whitelabel chat API, Official accounts, content merchandising and much more.

5. Conversation Translator: Whatever the language user prefers, each text message can be translated to a maximum of 1000+ languages within the chat screen on a real-time basis.

6. VOIP Functionality: Empower your call making functionality through Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) embedded by SIP protocol to make free phone calls over the internet to any user.

7. Push Notification: Engage your users up-to-date with some effective and insightful information even on offline to boost engagement and 4x more retention than ever.

8. Moderation Tools: Monitor your entire chat platform communication to clean the abusive communication through filters, user deactivation and ban users from the groups and chat rooms to maintain from toxicity.

MirrrorFly’s Monetization Strategies To Reap Profit With
Your Instant Messaging App

In-Chat Pay: A absolutely secure payment transition where the user can send or receive payment on the chat system .

Mobile Advertising: Through display image or video representation on the chat functionality to generate possible revenues from the advertisement agencies.

Paid Stickers: The main source for the generating profitable revenue by enticing every user with the modest stickers for the promotion of the products.

Subscription: Through the subscription-based model, a substantial revenue can be generated where every download of your app earns you profit.

Official Account: A paid official account for brands for a better communication towards its customers and corporate purpose to maximize the productivity.

MirrorFly – Your Modern Chat Solution to Build a WhatsApp like
to Chat Application

In Terms of Its Technology Stacks


A instant messaging server based on open standards which are cross-platform, fault-tolerant and feature-rich XMPP server. The rock-solid server is written in Erlang and compatible for instant chat, multiple collaboration, and routing of XML data. The XMPP protocol is intelligible and having robust security to intensify the Chat functionality over any form. The standard XMPP servers provides certain features such as:

  • Message Typing Specification
  • Multi-User Chat (MUC) – Group Chat
  • Message Archive Management (MAM)
  • Personal Event Protocol
  • Contact Presence Listing


A Multi-facet programming language and a run-time system focus on highly asynchronous programming drive better message distribution programming. With its sublime framework, to build a fault tolerating and intensively robust chat application like whatsapp on android/iOS is made so easy with the erlang language.

Yet Another Web Server:

MirrorFly uses highly effective web server written in Erlang that is ideally appropriate for storing dynamic-content like multimedia files in the web application. Its absolute elegance and extensive performance experience can be viewed in the chat application.

Mnesia DB:

A multi-user distributed database management System which handles the heavy-duty task and also considered as the default DB of Erlang. Since Mnesia stores the memory in the same application as the other functions, which means the fetching of a single data is carried quickly and achieve a quicker response. Therefore, this ultimately improves the overall efficiency.


MirrorFly is built on the FreeBSD Operating System to maximize the performance the Erlang based application and also attain better performance of Whatsapp through optimizing the freeBSD.

The Architecture of MirrorFly That Resembles Whatsapp’s
Building Block

MirrorFly’s Absolute Architecture


MirrorFly uses Ejabberd, strophe.js and Laravel as the significant protocols to maximize the performance and solidifying the connection between the users.

Programming Language:

Since Erlang acts the main role as a programming language, PHP also takes part to create a chat app like Whatsapp that performs effectively on both iOS/Android.


MirrorFly uses BEAM interface to greater support of functions like Multi-core Message passing, Processes, Schedulers, etc. The virtual machine is run on Erlang which is a built-in interface tool.


As the database management collectively withholds the concurrent user base, MirrorFly is almost completely implemented with MySQL, PostgreSQL and default DB Mnesia db followed to develop a messenger app like Whatsapp.

Cloud Hosting:

To take control of the entire hosting limitations, Amazon Web Services takes care of the hot hosting operations.


Apache2/nginx and YAWS are web-based applications for the transmission of messages across the servers in an extended efficiency.

Quality Testing:

Once the reliable chat application like whatsapp has been developed, in order to examine the entire chat app that runs on native or hybrid, Mirrorfly uses Tsung, Appium & Selenium.


To provide a rock-solid security of the entire chat application, HMAC, AES and End-to-end encryption to ensure a secure chat environment.

Make Your Choice To Be the Next Big Giant
in the Chat App Market

Though the messaging platform market is overfilling, the meteoric rise of chat applications and proven promise of Whatsapp popularity is the key aspect to develop a chat app that surpasses Whatsapp. The messaging industry is expected to generate more than $25 billion in the forthcoming annual revenue. With all these promising stats, it is proven as the right time to build your modern chat app like Whatsapp to reap the profit.



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    • Yes, of course. Xamarin is the best choice to cross utilize the codes and at the same time extract native performance as well.

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    • Yes of course. For Contus Fly Solution, the Jabber server, Ejabberd has been customized and also the XMPP protocol have been tweaked to improve operational efficiency and speeding up signing in and re-signing in sessions.

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