6 Tips to Create a Marketing Image for Business via Testimonials

I’ve often wondered why most businesses are loaded with testimonials! But, upon learning the worth of them, I’ve realized how worthy they can be when added to websites. Well, through my research over this interesting phenomenon, I have decided to come up with a post that puts forth the benefits of having testimonials on your websites. Especially, if it is an ecommerce store built online then adding testimonials to the site would be a great option. Hereby, I’ve planned to offer you 6 interesting tips using which creating a marketing image for your business becomes most possible. Let’s jump start the discussion, right now!

1. Ask for feedback, transform to testimonials:

It has been ages since customers themselves provided testimonials. Customers of today are often in a hurry with their business schedule and asking them to provide a testimonial for their product purchase will make no sense. However, testimonials can’t be overlooked because of this, given its significance. So, a best alternative would be to opt for feedback from the customer and develop it into a case study. So, don’t force your customers to write out a testimonial but just follow them up for their valuable feedback. In order to draw your customers to leave a feedback, you’ve extensions like Reviews and Ratings which can help customers rate and review the products easily and quickly.

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2. Speculate what to ask customers and what not to:

Testimonials may require a lot of information like full name, company, age, education, location, etc. But, most often customers are offended by such questions and most of them won’t provide you all the details. Even though, you know all the factors are essential, settling with the information provided would be beneficial, than pressing the customers for more. However, ensure that they’ve provided you their full names and location.

3. Don’t file testimonials of all kinds:

Generally, a few businesses have the tendency to file as many numbers of testimonials on their sites to prove a point that they are superior businesses over others. However, if you look at the case study lists of most successful companies, obviously you’ll end up with a few yet reliable and related case studies that put forward the solutions offered by them. Keep in mind, only case studies related to your business aspects helps your marketing strategy.

4. File it real:

Some businesses have the habit of modifying the testimonials provided by clients to make it completely free from all kinds of mistakes and to enhance readability. But, practically speaking, businesses with real information from the clients, even if they contain mistakes, look natural and help a great deal in improving the business aspects as customers know what is real and what is not.

5. Make it specific:

No one in the online loves to read something that covers a hell a lot of things. Sticking to any particular subject or issue and offering solution to it could be beneficial for customers. This is what exactly visitors look out for when they take a peek at your websites. Also, don’t try to fake them, as it could lead to downfall of your business once it is found to be no real. It spoils the entire reputation on your services and you may soon lose some valuable customers as a result of this.

6. Add photos and video testimonials:

As photos and videos are the hottest means of communication with customers, adding case studies comprising photos and videos on the sites would add more spice to your marketing image. It could attract more number of visitors and if you do have some great testimonials, the chances of doubling the customer base is easily possible.


I hope the information shared in this post is useful to everyone reading it. From the above discussion it is evident that testimonials can bring in more conversions to your business with ease.  So, create testimonials by the above-stated ways and improve the marketing image of your business by drawing in a lot of customers.

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  1. Testimonials plays a major role in customer interaction, because every visitors may turn customers by the no of testimonials discovered by the clients which had their experience in their service. With showing the exact testimonial image that boost up more interaction and revenue for those visitors.

    • Hi Andrea,

      You are right to get more interaction testimonials are the vital key to turn up. Keep watching on more updates..!


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