Mirrorfly – A Better Chat Alternative to Layer Messaging Platform

“There is always an alternative to every solution that gives a bit of mileage to your needs.”

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Best Chat Solution to Build Messaging App like WhatsApp in Android, iOS & Web


What would you say that WhatsApp was valued at just around $1.5 billion in 2013?

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How to Build One to One Chat App Using Ejabberd & Erlang from Scratch?

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Live Streaming Solution / Platform / Service for A to Z Media Purposes

Gone are the days when streaming was confined to playing music and video games. Live streaming is a new phenemenon to wider audience and enhance brand image. Read More »

How to Start Your Own Video on Demand Service?

Online TV episode and movie revenues for 138 countries will reach $83 billion (€70.4bn) in 2022. ~ Global OTT TV & Video Forecasts, Digital TV Research

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How LetGo has Earned the Spotlight for ‘Classifieds Apps’ Market & How Can You Build an App like LetGo?

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