Keep your Affiliates Loyal and Excited!!!

Gone are those days where users will be satisfied with just the quality of the product or service; of course even now and forever the quality and service is important but to keep your users and affiliates happy, loyal, and excited simply delivering the right product is not sufficient. You need to do more and think out of the box. These days are the ones where the users expect more and more from the store owners. As a store owner and admin you should be working on innovative ideas to keep them loyal and excited. Read More »

How to Use Pinterest to Advance Your Organization

Pinterest is one of the major trending social media concepts in recent times. It was tactical on developers’ path to release it at the exact point where people want a change from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google + since all of these were just mostly text based. Although all of them supported images, videos etc they weren’t explicitly enough for pictures sharing. However Instagram and Pinterest were quite different and very useful. Read More »

Now “Refer A Friend” and Buy More Products Cost-free!

Today, most ecommerce owners have realized that rewarding customers is the best way to stay ahead in race with unassailable clientele. You’ve different programs to choose from as it purely depends on online entrepreneurs’ interests and budgets. So, how beneficial it will be if you’ve a program which connects your customers with your business via social networks? Sounds great, right? Read More »

Facebook vs. Pinterest – Which Offers Better Business Conversions and Sales [Infographic]

The power of social media is invincible. With the abundance of social media sites promoting any business by reaching out millions of customers is never an issue. But, it is often believed to select the best social media site for your business promotions rather focusing on all the sites to improve your business standards. But, which one to choose from the pack of sites? This could be a tricky question to answer. Read More »

5 Easy Tips to Unleash Underlying Power of Social Media

Social media is proved to be next-gen marketing technique adopted by many online businesses. You could hardly find anything wrong about this as social media is creating ripples all around the globe. It is highly impossible to find someone without any social activity or social accounts as the entire world is after these fabulous platforms. Loaded with such power, social media are a sure-fire technique and must-have for every online business, on failing to capitalize business enhancements would turn out to be a nightmare. With said that it becomes a must for companies to leverage untapped customer base of these platforms to experience productive gains. Read More »

Double Ecommerce Website Traffic with Trendy Pinterest Social Marketing!

Over the past few years, ecommerce has been developing and exploding. The introduction of social media sites has added fuel to its growth and it is experiencing tremendous growth from then. The success of ecommerce business relies heavily on the customer conversion rates and subsequent traffic generated by them. Traffic plays a major role in the improvement of business and customers play a huge role in generating traffic. Read More »

Facebook Users on Multi-Week Break and EdgeRank Algorithm: A Blow to Ecommerce?

If you are an online entrepreneur or a Facebook fan, the news I have for you may be surprising and shocking! A recent study by PEW, a neutral source center analyzing data from US, has released a report stating two-thirds of Facebook users have taken a multi-week break. To make it more traumatizing, the report has also added that 27% of Facebook users plan to spend less time on it from now on. Adding more woes to the injury, Facebook has formulated a new algorithm “EdgeRank” which could affect ecommerce business as well. Given the dominance of this platform in today’s market, will these disheartening factors produce a blow to ecommerce? Will it act as a barrier in the growth of online stores in the near future?

Read More »