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Compatible with Magento Versions: 1.4.x,1.5.x, 1.6.x


General Features

  • Best marketing tool to drive sales
  • Provide a modern image to your brand
  • Enticing the mobile consumers by letting them simply scan the QR code and shop even on the go
  • Incorporate QR code poster ads, in-store display, print ads, direct mail campaigns, email marketing etc

Product Features

  • Displaying all the QR code with corresponding product details
  • Share the QR code to the print media for offline marketing
  • Option to view the display of QR code in front end
  • Displaying QR code module in front-end to the corresponding individual product page

Admin Features

  • Option to generate the QR code for all the products
  • Option to view the selected product QR code with its details
  • Option to select the style in which the print should be taken
  • Option to print all the QR code with product details or print the individual product QR code by choosing the product from the select box

Product Overview

A QR (Quick Response) code is a two dimensional matrix code. When a QR code is scanned using Mobile Phone, it will display the content bind in the QR code image.

The QR code – a 2D bar code read by smartphones is becoming an essential business promotional tool. Major Brands have already started embracing the QR code in their marketing campaigns. By incorporating the QR code to a product, the potential buyers who wish to purchase on the go can simply scan the QR codes with their smartphones which eventually leads them to your website.

The Magento QR code is an add-on for Magento shopping cart which generates QR code for each product. You can display the QR code in your storefront, enamoring the customers about your brand. You can email / share the QR codes to the potential consumers, allowing them to scan the QR codes and proceed to purchase the products through their mobiles. Or you can simply take a hard copy of the QR code and publish them to the properties you use for marketing. The advantage of QR code is huge. When effectively used, the QR code captivates customer attention and increase sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this extension for?

A QR (Quick Response) code is a two dimensional matrix code. When a QR code is scanned using Mobile Phone, it will display the content bind in the QR code image. The QR code can be displayed in the product page/ publish the QR code printed copy for marketing/ emailed to the customer allowing the customer to just scan them and use for purchase the respective product through their smartphones.

What is the list of versions it is compatible with?

It is compatible with Magento 1.4.x,1.5.x,1.6.x

Where can I look for any technical answers?

Please visit the forum for technical answers. If you don't find the answers you can post your questions there for others to answer your queries Magento QR code Extension-Technical Forum

Is there any Document available?

Yes. Please check Magento QR code Extension-Document

Will I be eligible for all future updates?

Yep, you are eligible to install the latest version for lifetime

Is there any money back guarantee?

Yes. If any of the features listed in our website is not working and if we are not able to fix it then we will refund your money

Is this a stable version?

Yes. This is a stable version and you can download it without any doubt as we have tested it internally and used widely by our customers

Where should I contact for more details?

Please send your request to

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