24 March, 2023

Why Go for Custom Joomla Templates Rather than Ready made Ones?

Custome Joomla Templates

Decades ago, people used complex and bewildering programs to design their websites in order to take their business forward. Even the minimal changes related to website designing required a lot of efforts and time, and it evidently brought down the business below par. But, those horrible times have been a thing of the past and the evolution of new techniques has given the business world a wild ride. Modifying website designs is no longer hard, and in fact, just takes a few minutes to get the desired output. Imagine the surplus amount of time saved and it has played a great deal in the betterment of businesses by reaching out to the customers on time. Nowadays, ecommerce sites come up with readymade and custom templates using which designing a website happens without hardship.

Joomla!, a powerful platform with captivating features, comes up with unimaginable ready made and custom templates to help your business grow better. However, which one to choose from? Either the ready made templates or the customized ones! This may be a burning question in the minds of many. Well, it all depends on the requirement of the web owners to decide the choice of their templates. Nevertheless, customized templates offer more options to enhance and expand your business in the near future.

Let us discuss in detail about the various positive and negative points of readily available Joomla! templates and customized ones. In fact, there quite a few interesting points that would help you find the best one for your website. Here are a few points that give you deep penetration over the readily available and customized templates. It is so essential as themes play a hefty role in the growth of any business.

Ready Templates for Joomla!

Client Expectations:

One of the biggest setbacks associated with the ready templates is that most of the time they mayn’t match with the client requirements; remember, not all the times! As everything is going digital and Internet has become the primary target for most business, building a mind-blowing website is the only way to attract customers in order to promote your business. There are millions of such sites competing in the market and it is a must have your site completely unique and different from others, at the same time should be extremely innovative. With the readily available designs for templates, it is not possible to build a website with such adorable features.

Fixed width:

Joomla! is a specialized content management system and offers a lot for the business. It is the template that decides the entire content and layout of the website. With poor designing and wrong choice of color may easily bring in a bad reputation to everyone. In addition, if your template doesn’t allow you to perform any change in the width or resizing, then obviously you are in trouble. Once, installed you may be happy with your website, as time goes on, have to cope up with the latest trends in the market to stay healthy in the competition.

Complex programming:

Yet another huge setback faced by most of the clients is the complex programming (HTML + CSS) of the templates. Of course, modifying a ready template is possible most of the times, but you have to pay a lot to make the necessary changes done for your website.

Hard to modify:

Sometimes the developer you hire the changes may have to work even harder to perform the changes requested by you and it may take a long time to incorporate the changes. By that time, you might have lost a few customers.

Support and cost:

The more trivial the changes the more costly it is. The cost of repairing extremely depends on type of change requested. Don’t forget! You mayn’t get the support instantly from the developers sometimes. In case, if they are busy with schedule, you have to wait even for a longer time, and your business may take a hit during that.

Adding new colors, features, and settings:

If you own a website and want to make a few changes in the likes of colors, designs, layout, and settings, then obviously you have to look out for a developer as the programming with ready templates are extremely complex. The time for making modifications relies upon the type of coding that has been incorporated to make them happen.

Customized Templates for Joomla!

On the other hand, we have the customized Joomla templates. As the name suggests modifying any kind of templates becomes completely easy. Joomla! comes up with standard templates that can be modified based on the requirements of the clients. The biggest advantage of using the customized templates is that you don’t have to wait for a developer to carry out the modifications and can perform them by yourself as it is very simple. Any kind of modification is easily possible as the site offers a lot.

addition, it adds a few more benefits to the web owners which are listed below.


It is the quintessence of online marketing, and it is one of the huge merits of having customized templates.

Fits the business requirement exactly:

Most of the times, designing the templates on your requirement is quite tough. But, custom templates it becomes simple and you can any kind of design you exactly want.

Dynamic nature:

This feature adds more flexibility to your business. Adding new features or functionalities becomes ease.


Your website will stand out from millions of others on customizing it


This is so important for any business. By fixing the changes by yourself, you can save a few bucks for your business.

Generates results:

Generating newsletters, creating leads becomes very simple.

Save enormous time:

You could spend more time on your business and improving customer database rather than waiting for developer to make the changes.

Customizing templates becomes effortless with Joomla! as it comes up with a few template generator tools that would help to perform the customization part pretty easily. It all requires a few steps to perform the modification after installing the tools. But, the only thing is that you should possess a necessary (that too basic) knowledge on the HTML/CSS. Follow the simple steps to perform the modifications in the in templates.

Step 1: Click “Templates manager” on “Sites menu” to get the complete collection of templates.

Step 2: Select a template you want to customize and check the radio button near to the template.

Step 3: Now click the “Edit HTML/CSS” menu to make the modifications you want.

Step 4: Save the template.

You are done! Now can get a beautiful view of your new customized template in a few minutes. It is completely cost-free as you are the one who made the changes as well as you have saved a great deal of time meanwhile. With the quick update of your website, you give less time to the visitors to leave which in turn averts the chance of losing potential customers. In addition, you have designed your website that matches the current trend, and it could bring in new visitors to your website, in other words more profit to your business.

I hope you have developed some ideas from the above discussion on either to go for standard templates or the customized ones for your business prospects. Again, it purely depends on your type of business and customers. But, having a colorful advanced customized template is not going to hurt your business anyway, right? So, go for the best option to get attracted by numerous customers to move your business forward.

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