1 July, 2022

The 6 Absolute Best Online Video Monetization Platforms in 2022

top video monetization platforms

For every content creator there is around us, they tend to bear the burdenings of both original content creation as well as running a livelihood on the said occupation. Not to mention, there is this additional catch of an ocean of other content creators out there waiting likewise to be seen. Nevertheless, the video making industry seems to stand straight as a generously commissioning occupation. Since, for such a multitude of video makers, there are several multitudes of audiences pooled up to keep sampling up-to-date content. 

But in recent years, this industry has seen much more organization with respect to a solid pathway for video monetization. Yes, the evolution of video streaming platforms- in the form of an VOD platform, say-  brought on a tremendous force into the monetization part of the industry. Thus, began the evolution of video monetization platforms– a virtue for content owners and its tasters alike. It proved to be a well rounded solution in the complete, end-to-end mediation of content monetization for the rightful associate of the content.

What is Video Monetization?

With the term being thrown around so many times, it is right to wonder what precisely does video monetization entail. It can be best described as making money off of your video content via the likely route of a content monetization platform. That is to say, you shall find legitimate returns for your efforts of content generation.

Now, on how to monetize video content– the concept is attached to not just a singular way, rather it gives you a choice between three of the commonly followed ways. They are categorized as models of,

monetize video

SVODSubscription Video On Demand, is generally, majorly opted by media companies as a revenue system for their platform. This model carries out the exchange of paid subscriptions for access to the entire library’s contents. The subscriptions can be made for a monthly or per annum basis, as decided by the subscriber paying. There are also varying package designs for subscription, with certain platforms.

AVOD– Advertisement Video On Demand, this model focuses on incorporating commercial advertisements at various points within a single video segment for every video streamed on the platform fostering this model of monetization. The money comes from brands paying to the platform provider for running their ads on the latter’s platform.

TVOD– Transactional Video On Demand, this model makes a monetization solution out of every transaction of a video commodity at a purchase rate. This is applicable to every video asset available on the platform. The length of the ownership lent to the purchaser may vary though, it could be a duration of time or for as long as the platform or the content exists.   


PVODPremium Video On Demand, this could be considered as a special model exclusive to monetizing content of the premium range only. For instance, the platform can rent out box-office content or preview shows of yet-to-release movies for a special sum.

Hybrid– a mix up of whatever you see fit for your platform. Though, this model is advisable for higher-up platforms who have quite gotten hold of the market until which point they are suggested to go with one of the top three video monetization models discussed above. 

How Do You Practically Monetize Your Videos?

  • Launch Your Very Own VOD Platform

Firstly what is vod? & how it is important to have a space for hosting your contents. This space must also keep your contents organized and accessible to the whole of your platform subscribers. Therefore it is best to go for a proper video streaming platform that will also act as your video monetization platform. This involves partnering with an top VOD platforms provider (many top suggestions waiting for you in the coming paragraphs).  

  • Put a Monetization Tab to the Contents/ Keep Your Contents Under Pay Control

Now that you have a sorted video platform forwarding your contents to the world. It is time to loop the contents through a monetization model of your choice. But as a beginner in this respect, you had better choose the subscription monetization solution

Create a paywall on your platform for your subscribers to check off payment payment before getting through to the contents therein. You can be assured that people who share the same thematic interests that are idiosyncratic to your platform will definitely subscribe at the package rate stipulated by the platform. 

  • Cover Your Audience With an Offer or Two

But you are not off the hook yet. To keep the subscribers further in, right at the center of your business, you ought to offer some leeway. Go with offering to waive the first month’s fee of subscription. This is generally marketed as ‘free trial’.   

This has two advantages to it: a) you are putting out an authentic invite for people to come onto your platform and get a good idea of the contents you are hosting under your banner b) your token of generosity will amplify your reach even if not the actual subscriber base.

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Why Youtube Isn’t Necessarily The Right Way

The population of content creators of this millennium are aware of the popularity of Youtube’s medium, for getting their content across to the world. They also take to the fact that this medium for video streaming doesn’t mandate an incubation-level investment. That is when they jump right into the venture of opening a channel on its platform. 

Though, Youtube isn’t necessarily the best way to monetize videos on account of certain difficult technicalities imposed by the monetization guidelines of the same. Also there is the fact that Youtube is incomprehensibly competent that the odds of success is almost tied to the perfect timing of  monetization alongside a clean acceptance from the company. Otherwise you may be prone to encounter cases of unexplained demonetization, wrongful flagging or violation of content guidelines.

Even if Youtube is an AVOD platform sought for its universal base of audience. Nevertheless, it cannot provide a reliable monetization solution that is a want of every professional video maker, apart from an erratic stream of commission. 

Six Top Video Monetization Platforms

You may be reassured, owing to the well-advanced development of content monetization technology. Here are few of the best video monetization platforms for predictable success in the industry. 

1. CONTUS VPlayed

A Multi-model OTT Monetization Solution

video monetization platform

CONTUS VPlayed is a video streaming cum video monetization platform that is capacitated for a 100% flexibility, 50% faster implementation & deployment with a suite of over 150 features for powerful streaming. Its platform is designed for a lag-free flow of output. It is also equipped with built-in tools for dynamic analysis of performance metrics for further optimization. It opens its customers upto 6 ways of making money off of their content, see how:

Some of the Highlights of Video Monetization Models,

  • HTML 5 Video Player for smooth video streaming.
  • A consolidated CMS system for overall organization.
  • It is built with tools for Performance Analytics.
  • It gives free migration with upto 99.9% uptime. 
  • It encompasses more than 6 models of revenue generation.

These models of monetization solutions are: AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, PVOD, Catch Up TV, Coupons & Promotions, Video Paywall, Third Party Ad Integration, and Server Side Ad Insertion.

Are You Planning To Build A VOD Streaming Platform With 6+ Monetization Models?

2. IBM Video Streaming

A Scalable Video Streaming Monetization Platform

IBM video monetization services

IBM Watson Media is a video streaming solution centered around three main factors of privacy, reliability and scalability. Its streaming service gives the convenience of an easy start. The collection of its services including auto-captioning is powered by AI. Besides, it does also provide its customers with a video marketing strategy for building brand awareness that is bound to touch upon previously untouched consumers. 

Some of the Highlights of IBM Watson Media:

  • Its solution can be in the form of an embed, a URL or secured channel.
  • It allows for parallel live streaming of a day or longer.
  • Its scalability is based on a multi-CDN delivery system.
  • It presents its customers with over 3 concepts of monetization.

These models of monetization are: pay per view, subscription system, channel membership, sponsorship and revenue ideas.

3. Brightcove

A Globally Reliable Video Monetization Services

Brightcove Video Monetization Services

Brightcove Beacon is a video hosting platform that is used for monetizing the content streamed on it as well. It is in association with 16 data centres globally known for handling 875 million views per week with upto 99.99% uptime. Its patented technologies (2) are Emmy-winning, as evidenced by, the trust endowed on Brightcove by high-end organizations such as SXSW.

Some of the Highlights of Brightcove Beacon:

  • It presents customers with options of Auto Captioning.
  • It streams with an adaptive bitrate technology
  • It doesn’t have any limitation to the file size- payment is based on the total minutes of the output.
  • There are three revenue models in tow here.

*The models of monetization are AVOD, SVOD and VOD.

4. Vimeo OTT

A Long-time Provider in Online Video Monetization Industry

Vimeo OTT Online Video Monetization

Vimeo OTT has set up a successful video streaming service for over 1000 businesses. It stands for high-quality viewing experience. It has also landed a much effortless tech solution for video streaming businesses. One of its commitments proposes to innovate employee communication through best use of the video medium. It suggests video communication tools like webinars, live hosting, video messaging between employees and more.

Some of the Highlights of Vimeo OTT:

  • It has  a flexible functionality to become integrable with other apps.
  • It attests to almost an instantaneous migration without letting the content que up.
  • It has a simple system for pricing its customers- paying by each of their subscriber.
  • It provides customers with tested ideas of revenue generation.

*The models of monetization are SVOD, AVOD, TVOD and VOD.

5. Dacast

A Leading Video Monetization Specialist

Dacast Video Monetization Specialist

Dacast is a professional video streaming platform for businesses of any industry. It emphasizes innovation in every offering. It attends to any kind of video business needs. It includes live streaming, video on demand, online video platform, over the top and stream live video. One of the unique narratives of Dacast’s services is that they provide streaming to China which connotes metaphorically breaking through the great firewall of china.

Some of the Highlights of Dacast:

  • It covers librarization and organization of collective contents.
  • It engages video transcoding tools for buffer-free streaming.
  • It has in place a Video CMS for addressal of all relevant operations.
  • It presents its customers with an SSL secure paywall for monetization varieties under Dacast pricing.

*The models of monetization are AVOD, TVOD, SVOD, Ad revenues and Coupons.

6. Maz Systems

An Enterprise OTT Platform Monetization Formula

Maz System OTT Platform Monetization

Maz Systems is a completely flexible video media solution wherein customers can combine their individual ovp to Maz’s or directly host videos on Maz’s. It is also known for creating an OTT TV app like Apple TV App, Android, Fire TV, etc, that can be streamed with any platform like Apple TV, Roku TV, and so on. Maz System’s speciality is to bring any format of media (audio, video or publication) to app version of the same. 

Some of the Highlights of Maz Systems:

  • It involves a single centric CMS for all its customers.
  • It uses adaptive bit-rate streaming.
  • There is a possibility of cross platform streaming with Maz Systems.
  • It presents its customers with multiple monetization policies.

*The models of monetization are advertising, sponsorships, subscriptions, metering and IAP.


Finally as we come to the end of a long discussion on what is video monetization and going as far as even covering a couple of top video monetization platforms and features mostly specific to their brand. After having had such discussion, you shall be informed to some extent beyond which you ought to make an individual analysis of compatibility with each of the aforementioned platforms to your business. 

If you are looking for readily launching an OTT monetization platform then look into CONTUS VPlayed right away.
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