Top 6 OTT Platforms for Film Distribution in 2023

The world of entertainment has changed with the launch of Over The Top (OTT) platforms in the US during the mid-2010s. According to the survey, India is headed to be the highest consumer of Bollywood movies and hence OTT has become the most attractive digital film distribution platform for an active digital native audience. There are over 290 million registered users and as many as 80 million paying subscribers as of February 2020.

Did you know? In India, people spent 70 min on video streaming platforms in a day.

Growth of OTT Platforms in India

In India, there is a proliferation of OTT platforms in the past two years. The process for distributing movies online has changed the entertainment industry in terms of the commercial and the context in which these materials are brought forward to the audience. Filmmakers, distributors, production houses are actively involved and practicing self-publishing to sell movies online via OTT Platforms.

India’s crowded OTT market space was valued at Rs.21.5 Billion in 2018 and the potential growth of Rs.35 Billion in the next couple of years. Further segmentation includes Video OTT revenue totaling Rs.2, 019 crores in 2017 and reaching Rs.5,955 Crores by 2022 at a steady rate of 8 percent by over 500 million users and expected to be in the Top -10 category by 2022.

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Best OTT Platforms for Film Distribution

In India, the OTT apps become the launchpad for several small production houses and producers of digital content to sell movies online. Hence the competitive nature of these platforms to distribute movies online allows for a wide range of content to be produced and brought forward to a captive and engaged audience. In India alone, the number of OTT players is in excess of 70 platforms and the top seven are discussed below:



Netflix is a premium OTT platform in India. Among the top players for online entertainment:

  • Priced at Rs.9,588 annual premium subscription
  • Netflix network offers the largest range of quality entertainment from across the globe
  • It has the biggest number of subscribers globally at 8.3 million
  • Investing extensively in developing original content every year

In India, Netflix collaborates with regional producers for original content and in the past two years offered prime-viewing experience in comedy, music, sagas, and movies. It has focused on developing a lot of localized content for the global consumer.

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Amazon Prime Video


One of the best OTT Platforms Amazon Prime Video India has a mass presence with one of the largest number of subscribers.

  • The streaming platform has affordable pricing of Rs.999 per year for Prime Members premium plan
  • Platform engages online subscribers for streaming content as well as purchase on Amazon Prime
  • It also provides other channels such as HBO
  • Show time with the library for an additional monthly fee globally


OTT video platform

GUDSHO is a rising star in the OTT domain which gives indie filmmakers, influencers, media broadcasters, and content creators to showcase their creative cinematic side, take it to a wider fanbase, set custom subscriptions, and earn revenue with different monetization options. 

And another big ‘Yes’ to this platform is that, neither does it take any commission from your hard-earned revenue, nor limits channel customizations that reflects your identity. Well, to be precise, it gives you an option to create a white-labeled OTT platform with transcoding and adaptive bitrate flexibilities. 

So are you ready to kickstart your live streaming and VOD content broadcasting with GUDSHO? We suggest you get into its other highlights as well. 

Its standouts include

  • Akamai CDNs to deliver stutter-free video streaming
  • Diverse categories of content streamed from different industries
  • Budget-friendly pricing with creators getting the option to customize subscriptions
  • Geo-fencing attribute that allows which content can be streamed to whom
  • Powerful video CMS to categorize content in one place for later perusal, and there are more.

Though there are several OTT platforms in the market, each of which differs concerning cultural aspects, GUDSHO stands as one of the best platforms for streaming and hosting video content online. Their ease of using the platform, lag-less delivery, multiple revenue options, and ability to embed code to various platforms make it a hit in the market.

Disney Hotstar

Disney Hotstar is currently the second top-rated digital entertainment, moving ahead with the American production house tie-up, from its original Star TV-backed Hotstar services.

  • Priced at Rs.1,499 ($20) annual subscription for Premium plan is second-highest
  • Free content library will not include Disney original shows
  • Has 300 million monthly active users

With over 1 million hours of TV content and movies in many languages the platform became most popular with its coverage of Sporting events especially cricket.



Voot is one of the first online video platform to launch in India, in 2016. With a new business model, it is backed by the largest online publications and TV entertainment and news channels in India viacom18.

Many production houses Sell movies online to Voot for the rightful positioning of original content.

  • Offers dramas, spoof, comedies
  • Has 32 million active monthly users
  • Average view is 50 minutes per day

Priced competitively it allows for it matches the consumption means of every age group and is focused inwardly in offering competitive shows for viewers of all ages.



Viu is backed by Hong Kong based media company Vuclip, offering video-on-demand service and collaborates with Reliance Big Entertainment, Sony Music, Zee Digital Convergence.

  • One of the lowest subscription rates of Rs.99 per month
  • Free one month trial
  • Over 17000 hours of Bollywood content
  • Ten and more regional languages

Following especially in the regional markets is good since the content is being developed as original series in local languages such as Telugu Tamil and Marathi. The OTT pricing is competitive and allows for a lot of overseas content to be presented online including Pakistani dramas and Korean content which has the high global following on platforms such as Netflix and is likely to emerge as an online film distribution platform in the long term



SonyLiv was launched in 2013 by Multiscreen media to offer premium and free to view content.

  • Premium content of Rs.99 per month
  • Brings all sony channels – SAB, MAX SONY
  • Three features – mood wheel, MYQ, LIV Guru

The massive Indian market, diverse languages and cultural differences have meant that there are innumerable players who have made OTT platform the native format for online film distribution platform. These subscription-based viewing experiences have become the most profitable and the simplest, yet the easiest way for content creators to reach out to the billions of viewers across the country.

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