23 February, 2024
Secure Shopping Cart

Top 4 Ecommerce Shopping Cart Security Tips for Customer Privacy Betterment

The sudden surge in the development of ecommerce has really taken the entire world by storm! However, with the growth of the technology and internet, today most of us face the threat of identity theft whenever we purchase online. Are there any ways out there to prevent our identities and stay safe while shopping online? Of course, we are provided with plenty of practices by implementing which putting an end to the shopping cart security oversight is very practical. Here, in order to save your search time I’ve come up with some interesting security tips using which sealing your online shopping cart with formidable security is quite affordable.

Is shopping cart security negligence hazardous?

Not really, if you didn’t suffer any blow because of that! If you witness news headlines and channels, the top headlines will read at least one or two identity thefts online most often. It is reported more than 1.5 million people of United States have lost more than a few billion dollars via online scam. Identity theft is becoming more common nowadays and miscreants out there in the space try out all they have got to steal the information of the customers online. The best and ideal way would be to screw up the security in order to crack the whip on the online intruders. Also, it is extremely significant for the prosperity of any business. Take the top brands like Amazon, Sony, Samsung, etc. their shopping carts are perfectly designed and flawless for the online miscreants to break in. If you want your business to perform above par, the best thing you got to do is beef up the security. Everything else will automatically follow!

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That said, let’s get into the topic to learn more about the security hazards listed out and how to negotiate them.

Strong password protection:

First tips I would suggest would be admin password protection. Most ecommerce business owners aren’t much bothered about setting up a password that lets them control the whole business. But, they’ll greatly regret for their unbiased actions soon. A poorly set or easily gettable password could help the online intruders to break into your ecommerce business and steal the entire business records of yours and customers with ease. If such things happen, your business would lose its reputation online in no time. So, next time when you plan to set up password to your ecommerce admin panel, take your time come up with some tough password choices. Follow the ideas below to set up some strong passwords.

  •  Create a password with combination of letters and numbers. For instance, a password like “AdamWill” is easily gettable; whereas, the password like “s_many234Tree” makes it quite tougher for the interlopers to guess.
  •  Don’t create a password with minimal word counts. Say, if your website displays minimum character limit to be set is 6 characters, just don’t create a password within or equal 6 letters but make it more than 10 to 12 for formidable password protection.

By this way, you could help your admin site completely sealed and secured against the intruders attack.

Implement security certificate:

Generally, the feeblest part most hackers eye on while purchasing online information without others knowledge is the payment gateways. Of course, it is the simplest and easiest way to buy customer information. Whenever a customer swipes his credit card or debit card, the information passes between your website and their websites. If your website is not well protected, then obviously the chances of customers losing their valuable information are more. You don’t have to break your head in order to stop the miscreants from indulging in such activities. Just implement security certificates.

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) security certificates are the best choice to protect your website from online hackers. No top brand sites are without this security measure.
  • Today, you are provided with some new tools like Hackersafe logo indicating the site is completely free from hacker attacks. And Verisign is yet another useful tool indicating the genuineness of the website customers are into.
  • By implementing one on your site, the customers will witness a closed padlock on bottom of their screens.
  • Also, the customers can witness the url http:// changing to https:// while entering the payment gateway. But, keep in mind, the SSL certificate has to be annually updated to help protect your site from numerous online threats.

Check software encryption functionality regularly:

Well, encryption software plays a crucial role in the ecommerce data security. For instance, whenever a customer completes a purchase using a credit card, the credit card number must be automatically encrypted by special software exclusively designed for this purpose. If your software is outdated or fails to offer this facility, the credit card information of the customer can be easily tracked by just typing the name of customer or invoice number. To avoid such situation check the encryption software functionality regularly.

Daily check shopping cart software, PC security and keep it up-to-date:

Well, this is one thing online shopping owners fail to realize. Using outdated software for the shopping cart could product devastating results. Superannuated shopping cart software becomes bugs factory. Unfixed bugs act as gateway for the hackers to steal the information. The increase in bugs could easily drag down the security of your website which in turn leads to various online customer information threats imposed by hackers. Not only is that paying attention to the PC protection more recommended but also restricting the hazardous information via firewall settings. By blocking the external sensitive agents entering site via a formidable firewall settings, you could easily improve the privacy of your customer information with ease.


Online scams are skyrocketing each and every day. Preventing them and protecting the customer information is the best strategy to take your business to the next level. I hope this article has given everyone some useful shopping cart security tips on how to improve your shopping cart security and how to improve customer privacy.

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    Hi Anand,

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      Great to hear your words and appreciations, we’ll update it regularly have a look on for more featured posts.

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    Really It’s a informative post for security. Every one should know this info to protect the sites from hacking. Now only i hear about the https while handling online transaction. Thanks.

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