28 January, 2023

Top 10 eCommerce Trends To Follow in 2017

Ecommerce Trends 2017

This article is a quick sprint on the major ecommerce trends for 2017.

Every year, the world leaves behind several technologies, practices and conventions to embrace the new. eCommerce is one industry where this is seen with great intensity than in any other industry.

That said, what does 2017 have in store for the online retail industry? We catch up with some expert views and speculations that will shape up as a top eCommerce trends in 2017.

Most Important eCommerce Trends To Follow in 2017


Understanding customer behaviour and user patterns will no longer be reliant on historical information.

AI and heatmap based data mining tools that help track understand customers on a hyper-time basis already exists in the market. These technologies will become mainstream in 2017.

The end-benefit: “Customers who are served personalized offers and product suggestions will spend more and display brand loyalty.”


Omnichannel retail technologies will better understanding customers and their actions across multiple sales channels.

It will give businesses a 360-degree of customers, their preferences and responses to various triggers like discounts, offers, product offerings, in-store experience, etc.

“Omnichannel customer behaviour will help devise targeted product offerings and in-store experience for specific online and offline sales channels.”


The already prominent mobile penetration in eCommerce product searches, ordering and delivery taking will touch its peak in 2017.

Brands will feverishly adopt mobile app-only strategy to capitalize on the growing mobile penetration.

“Smartphones will account for 81% of mobile data traffic worldwide by 2020 ~ Cisco.”


Virtual assistants were long predicted as trendsetters in online shopping. While chatbots serve pre-sale product information efficiently, virtual sales assistants can be more efficient in post-sales support which will come into force in this fall.

“Salesman connected to customer via the Internet will deliver the best of online and offline shopping facilities.”


Simpler the shopping app, better will be its conversion rates – suggests Formismo. At least 12% of annual cart abandonments can be prevented if customers are offered a simpler UX that can complete a sales transaction with quick swipes, taps or gestures.

“Keep it simple will be the mantra for boosting conversion in 2017. Simpler information search, simpler ordering process, simpler checkout, simpler returns and so on.”


Facebook enabling a social marketplace like feature for groups is only the tip of the iceberg of the top ecommerce trends to watch in 2017. Social networking websites will now lunge forward to put their massive population for better use through deploying marketplace features.

“What social Networks Were to this world for the last 10 Years, market networks will Be the next 10.”


The difference between online and offline shopping is soon diminishing as customers will now be able to get products on an on-demand basis, just as in physical shopping. On demand delivery (like Amazon Prime) will catch up as a standard delivery service in the coming months.

“According to Business Insider at least 30% of customers are ready to pay more for same-day or scheduled delivery thus emphasizing on the growing demand for on demand delivery.”


With several eCommerce platforms like Magento going in for major revamps of their checkouts processes, checkouts will be far easier and streamlined. Card vendors, type and other similar non-personal details will not be repeatedly requested for during checkouts.

“According to Business Insider, at least 25% of online shoppers abandon their carts because the checkout process was complicated or did not contain their preferred mode of payment. Streamlined checkouts will give a hassle free shopping experience for customers.”


Internet of Things will reshape eCommerce by connecting everyday smart devices ranging from smartphones to home appliances to even connected cars. Each of these connected devices can double up as Point of Sales (POS) or exclusive commerce channels.

“According to Cisco, by 2020 there will be more than 40 Billion connected devices. Volvo Sensus Park & Pay, HP Instant Ink, Pinterest Buyable pins, Telefonica Click and Pizza are some brands that have already embraced IoT enabled eCommerce.”


Big Data – the buzzword in data analytics will reform eCommerce industry in a myriad of ways. Here you go with 4 of them:

  • Personalized product portfolio based on customer shopping pattern

  • Optimized prices and offers that will spike conversion rates

  • An online store designed exclusively for each customer

  • Targeted online advertising with razor sharp accuracy

This is not the end, but rather a beginning of what can be considered to be the top ecommerce trends that will keep charge the momentum of global eCommerce industry. Rest assured that innovative best ecommerce trends will carve a level-field market for small and big players.

Do you think that there are other Most Important & Best Ecommerce Trends To Follow in the coming year?

Then, let us know in the comment section.

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As mentioned by some respondents, there are few more trends that are speculated in 2017. Here they are for your understanding.


Analytics – the best ally to online stores will also become commonplace in physical stores. Analytics can help physical stores to decipher customer behaviour through in-depth analysis of actions performed at each location of the store.

Metrics like average time spent in each bay, average footfalls, best selling products, average order size, etc. will help perfect the in-store experience.


eCommerce brands will try to boost customer engagement by:

  • Actively following and tagging them in social boards

  • Engaging in Q&A sessions in blogs

  • Creating interactive content like video, images and articles

  • Creating a commune through newsletters, updates, push notifications, etc.

According to Gallup, actively engaged customers can drive as high as 44% more visits to online retailers.

As times keep changing we keep getting updated with more trends that will shape up the eCommerce industry. Tune into this page to know all about the latest action in eCommerce trends in 2017.

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  1. Pedra Maur Reply

    Interesting facts on ecommerce trends. I think that the mobile and UI/UX will play a major role in all the time and from my view, it will work upto 2020 as the base of ecommerce surge is technically getting more sound from online behaviors.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Reply

      Dear Pedra,

      Hope you liked this article and good to hear from you & your points makes more sensation here. Keep watching for more updates.

  2. Tofia Koppol Reply

    As big datas and Omni channel will be a major thing that need to be focussed. By 2019, the ecommerce retail will go upto $3.578 trillion and the global ecommerce market will increase 19% in 2020.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Reply

      That’s great to hear from you Tofia, good statistics and yes off-course bid datas and omni channel going to paly a vital role in upcoming ecommerce trends.

      Thank you for your information.

  3. Izabela Lewis Reply

    A recent ecommerce trend reveals that the average population of smartphone consumers has increased substantially than other devices. Mobile has become the primary engagement platform for online business. It has the potential to deliver a major impact for the ecommerce industry in future.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Reply

      Dear Izabela,

      Obviously mobiles are the major up-storm in ecommerce field as peoples are more likely using mobiles compare to other devices. And it always holds a step ahead in ecommerce trends.

  4. Yan Lopez Reply

    I just want to share one of the latest 2020 ecommerce trend here. While checking other posts, one of the new and upcoming ecommerce trends in 2020 says that people will expect free delivery at anytime & anywhere. It will be good if it really happens.

  5. Rebekah Dehghan Reply

    Another great ecommerce trends in 2020 is sensory technology & in store mapping. It would be great if you guys update about this upcoming trends of 2020 ecommerce.

  6. Hussain Reply

    Apart from desktop, now multi device shopping has been growing by 60 percent in the recent ecommerce trends, It’s a big change in ecommerce revenue generation and it is going to be a big medium in future.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Reply

      Dear Hussain,

      I agree with your point, shopping behavior has improved a lot these days and it goes more in future days. Thanks for adding your valuable points to this ecommerce trends.

  7. Derek Rocholl Reply

    I think physical media (direct mail, door drop media, catalogues etc) will surge in popularity as it becomes increasingly evident that it helps to create cut through and brand loyalty in a way that is very difficult to achieve with digital advertising only.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Reply

      Hey Derek,

      I believe on the contrary. Digital advertising is the way forward. The whole world is going mobile. There is no stopping it. With IoT the mobile trend is only going to dominate offline advertising modes.

  8. Anaz Reply

    Now ecommerce industry faces more no of consumers from social channels other than any other platforms. So social medium platforms will create more impact on online ecommerce shopping in upcoming days.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Reply

      Hello Anaz,

      Yeah that’s right almost peoples are signed into their social accounts in their smart phones that makes them connected with this ecommerce era.

      Thanks for the valuable inputs.

  9. Shanfa Chaiyadi Reply

    For eCommerce admin side omni channel will play important role for their easiness and in terms of customer specification on demand deliver will be a key role in 2017 eCommerce trends. Useful information & Good sharing apptha team!

  10. Erik Archer Reply

    A good prediction on 2017 eCommerce trends. Helpful insights are added, every eCommerce store need to update as per industries emerging trends to survive in this digital world.

  11. Heinz Klier Reply

    Now Ecommerce trends move to social networks, it’s a targeted revenue generating medium for online businesses in future, One of the stats says that more number of eCommerce conversions are from social channels than other platforms.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Reply

      Dear Heinz,

      Obviously in 2017 ecommerce trends social media makes a vital role and it plays a very healthy role for conversions and increases brand hierarchy more.

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