Thumb Up App for Android Phones – Bump with Your Friend’s to Find Whose Phone is Smarter!!

Thumb Up App QrcodeThe vastness of smart phones and Android market has pump up the technology-savvy developers to bring out innovative ideas to the limelight. The smartphones are becoming friendlier day by day to users, indulging various applications implacable in routine activities with latest features and functionalities.  Keeping in mind the current crowd, Contus  Android developers has come up with a massive Android App called Thumb Up filled with Fun and Functionalities. Thumb Up is a must-have android app if you have just grabbed an android phone.

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Phone Fight :

    To check whose phone is mighty and efficient.

Phone Configuration :

    To list your Android Phone specifications

Task killer :

    Kills the unwanted/ unused applications running in the back-end in a single touch

Network Bandwidth :

    Displays the remaining / available bandwidth of your GPRS / 3G usage

Install the Thumb Up app and bump your phone and your friend’s smartphone to find whose phone is powerful. The results are displayed in a comparison list between the specifications of both the phones and shows who won by how many points. You can even share your results among your friends by Facebook share.

Apart from Fight & Fun, Thumb Up has more excellent features such as Configuration, Task killer, and Network Bandwidth. Configuration lists your phones specification in detail. Task Killer allows you to end the unwanted apps from your phone memory. Network Bandwidth will display the information measures i.e. how much more bandwidth is remaining in your credit, how much used, etc… Get Thumb Up, a great app if you like to check whose smartphone is smarter!!

Thumb Up App Android AppThumb Up 1Thumb Up App 2

Thumb Up App 3Thumb Up App 4Thumb Up App 5

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