1 July, 2022

Super Deals Extensions to Improve Magento Store Sales

Deals, deals, deals. The word seems to echo all around the globe nowadays. Number of customers on the lookout for products available at discounted prices is on the rise and it’s never going stop at least for some time. Well, the introduction of deals and deal business into the market has created ripples all over the world, and as a result most ecommerce companies are slowly turning their heads toward this money-making business. Especially Magento-based ecommerce websites are turning out in huge numbers for setting up a deal page on their sites. On realizing the current scenario and envisioning the near feature, I’ve penned down an interesting post on how to set up a deal page on any Magento ecommerce website in a hassle-free manner using a simple extension.

What is a deal and how it works?

To start with, I’d like to define how exactly deal works and how it can be beneficial to both the customers and owners. On realizing it, you’d obviously prefer to set up a Magento store with a deal page. This is how a deal works: On deal page, the ecommerce store owner set up a deal for any product, say XX themes. The deal will have a start time and end time; it may either be two days, or three days, or even a single day. It all depends on the owner. However, during that very particular period the product will be sold with hefty discounts. For instance, a product worth $200 may be available at a discount of $100 or below as well. The customers on buying the product during the deal period will save some serious money and owners would’ve significant improvement in the sales, though they slapped discounts on the products.

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But, the deals are time-bounded and making use of it to the fullest is the ideal way to save money. I hope now you’ve equipped a fair bit idea on how deal a works. Let’s jump on to setting up a deal page on your website.

How to set up a deal page on your Magento store?

If you hold a Magento store to sell your products online, you can consider yourself lucky as Magento offers its customers some brilliant and breathtaking extensions and themes. And one such interesting extension Magento has come up for setting up deal pages on any websites is “Super Deals.” This powerful extension is a simple yet efficient tool having the ability to set up a fantastic deal page on your website using which setting up a deal display will never be troublesome.

The next question triggering in the minds of many reading this article would be, apart from setting a deal page what else can this Magento Super Deals extension offer store owners! I’ve got some stunning answers for this question as well. Indeed, this fabulous extension doesn’t just stop with setting up a deal page on store, but plays an invincible role in displaying product deals in a bewitching manner.

How it helps double the sales of Magento stores?

The success of deal business relies heavily on the deal display, discounts, time-set notification, product search options, multiple currency support, complete control over the deal page. The foremost hurdle confronted by most users when visiting a deal page is the navigation and time boundaries set for any deal. Also, from the owner’s side, it is quite hard to manage all these parameters manually as it consumes a lot of time. On deploying this ingenious extension, the web store owners can relax a bit as it takes care of most of the parameters stated above automatically.

For instance:

  • Displaying deals using this product is lucrative
  • Time-set notification is possible
  • The users can filter the products based on categories, pricings, discounts, etc.
  • It allows multicurrency support
  • Above all, it offers the web owners a complete control over the display page

As a result, with the help of these features, setting up an attractive deal page becomes awesomely easy. Besides, any page with attractive design and easy-to-read start and ending soon deal time will grab the eyes of customers who cut through your site. If you’ve some quality products with some solid discounts, obviously you’d end up with hefty sales.


Deals are proved to be the best tools for Magento store owners as well as the customers as they have the ability to benefit both of them by a wide margin. As the entire world is after this phenomenon, there is nothing wrong in setting up a deal page on your website and improving sales. Just apply this extension and start attracting your customers today.

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