Top 7 Secure Video Streaming Platforms in 2024

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Video streaming is taking the center stage in the entertainment industry and for the coming time, the number of registered users is expected to hit a billion. Currently the online video streaming industry  is valued at $50.1 billion and the industry is expected to grow to a whopping $416.84 billion dollar revenue by 2030, a recent study by grand view research reveals that,

With the future of video streaming looking so bright, content creators and media houses are increasingly asking video streaming business owners three crucial questions: how secure is my video content on your platform, how secure is video streaming in general and how to create video streaming business?

To answer that, you need not be a technical expert in data security or a master in ethical hacking. Understanding these secure video streaming methods and partnering with the right video streaming solution provider will help you hit the right cords. With this being clear, let’s  take a look at the top 7 secure video streaming platforms in 2024 to know what works best in the current market situation, 

Why is Secure Video Streaming So Important?

Why is secure video streaming so important

Video streaming security is very crucial as it ensures a safer environment for creators to share their creative and intellectual property (Media content) without any external duplication or data threats.

Video security is achieved by incorporating different data security methods like SSO login, AES encryption and much more, to understand them in detail read further.

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Best Secure Video Streaming Methods

Best Secure Video Streaming Methods

Enabling different types of video streaming is the best way to secure the video content and the online video streaming platform from cyber attacks, piracy and content duplication.

1. AES Encryption

AES encryption is a popular security method enabled in most of the famous video streaming platforms and AES abbreviates “Advanced Encryption Standard” encryption.

AES Encryption is a methodology where the information is encrypted and the access to view content is given only to authorized/registered users through a cryptographic key.

The viewer or user typically uses an access key or a password to view the content. This can only be possible with secure HTTPS connection.

AES is widely used to protect sensitive information and data in media storage devices like hard drives and USB drives, Internet browsers, wireless networks, cloud storage,  and also in Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

2. HTTPS Delivery

With the MITM attacks, the vulnerability and the potential threats a user may experience is huge. To safeguard against the Man in the middle (MITM) attacks and all the interventions, HTTPS delivery is one of the potent solutions that encrypts and safeguards sensitive user information efficiently.

How HTTPS Delivery works? It enables HLS encryption, digital certificates and encryption keys, to cover up a user’s connection with the website and holds hackers at bay.

3. SSL/TLS Encrypted Paywall

Video streaming holds various video monetization plans and the chances of a user’s sensitive bank information to be stolen without proper security measures are much higher.

So to protect the financial information in payment gateways, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) & Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols are used by banks and video streaming platforms to effectively mask the communication between client browsers & servers.

SSL/TLS Encrypted Paywall brings more security in payments and monetization areas of a video streaming platform. 

4. Password-Protected Video

This is one of the most basic-level of data security protocols used in a video streaming platform to protect the user data. Potential threats and breakout can happen with this method if the password used by the client is not strong enough.

Constant change of complicated passwords can ensure a safer solution for protecting your data from hackers.

5. Geographic (IP) Restrictions

Black listing is one of the common methodologies followed by platforms to restrict intruders from specific countries, geographic or IP restrictions. In simple words, it is  blocking users from certain geographic regions to access your videos. 

The United States Office of the Trade Representative announced a list of 36 countries with piracy rates and when Geo-restriction protocols are enabled, they can help you “blacklist” these countries, thereby “whitelisting” the other countries.

If you are building a video streaming app or going for one to share your content, then look for geo-fencing  features in them.

6. Referrer Restrictions

Referrer Restrictions are nothing but restrictions or blacklisting in the route of a specific user for a certain service by a referer request header.

Digital security tokens are used in these protocols to stop streaming the registered content from one video streaming platform to another without proper authority.

In case, if the video is embedded, the streaming can be stopped immediately from stopping the access from server domains.

7. Secure Video Data Centers and CDN

Content delivery network (CDN ) acts as a data center to store video content and to deliver them faster to different global locations without any buffer or lagging issue.  

“DDoS” attacks are deadly with a heavy load of data, and that’s where CDN can be effective at stopping hardware failure, ensuring faster content loading.

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7 Best Secure Video Streaming Platforms in 2024

A best secure video streaming platform should possess multiple features like AES, DRM, SSO and much more. Considering these factors, here is the list of top 7 best secure video streaming platforms VPlayed, Muvi, Dacast, Brightcove, IBM cloud video, get your hands on these streaming platforms for a secure video streaming experience.

1. VPlayed

The most secure and highly customizable platform

Best secure video streaming platform

VPlayed is a benchmark for a secure video streaming platforms that provides end-to-end streaming service to business owners and streamers who seek to build their own streaming platform. One of the major advantages of VPlayed is its ability to deliver complete source code to its customers.

Some of VPlayed’s important Features

  • Video CMS – Effortlessly handle your video content, best-in-class content management system integrated with the platform.
  • DRM & Security – Effectively protect your data from piracy, copyrights and other external threats with AES encryption, SSL certifications, IP blocking, screenshot protection password protection, paywall protection and geo-fencing solutions.
  • Video Monetization – Enable multiple video monetization methods for a flexible revenue generation suitable to your business needs
  • Complete Ownership – Customize to your business needs with OTT platform ownership with source code accessibility. 
  • Multiple integration – Integrate with 200 plus apps, software to increase engagement, productivity and user experience.

2. Muvi

Most versatile secure video streaming solution

Secure online video platform

Muvi is one of the versatile video streaming solution providers that holds different security features and backup features  to retrieve the missing features in all levels.

List of finest security features involve

  • Multilevel-firewall – Muvi does Penetration Testing & Security Audits to keep a check on DDoS attacks on your infrastructure and creates backup every now and then, implementing Disaster Recovery(DR) protocol.
  • Multi-DRM – Muvi Multi-DRM gives legal access to digital video content in Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine, and Microsoft PlayReady with support to multiple platforms, browsers and devices
  • PCI Compliance – Muvi follows PCI Security Standards and guidelines to provide data security during payment transactions and critical information exchanges in different online payments.
  • Geo-Blocking and VPN Detection – Muvi’s GeoIP intelligence stops 3rd party VPN services and restricts content access to certain geographical regions by detecting VPN services to the platform.

3. Dacast

Best-in-class video streaming solutions

Secure video streaming platform provider

The only platform with customizable Video on Demand streaming capabilities with highly effective security features, including dynamic token security and white-labeling features. 

Innovative safeguarding Features of Dacast

  • Password Protection – All your videos can be password-protected to stop unauthorized users from accessing the content.
  • IP Blocking – Domain & geo- location based restrictions using IP address for blocking hackers.
  • Paywall protection – Make safer payments with the integrated paywall protection while incurring subscription and other payments.
  • HLS Encryption – 128/ 256 AES bit encryption to protect your data using encryption and decryption.
  • 24/7 tech support – Technical support available around the clock for client support. 

4. Brightcove

Business Friendly Video Streaming Platform

build secure video streaming platform

Brightcove is a SaaS-based platform which focuses on entertainment, media broadcasting and offers OTT video platform for B2B. specially created for marketing, video monetization & content security purposes.

Let’s explore some of its significant features

  • SSO Integration – Brightcove supports streaming protocols like SAML 2.0 for SSO integration.
  • DRM – DRM (Digital Rights Management) encrypts the video content and the Brightcove Player, checks with the licensing server and checks for approval.
  • HLS encryption (HLSe) – HLS encryption protects videos from unauthorized viewers with HLS Encryption for details on how HLSe works and how to get your account enabled.
  • Geo-filtering – Brightcove’s Geo-filtering helps users filter cloud videos and eliminates errors within the Brightcove HLS Video Player.
  • TTL (token authentication) – Brightcove brings in innovative TTL signing for HLS, Dash, Smooth, and MP4 URLs, blocking URLs copying from the outside playback environment like social media accounts, once copied these configured TTL will expire. 

Domain restrictions and IP restrictions can be set on video players to restrict access to premium content.

5. IBM Cloud Video

Powered By Cloud And Ai Solutions

Best Platform for Secure Video Streaming

IBM Cloud Video is fueled by IBM Watson AI to  Live stream media content in entertainment and media sectors. It has huge customisation and AI capabilities to monitor, manage, secure and to deep search video content.

Best security enhancements in IBM

  • AI Support – Making visual experience much special, IBM brings in an Automatic archive with AI closed captions to ensure an enhanced user experience.
  • SSO Integration –  Password protected SSO (single sign in) login integrated with Google apps is enabled to validate content from one log in.
  • Restricting Accessibility – Allow access to only specific domains, IP addresses, & locations and block using geo-fencing and IP restrictions.
  • End-to-End Encryption – Complete package of security fortified solution is readily available to keep your assets theft-free

6. Kaltura

Easy To Use Video Streaming Platform

Secure online video streaming platform

Kaltura’s is an open-source software used for streaming live or on-demand videos. It also brings in video communication tools for interactive town halls, podcasts and also provides a cloud-based platform distribution services.

Key security features include

  • 24/7 live broadcasting Capabilities – Secured video streaming is made possible with Kaltura via Akamai, Limelight with instant archiving.
  • CDN integrations – Industry leading video CDN is enabled to ensure a seamless infrastructure for video streaming.
  • AES encryption – Kaltura brings in an AES encryption feature to safeguard data using an encrypted key. 
  • DRM management – Digital rights management is brought in by Kaltura to protect the authenticity of the media content  from copyrights infringement. 

7. JW Player

Robust Yet Secure Video Streaming Platform

JW Player secured video streaming platform

JW Player is a robust video hosting platform with multiple security features safeguarding media content with access controls to ensure data privacy and security.

Find their top security highlights below

  • Password Protection – JW players allow users to password protect video streaming server from unauthorized access and distribution — right from the start.
  • Authenticated log in – Two-factor authentication (2FA), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO), are enabled to secure your video CMS from unauthorized users.
  • Video Encryption – Security protocols like AES 128-, 192- or 256-bit encryption keys are used to encrypt and decrypt data on servers to secure the data from getting stolen.
  • Geographic Restrictions – Geographic restrictions based on IP addresses limits your video content accessibility based on location.
  • Robust CDN – CDNs  in JWPlayer helps in seamless delivery along with DDoS protection and encryption, to fight against cybersecurity threats.

Apart from these access controls, backup features are also supported within the platform.


Although the above 7 secure video streaming platforms stand as an solid example to secure video streaming, leveraging between different security features is crucial to avoid security breaches from hackers.

Missing out on one feature might sound good at start but on the long run it invites more potential dangers to content leakage, bringing more damage to the streaming platform.

Digital assets are gonna be valued like gold in the future with NFTs and other digital valuation systems marching in. So, investing wisely in the right video streaming platform is the only choice. 

If you come across any security related queries, reach out to us in the comment section below, 

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