27 November, 2021

Readymade Marketplace Software or Custom Development – For Building A Multi Vendor Website

Readymade Marketplace Software vs Custom Development

Multi vendor ecommerce store are loved by all online retailers for one simple reason: they yield high profits and can be efficiently managed. As the global population is increasingly becoming comfortable with the idea of buying anything and everything from an online store, Now is the perfect time to build a marketplace store like Amazon that will defy all the odds to make fortunes.

There are two ways to build a magento marketplace store:

Option:1  Readymade Marketplace Software


Option:2 Custom eCommerce Development

Each option has its own share of pros & cons in building a Magento marketplace store, which is what we are going to discuss.

Implementation – Quick, hassle free & without any hiccups 

Readymade Script

A readymade script can be launched immediately. There is no lag time taken in the form of wireframing, developing, testing or launching. It is a complete package that does not need anymore processing, except certain customizations if desired by the admin.

Custom Development

Custom admin takes a longer span for implementation since time is required for coding, development, quality assurance and the final launch. The entire process is tailor made on an project-to-project basis fully customized based on client requirements.

Affordability – Within costs that do not eat up the entire capital of businesses 

Readymade Script

Readymade script come at a fixed price. Extra costs are charged only for extensions or customizations like themes, plugins, modifications, etc. which do not form part of the standard feature.

Custom Development

The cost of custom development differs from project to project. A large scale ecommerce project cannot be built at the cost of a small scale project. Costs vary significantly as no single order is same.

Free Trials & Demos – A quick look into what’s behind the screens makes easy the buying decision. 

Readymade Script

Readymade scripts often come with free trial versions that offer the basic features free of cost for a limited period of time. Demos are also available in most readymade scripts. The demos and scripts offer a full hands on experience of the script before the purchase.

Custom Development

Custom web development cannot have trials and demos. In some cases, only a live project that is used by some client can be referred to as a demo. The same may not suit the purpose of the user if their requirements are different. Building a mock up will prove to be costly.

Customizations – Flexibility to personalize looks and functioning of the software 

Readymade Script

Readymade scripts are of two types: 100% customizable and stock scripts which cannot be altered. 100% customizable readymade scripts offer complete freedom to the admin/website owner to modify it any way to suit end requirements.

Custom Development

Custom web development is fitted to order model. There is no concept of stock templates. The entire script is prepared in conjunction with the needs of the user. The only drawback is the long time and cost involved in development.

User-Friendliness: Ease of access, use and plentiful features for a refreshing experience

Readymade Script

Readymade scripts are built bearing in mind the rendering of an ultimate user experience. The admins nor the users do not have to be tech wizards in order to benefit from the script’s features.

Custom Development

Custom web development is done exclusively for high-end users. It is not always user-friendly for common users. The technicalities could be complicated that an average user may not be able to grasp easily.

Scalability: Unlimited scalability when required without fixed costs 

Readymade Script

Readymade scripts are largely cloud-based programs. They can be scaled to any extent as and when required. There are no fixed costs, thanks to SaaS cloud structure.

Custom Development

Custom web development usually requires users to buy servers and other hosting equipment. The capacity needs to be increased on a fixed basis and has to be paid for even when it is not put to use.

The battle between readymade scripts and custom build websites is on that is forever going. To build a multi vendor marketplace like amazon or eBay readymade scripts are an ideal choice. They offer A to Z features that a web admin will require in routine operations.
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  1. Anastasiia Reply

    You comparison of readymade and custom marketplace development is really great. And surely together with the increasing trend of buying things online, there is a growing number of marketplaces as well. But still, the biggest online marketplace sites usually use custom development, because all of them are different, even if they belong to the same types of marketplaces, they have different technologies used, conditions, fees, etc, which they suggest to their customers.

    1. Ganesh Narayan Post author Reply

      Hi Anastasiia,

      Great to hear from you! In most cases readymade marketplace software works well. And also custom development makes more prioritized on development, test and execution level. While considering all that both readymade and custom development makes a better one based on the requirement needs.


  2. christopher Reply

    This table shows me which is the best way to make a eCommerce website. Actually i want to make a perfect marketplace website like amazon. What will the cost to develop. send me the details.

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