Simplify Your Checkout Process With OneStepCheckout Extension!!

A recent analysis shows that 50% of online shoppers leave the shopping cart instead of proceeding to complete the purchase. The reason for this is the complexity involved in the checkout process. In order to remove this difficulty and to pave way for successful completion of the payment without any complexities, and at the same time offering credible safety, Apptha has come up with an intelligent solution for Magento store, an extension called OneStepCheckOut: This payment onestepcheckout extension is efficient in converting such lost sales to successful sales.

This Magento extension for one step checkout has a very user-friendly interface and a most simplified checkout process. A usual six-step procedure is cut short to “single step” process. Your whole checkout process completes in a single page! Here, the customers are given the provision of returning to the previous step and change their information at any point of time before checkout. Also, registered users are taken automatically to the final step of the payment by retrieving the data from the database.

By installing this extension, you are enabled to exclude many unwanted fields in payment and shipping methods. The extension offers an Ajax Update feature, thus updates different shipping and payment methods for different country and different region.

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The extension is sure to nullify shopping cart abandon rates and increase online sales.

Find Plug-ins, Extensions And Modules for Your Open Source at just One-Click!!

If you are using any of the opensource joomla/wordpress/magento, and you want to create a dynamic and interactive website or blog, you can easily create one. Just step in at Apptha and find varied collection of plug-ins, modules, extensions and components that suits best for website.

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Creating a website with photo galleries, video players, video blogs are brilliant ways to make your website rich and attractive. When a user is encouraged to share and discuss on something, the website becomes more interactive thus gaining attention. To build and carry out such user-interactivity on your own requires proper development skills and is a tedious process. These open source platforms provide an easy option of installing such interactive modules or components which is simple and quick.

Contus proudly introduces its best venture – Apptha!! One-spot where you will find many attractive extensions, plug-ins, components and modules for all popular CMS. From themes, templates and plug-ins or video players, video galleries and video blogs extensions, they are easy to install with a very user-friendly set up. We have strong after sales support to achieve our customers’ expectations and satisfaction.

Bring your CMS based website in action with the modules and extensions from Apptha!!

Cool Video Gallery Plug-In For Your WordPress Site!!

WordPress CMS are popular and successful for its massive active community of users. A wordpress blog/website becomes more effective when you add videos to it. It is simple to add a single video to your wordpress website.  If you are creating a website on a specific topic, like in the case of tutorial website, you may need to add plenty of videos. It’s even simpler with Contus Video gallery plug-in. Not just High Definition, the current trend is to maintain an entire gallery of videos in the website.
Wordpress Video Gallery
An easy installation plug-in with effacious features list that enriches your wordpress website is the WordPress Video Gallery from Contus.

This plug-in gives the user a gentle and interactive searching opportunity to watch a particular video. The videos can be classified and arranged into categories such as featured videos, recent videos and popular videos. Few stunning features like controlling the number and order of added videos from the back end, multiple playlist, bookmarking, view counts  makes the Contus extension a mass favorite. The wordpress plug-in has an advantage of giving your website a complete look and feel of popular social video sharing websites like Youtube, Metacafe and so on..,

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Get The Best Extensions, Plug-ins And Templates All At One Stop-Apptha

Apptha provides a comprehensive selection of extensions and templates for open source platforms like joomla, wordpress, and magento and so on. Creating a website that is user friendly with professional look and easily manageable is possible with CMS. The rush for CMS based websites due to its various features and benefits gave room for the developers to come up with CMS extensions and plug-in.

For Joomla

An effective way to develop a competitive joomla website is by configuring it withcombination of components, plug-ins and modules. We bring in to you various joomla extensions like HDFLV Player, HDVideoShare, Photo Gallery, Video Comments and Easy Download to satisfy such requirements.

A web FLV Player with H.264 codec is the most preferred format for a video player and HDFLV Player is a perfect combination of both. Socializing it to the next level is HDVideoShare. The main feature here as the name specifies is video sharing. This joomla component comes with six free modules making your website look like a video sharing website. Video Comments enables live as well as regular updates with Web FLV Recorder. With Built-in HDFLV player, it acts as both recorder and player. Adding Photo Gallery will help you manages the photos or images available in your site. With this Mac doc effect, the user experiences a complete stylish view for all the images in the website. By installing the Easy Download module, you can download any type of files easily and manage them more easily.

For Magento

Magento falls in the category of E-Commerce CMS due to attractive user friendly interface and open source shopping cart. Choose an appropriate Magento themes and templates that make your website double rich. The exclusive magento extensions available are HDFLV Player , Advert System, Constant Contact and Product Ticker

Advert System is a non-commercial magento extension which is targeted on all group buying websites that are developed in magento platform. This Refer A Friend extension paves way to multiply your product circulation. Play your own videos online with high quality by installing HDFLV Player for Magento. Constant Contact is another magento extension provided exclusively to match your frequent customers contact details to the Constant Contact Account. Installing Product Ticker extension in your website will be an intelligent solution for promoting your product to peaks.

For WordPress

WordPress websites are popular for its distinct features like web template system and rich plug in architecture. It also supports features like Trackback and Pingback standards for displaying links to other sites that have them linked to a post or article. It is equally important to apply effective wordpress templates and themes to the website. WordPress Video Gallery, HDFLV Player for WordPress, VBlog, Video Comments and Mac Photo Gallery are the wordpress extensions provided by us.

The most common feature we come across nowadays is adding video galleries to website. But, it becomes tedious for the user to search for related videos when n number of videos are uploaded in one website. This is where Interactive Video Search seeks importance and WordPress Video Gallery Plug-In takes its place here. Video blogging is an upcoming trend introduced in blogs. Record your videos instantly while posting blogs with VBlog WordPress Plug-In. WordPress HDFLV Player with numerous features is known for its superior quality videos. Video Comments wordpress Plug-In comes with an in-built Web FLV Player where one can login and record the comments directly. The Mac Photo Gallery Plug-In stands out with its adorable effects. When the pointer is rolled over a set of photos, the image in contact with the pointer blushes out and gets highlighted.

Our developers are in the process of developing more and more extensions, plug-ins and modules with the motive of providing extreme satisfaction to customers.
Briefly, Apptha is the right stop if you are looking for extension and plug-ins for your CMS based website.

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