9 Captivating Security Measures for Magento Webstores

Magento is one of the fastest and steadily growing ecommerce platforms with stunning features. In fact, most online retailers and individuals are picking Magento as their choices in order to climb the ladder of success. One may wonder why Magento is often spotlighted when plenty of ecommerce platforms still existing in the marketplace! Well, the reason is Magento offers formidable security and outstanding online presence which many ecommerce platforms fail to do. Magento is impressive in various aspects. Read More »

Why Go for Custom Joomla Templates Rather than Ready made Ones?

Decades ago, people used complex and bewildering programs to design their websites in order to take their business forward. Even the minimal changes related to website designing required a lot of efforts and time, and it evidently brought down the business below par. But, those horrible times have been a thing of the past and the evolution of new techniques has given the business world a wild ride. Read More »