Mirrorfly – A Better Chat Alternative to Layer Messaging Platform

“There is always an alternative to every solution that gives a bit of mileage to your needs.”

Chat solutions have always been a significant tool for businesses to communicate, but choosing the ideal solution has been a tricky one. Continue reading

A Unified Messaging SDK And Chat API Integration for Website & App (Android, iOS)

​​​​​​​Set a timer for 10 minutes. Count the number of message notifications you would be getting. Too many right? Well, that’s how integral instant messaging android SDK / messaging iOS SDK has become to our business. Continue reading

Currency Conversion – Fixer API is Not Working in Magento 2

As of March 6th 2018, the legacy Fixer API (api.fixer.io) is deprecated and a completely re-engineered API is now accessible at https://data.fixer.io/api/ The core structure of the old API has remained unchanged, and need to perform a few simple changes in integration. Continue reading

Best Chat Solution to Build Messaging App like WhatsApp in Android, iOS & Web


What would you say that WhatsApp was valued at just around $1.5 billion in 2013?

But now we all know that Facebook paid $19 billion to acquire WhatsApp. Continue reading

How to Build One to One Chat App Using Ejabberd & Erlang from Scratch?

In this article, the development of one to one chat app from scratch is discussed in detail. The technical stack involved in WhatsApp like chat app are Erlang (Language), Ejabberd (Framework), XMPP protocol, MySQL (Database). Continue reading

How to Start & Run an Online Hotel Booking Business Successfully?

Most of us are devoted to travel and explore localities in the name of ‘vacation’, ‘holiday’, ‘outing’ or whatever you call. Holidaying, if planned well, will surely help keeping your mind and body relaxed. In order to make a travel safe and peaceful, there are several factors to look on, with the first important thing being ‘booking the right hotel’.  Continue reading

Build the Perfect eCommerce Store with Apptha Magento 2 Marketplace Extension

In an overcrowded online market, making a difference can be hard to come by. There are default choices that customers have become accustomed to. There are online shopping websites that people visit and shop from by habit.

Continue reading