Our Halloween Offers to Surge Your Festive Spirits 

With the much awaited Halloween celebrations in the offing, folks are squeezing their brains to come up with creative & gaudy stuffs so as to imprint their ghastly appearances on the gawky minds. With the town wearing a ghost appearance, everyone is busy extorting gifts from their near & dear ones. No doubt, we will be witnessing high spirited celebrations and non stop partying all over.

What do we have in store to make your Halloween celebrations more merrier and memorable?

Well, we have decided to reduce your burden of asking gifts, rather we come in search of you to give it.

Yes. You guessed it right. We are offering a mammoth 10% discount on all Apptha products. You can use the coupon code “Halloween14” to utilize them. Hurry up to avail our offers and spice up your celebrations.

Start buying the products soon as this offer is valid from October 29th till November 2nd .We wish you all a very Happy and a Haunting Halloween day.

For more details visit our Deals Section here.

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