4 October, 2023
Nichemall Marketplace by Apptha

Success Story of Apptha Marketplace in Building Nichemall.co.za, a South Africa based Multi Vendor Store

Apptha’s Marketplace script which has evolved for over 3 years in the market and has done several successful multi vendor store build. Here is yet another interesting implementation which shows the versatility of the readymade Magento script.

Nic Stuart, a South Africa based business visionary, wanted to create a marketplace by the name nichemall.co.za that brings the coolest recreational toys and fashion wear collections to customers’ fingertips. Adding to this, he also wanted to provide a host of other products including adventure gears, hardware products, photography instruments etc.

With a stringent timeline in hand, Nic Stuart opted to go for a readymade multi vendor store building script and with Apptha’s Marketplace his search ended. However he had specific requirements listed for his online business venture. The forthcoming portion will be an insight on how Apptha’s Marketplace script was customized to accommodate his requirements.

Click and Collect

Seller Information

In order to provide an alternative for shoppers to get their hands on products, Nic Stuart wanted a couple of additional options to be provided for them namely ‘Seller Shipping’ and ‘Click and Collect’. These options were made available in the cart and checkout pages.

At the checkout page, ‘Seller Shipping’ option lets customers to go for direct shipping from the seller. It is otherwise the usual way of buying products from an online store.

‘Click and Collect’ lets consumers to pay for the ordered items and collect it directly from the vendor’s delivery location without going for a shipping service. Once the ‘Click and Collect’ is chosen, the buyer will receive an email with complete details on the vendor’s delivery location so that they can directly pay a visit and collect the product.

Geo IP Enhancement

Geo IP Enhancement

For providing a zippy checkout experience, the Geo IP tracking feature was enhanced for Nichemall.co.za. At the checkout page, the Geo IP tracking automatically tracks down the customer’s country using the IP and gets the location filed automatically filled. This feature was taken to the next level and enhanced in such a way that the city of the customer is also detected.

Super Store Theme

Super Store Theme, a user-friendly theme which comes as a part and parcel of Apptha’s Marketplace script, is built as per the up to date web standards. With minimalistic UI and engaging user experience, the theme which is built for a multi vendor environment, was given additional cosmetic touches and color revamps to provide the look and feel Nic Stuart wanted in his marketplace website.

Super Store Theme

Seller Location

For customers to know the location of the retail store front of every seller, the ‘Seller Profile’ pages were accompanied by a map which clearly indicates their location(s). This map viewing feature was optimized for audience who surf through the marketplace via mobile devices.

Seller Location

Apart from customizations, the built-in features of Apptha Marketplace were beneficial for Nic Stuart in managing his multi vendor store. Dedicated dashboards for sellers and marketplace operators were helpful in knowing the sales highs, lows, best sellers, customer behavior etc.

As Marketplace script is cloud ready, Nic was able to go live in minutes. The adaptive scalability helped in scaling the server space up and down on demand and the secured environment of AWS cloud made sure that all data are safe.

Client’s Speak

Speaking about the experience of working with Apptha team, Nic said, “Great bunch of developers who uncompromising in quality.  Glad to have found readymade marketplace building software.. It had more than what I intended to. Many thanks to team Apptha for being cooperative throughout”.

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