Marketplace Owners Can Now Improve Seller Subscriptions 5x Times

As a marketplace owner you are trying to get more sales and you firmly believe that it is going to start with more vendor subscriptions. Well, what if a multi vendor script has a unique solution for it?

Apptha’s Marketplace script, which has undergone many updates, has now been hell-bent to offer more convenience for the sellers.

The 1.7 version of this cloud ready multi vendor script is loaded with features that reduce the dependency of sellers upon a marketplace admin.

Seller-friendly Features

Order Management:

order management
Sellers can manage their orders via the ‘Orders’ option provided in the seller dashboard. All the purchase orders will be listed below along with details of products and order ID. A single order can have products from any number of merchants. In such cases, a seller can edit only the products which are procured from him/her.

Invoice Creation:

Invoice Creation:=
As the orders can now be viewed by sellers themselves, initiating the shipment and creating invoices have become easier. Sellers can update the shipping details to trigger delivery and create invoices for products.

In some cases, where a customer has bought two products from different sellers in a single order, a seller can generate invoice for the products bought from him/her separately. Moreover, sellers can print their invoices in a PDF format.

Product Cancellation:

Product cancellationt
Buyers can cancel an order or return an item. Based on whether it is an order cancellation or a product return, sellers will be notified appropriately. If a customer has purchased products from different vendors in a single order and cancelled a product, the seller who has sold the product alone will be notified about the cancellation. Then that particular seller can approve the cancellation.

Refund Request:

Refund Request
After cancelling the product orders or approving the product return, seller’s can raise a refund request to the marketplace administrator.

Well, that’s it for now. You can expect more from our end in our next update. Meanwhile, we’d love to hear your thoughts on our recent developments. Write your thoughts in the comments section for any queries relating to this script.


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7 thoughts on “Marketplace Owners Can Now Improve Seller Subscriptions 5x Times

  1. Zineeb Aite Bahaj

    Hi Ramanathan,

    Just scanned the overall post, can you let me know more about customization & support process. Is it available? If I face any issues & concerns, will you guys provide any technical assistance on that?

    • ramanathan

      Hello Zineeb,

      Thanks for your enquiry. This marketplace script is 100% customizable and we have a technical guidance team to assist all of your queries. If you want to make live chat with our team, visit and start your chat. If you need any further assistance mail to:

  2. Simecha Lasarus

    I am planning to purchase this extension for my estore. But I have some queries here.

    Is it possible to add other templates with your marketplace module?
    And I need a complete assistance for technical support while deploying it into my existing store?

    • ramanathan

      Hi Simecha,

      It’s great to hear your marketplace planning requirements. With this marketplace script, you can able to add your own template easily. And our technical support team will help you out on implementing. Our magento certified & experienced developers will assist you with all of your customizations. To know more make live chat with our experts by visiting


  3. Dave Wilson

    I have noticed that many of the online stores do not have refund option. It is very rare to find that feature. So the refund option will play a significant role in earning customers trust. Great job. Keep it up.

  4. Atish Ranjan

    Even I am trying to build my online multistore, while in research I follow up with the post. Need some additional information and need to discuss more about my requirements. Is there any customer support available?

    • ramanathan

      Hi Atish,

      Thanks for your Interest. You can discuss anytime by visiting We are available with live chat, our experts will guide you based on your requirements.

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