Manifest and Resolve the Factors That Affect Online Purchasing

Online shopping is the latest trend. Every store is adopting eCommerce and eStore these days. However there are lot of problems and woes at the seller or site owner end. Mostly users won’t be aware of the problems and factors that affect the purchase since they see only the front end. However if you are a site owner then you might be trying hard to improve sales and traffic to your eStore and one of the major problem you suffer from will be customers dropping their carts or in other words abandoned carts.
This is a serious and most important trouble for the sellers since after all the ads, promotions, etc to bring the user to the site when the customer abandons the cart at the purchase stage it is indeed an disheartening issue. The users abandoning their cart can be due to various factors and they are listed below.

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  1. Users abandoning the cart because they are really confused with the lengthy checkout process.
  2. Users might feel uncomfortable since multi-lingual and/or multi-currency support is not provided.
  3. Customers or in other words the prospective customers might have dropped their cart since they could make changes (add/remove) to the product quantity at the checkout page without consuming much time.
  4. Finally, there might be few reasons that are known only for the customers (budget problem, change of mind, internet connection termination, etc) due to which they might not be able to actually finish the purchase.

All these are not mountainous tasks and these can be sorted out easily by using certain extensions available. There are 3 different extensions which might solve all these 4 woes.

  1. Magento One Step Checkout Pro: With this extension you can actually make the whole checkout process be available in a single page thus the users will have a better checkout process which is not time consuming.
  2. Magento Ajax Cart Pro: This is an efficient extension wherein the customers can easily add or remove products at the checkout page thus the customization can be done without actually dropping the shopping experience completely. Additionally, this will have zero page reloads thus giving a time saving experience.
  3. Magento Customer Follow-up: This is a very handy extension which will notify the registered customers about the cart they dropped due to any unknown reasons. The customers will get the link of their abandoned cart to their mail so they can directly purchase by clicking the link later.

These will help the site owners as well as users to a great level additionally all these extensions have multi lingual support. Thus these are great options for the eStore owners.

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