28 January, 2023

Poor Loading Speed Of Your Magento Website Can Pull Down Your Rankings & Sales – Know How?

Magento Website Loading Speed Optimization

Webpage loading speed decides the fate of your online business as it happens to be the gateway for millions of shoppers to get in and experience what you’ve got. Search engines have the loading speed as one of the key values for ranking websites. Once again it is directly connected to your business as poor search engine rankings will earn you no online visibility.

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Is your Magento website slow? Lift your website’s speed with the following optimization techniques

Magento Website Speed Optimization by Apptha

Optimizing page speed of a Magento website requires technical skills on coding and server side as well. Though speed optimization depends upon the nature of a website, there are certain best practices which are to be followed for performance optimization of all sorts. If you are confused on where to start and end, our consultants can help you out.

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  1. Dexter Roona Reply

    Good Knowledge sharing. Pixel clear Information about Loading time Influence. As the data depicts poor ranking if it is loaded more than 3 seconds. Also 50% of people in online expects 2 sec or less to load and they avoid if it’s not loaded with in 3 sec as a survey conducted by Akamai and Gomez.com.

    So here website speed matters a lot for SEO rankings and as well as user experience.

    Thanks for Sharing!

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hello Dexter,

      Shared a great resource here. Thanks for your valuable points. Glad you liked this post. Stay tuned for more updates.


  2. Denys Almaral Reply

    Website loading time is really an interesting & more important for any website. I found that some major online ecommerce store websites are still facing this issues. There are many other factors decide the loading time stipulation for websites.

    As in the infographic, the techniques like server side and application side are the two major prime factors which could drastically improve loading speed optimization. Apart from this there are some other aspects available. It would be good if you share others too.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hi Denys,

      It great to here your comments. As you said some of the popular online stores are still facing some serious issues on loading speed and they are trying to over come this. We will share more information about loading speed in future updates. Keep signing on.


    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hi Tahseen,

      Surely this will make more changes to your webpage performance, Application and server side optimization brings a good level of improvements. These are the main factors to be considered by the search engines for ranking. Further assistance, contact our live chat experts or mail to bdm@apptha.com

  3. Jacob Nielsen Reply

    After Implementing the above steps I’ve tested magento site with Google speed test optimization.

    Also measured page load time with analytical report based on the site speed.

    But, probably I cannot able to perform all the above tips and a priority over performance is improved now compare to before. Helpful one.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hi Jacob,

      Thanks for your compliments. If you are facing issues on implementing the above tips, kindly discuss with our magento certified experts by visiting apptha.com and chat with our live experts or mail at bdm@apptha.com

  4. Alberto Cattini Reply

    Hello, Great Information. We are into online eCommerce developing and have been concentrating on front-end and back-end side optimization for improving site speed. It would be more perfect if you added REDIS caching with the above information. Because it plays a major role while optimizing magento site speed in back-end. Learned new things from the infographic.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hello Alberto,

      Good to hear your words. Thanks for pointing the relevant cache information. We will try to make it in other future posts.

  5. Jacques Reply

    I think it’s a perfect way to rectify poor loading speed. As an end user, I too prefer speedy websites, particularly for online estores. Search engines also favor sites with faster speed.

  6. Michael Hamel Reply

    Website speed is an important factor in SEO ranking, hosting with trusted major companies helps more in improving site speed and as well secure for the website.
    As AWS makes this perfect one to handle & design wise the infographic looks appealing.

  7. Erik Crouch Reply

    Just I gone through this article. I want to know more about this magento speed optimization service for my web page. It’s my id erik***62@gmail.com

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