21 February, 2024
Magento Customer follow up

Magento Ecommerce: How Following-Up Customers Can Increase Insights and Sales?

High-quality products and strong sales can’t measure the success of any business as they can’t just bring in repeat customers. Of course, one can’t deny the fact that creating quality products and achieving strong sales is vital; however, sustaining and doubling the success rate won’t be possible without customer follow-up. So, what are all the ways available to follow-up customers and which is the easiest and cheapest of them all? Well, find the solution down right here!

Shopping cart abandonment and customer insights:

Today, a common threat confronted by most ecommerce businesses is shopping cart abandonment. I’ve presented here some reports collected from various resources for your view.

  • The rate of abandonment for fashion sector – 75%
  • The rate of abandonment for retail sector – 73%
  • The rate of abandonment for travel sector – 81%
  • Finally, the average shopping cart abandonment rate for different sectors – 68%

The most common reasons are found to be:

  • High product cost – 54%
  • Comparatively high pricing with other stores – 37%
  • Poor website navigation facility – 24%
  • Insecure payment options – 20%
  • Unfavorable delivery options – 17%

I’ve just named a few and there are more reasons to it.

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How to convince a visitor abandoning the cart to potential buyer?

Customer follow-up is the key.

Generally, you can classify follow-up tactics into two broad types: (i) before sales, and (ii) after sales. Well, post-sale tactics are off topic as we are focusing mainly on pre-sales follow-up measures. So, let’s give some in-depth analysis to this.

What pre-sale customer follow-up tactics can improve customer engagement?

To realize this, I’d like to provide you with some reliable techniques which have helped many businesses to escalate their sales and conversions.

  • Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Customer service, etc. 

Well, here you’ve the 3 different types of approaches that you can try for connecting with the visitors abandoning the shopping carts. Of them, emails play a crucial role as they’ve a got grand reception among all types of customers and they’re easy to digest as they’re crisp.

But, the biggest setback with this strategy is monitoring and managing the email campaigns as you’ve to mark up each and every customer abandoning the cart and should make necessary amendments to follow them up.

It may cost a lot of time and man power to set the email campaigns rolling.

“Is there any simple, effective, less man power and affordable solution available? It is the question raising alarms in the minds of many managing the ecommerce stores. And the solution: customer follow-up extension for ecommerce sites.”

How customer follow-up extension increases insights and sales?

Well, before explaining how this extension could increase insights and sales, I’d also like to emphasize that it can save a great deal of time, cost, and man power with ease. In what way would be your next question! The supportive points are provided below.

  • To begin with, it won’t take too much of time to deploy the extension on your Magento ecommerce site as it is simple and easy.
  • This extension tracks the customers entering and leaving the site without purchasing and sends customized emails to them automatically and promptly.
  • Also, the email carries a link which offers the customer an option to visit back to the cart page with a single click.
  • As it provides an option for customers to review the orders, the chances of increasing your conversions are 40%.
  • This extension also has the ability to improve the sales by 25–30% as well.

This extension can be extremely beneficial, especially if you create a high-quality product with affordable pricings on a well-designed Magento ecommerce websites having simple and easy-to-use navigation options.

Start following up customers and improve your conversions and cash inflow beyond limits.

To learn more about this product and to buy, checkout this link: http://www.apptha.com/magento/customer-follow-up

To check out the live demo of this product, use this link: http://www.apptha-demo.com/magento/customerfollowup/

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