25 June, 2022

Magento Banner Slide Extension – Display Products Bewitchingly to Intensify Sales by 40%

magento banner slider extension

There is an old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and each word given here is worth its meaning. It is rightly said as a well-representing image of any product on the top of any website, in the form banner, can purely enhance online conversions and sales. While a single image has the exceptional potential to leverage business emoluments rapidly, including a banner with different image sliders can double the profit of the business convincingly. The immense potential of banners can’t be overlooked when it comes to online marketing. Be it any online business of different category, a solid banner with captivating images has the ability to turn the eyeballs of visitors who cut through websites, and helps them engage with the sites. The advancement of technology has helped everyone with some fabulous products like Magento banner slide extension, implementing which displaying a wide array of products in banners is plain and beneficial.

Why significant?

Of course, it is crucial. Banners not only help product promotions but also help corporate to ameliorate clientele. A banner tailored to the needs of specific section of customers has the potential to convince and draw in more customers easily. The option of displaying new products or products with discounts lucratively betters customer conversions online and sales.

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What is a slide banner and how it benefits business?

A slide banner appears on the screen whenever the website loads. The banner ads may set to slide from any direction: top, bottom, left, or right, on a website are labeled as slide banners. It comprises a visible close button using which switching the banner sliding direction is absolutely easy. The website owner can set the direction of slides easily. The slide banners include flash, images, html code, etc. In addition, they work extremely fine on mobile devices as well, provided if your Magento website is mobile responsive. Displaying products via slider banners are the best and attractive means to enhance the sales and traffic to any website.

Magento banner slider extension for business websites:

Slider Banner ads are a sure bet to enhance sales and drive enormous traffic to your site. It is the reason why top brands like Sony, Amazon, Samsung, etc. are drawing the attention of every single visitor who visits their sites. The powerful banners loaded on these websites have played a vibrant role in their establishments and prosperity. The slider banner incorporated on the top of the home page helps to display new products in a stylish and elegant manner. But, how expensive is creating a sliding banner on the Magento websites? Indeed, it was expensive once, but no longer. The introduction of banner product slider extension has turned things upside down and as a result incorporating sliders to websites is now cost-effective and plain. The features like displaying Magento products in effectively, customization, uploading images, etc. have made this extension a huge success in today’s market.

Effective banner advertising for productive outcomes:

Well, when talking about banner advertising, it is cardinal to equip you with the banner placement, size, formats. Without the assistance of these details, setting up a banner on the website may lead to lackluster performances. So, here I’ve provided you with a few enticing details about the crucial terms below for increasing the efficiency of your business.

Banner size:

Size of the banner has its influence on the performance of the ads. Generally, traditional banner size of 460*60 pixels is no longer worthy and it couldn’t help you grab the eyeballs of customers anymore. Today, huge banners with increasing unit size are the perfect choice to improve the CTR (click through rate). A few surveys conducted on the banners of different sizes have uncovered that the bigger the banners, the better the CTR and outputs.

Banner placement:

Besides the size, placement of the banner ads plays a crucial role and it has the ability to affect the performance and CTR as well. So, ensure where your banner fits in well and whether it is the right place for gaining maximum customer conversions. Few reports based on the information gathered from many businesses that implemented banners have disclosed: 47% amidst content, 28% leaderboard, 10% right rail, 8% left rail, 5% rotating positions, 2% below folds.  So, placing your banners accordingly with respect to the above positions can help your business gain constant customer traffic.

Web banner formats:

In general, banners can be classified into two broad categories like standard and rich media. Well, obviously CTRs of these two vary significantly and it is wise to adapt to the best format for lucrative sales. While the CTR of the standard banners included in the websites are mentioned to be 0.2%, the rich media banners stun you with a CTR of 0.4% with ease. Well, the rich media banners include animated banners, flash banners, color banners, PVC banners, etc.


The Magento banner slider is a wonderful addition to any website as it has the tendency to draw a huge volume of customer traffic, advertise an array of products, raise brands, etc. Besides, it is extremely cost-effective and easy to use. Apply this innovative slider extension on your website to improve business emoluments at least by 40% with ease.

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