Magento Ajax Cart Pro Tendering Customers Unforgettable Shopping Experience

Is page reloads eating up the customer’s time and force them to leave the cart abruptly? If your answer is yes, in fact most web owners encounter this problem, then without any delay you have to zero in the page reload time to tender your customers with some unbelievable and thorough shopping experience. The more you engage the customers to the site the more you profit! So, what could be done to minimize the page reloads and to maximize revenue of your ecommerce sites? Magento comes up with an impressive extension to resolve this crisis too. One such adorable Magento extension capable of delivering the goods for the web owners as well as users is Ajax Cart Pro. I’m planning to take up the page reloading issue and provide you with interesting information on how to resolve this using the popular Magento extension Ajax Cart Pro, and explain how it influences your business. Not to forget, impressing the visitors by offering them unforgettable shopping experience and compelling them to revisit is the ideal means to double the profit.

Before jumping to the topic it is vital to educate you with the difference between normal shopping cart and Ajax-powered shopping cart. Generally, every time when you add a product or delete a product, you will be redirected to another page while using normal shopping cart. Indeed, it is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, addition or deletion of products using Ajax-powered shopping cart completely rules out the possibility of redirection and helps you stay on the same page. Besides, the products are added to the cart instantly. So, it just takes less than a minute to add products to the shopping carts with no fuzz. From the above discussion it is obvious that Ajax-based extension would speed up the process of shopping considerably.

The following sections would help you realize the underlying the potential of Ajax Cart Pro extension and why web owners favor them often-times.

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Why Ajax Cart Pro?

As I mentioned earlier, it is exclusively designed to zero in page reloads to appease the customers and to grant them an incredible shopping experience. Ajax Cart Pro makes the shopping cart outstandingly convenient to the customers and helps them save their precious times while placing orders. As an administrator it offers complete support over the module enabling you the power to control progress animation, cart animation, Ajax activity indicator, “Show confirmation” dialog, etc.

How it works?

It is so simple to use. Once you place an order by adding a product to the shopping cart, immediately a pop up will appear with the product info. You can modify all the necessary details you wish to before clicking the “update” button to ensure your order. The same principle is applied to the deletion of the product as well. In case of shopping more products, just click the “continue shopping” button to move ahead or just close the pop up display! All the information about the entire products ordered will be held in the same Ajax cart popup. Click the “proceed to checkout” to payment page directly. Extremely simple, right!

Is it compatible with different product types?

As there are a hell a lot of product types, it becomes necessary to educate you with the compatibility of this interesting software over different product types. Indeed, Magento Ajax Cart Pro is highly compatible with all kinds of product types and it is one of the reasons why millions users favor this extension over others.

Will it allow coupon codes?

Yup! You can. Most ecommerce web owners are wary about the coupons as a few extensions won’t allow coupon codes in the shopping cart page. It is considered to be one of the biggest setbacks that bring down the efficiency of the ecommerce business. Coupons are proved to be the easiest means to pull in numerous customers in no time. Stats reveal that customers receiving coupons are more likely to visit your site again and in fact purchase more each time. Not to worry! Ajax Cart Pro allows coupon code in the shopping cart page allowing the web owners to heave a sigh of relief.

Is it possible to display recommended products?

Yes! By all means. The word “recommendation” has some sought of magic associated with it. In general, customers have the tendency to do something which somebody recommends. They never take into account the identity of the person but only his comments upon practically using the product. Ajax Cart Pro recommends some of the products that are related to your search and preferred by many. Sometimes, you find the recommended items more worthy than the one you actually planned to buy. So, implement this extension and display recommended products on your shopping cart with ease.

Is it compatible with different versions of Magento?

Of course, it is! Most people come up with this question and in fact it is a good one. You might have installed in the extension on a particular version, and when you are updating your cart you may have to move forward to the next version. The extension that fared well on the prior version mayn’t work well in the latter. But, in our case, Ajax Cart Pro works well in all versions without any fuzz. In addition, your extension is available for all updates.

Well, given all the privileges and functionalities finding a reputed company that delivers this out-of-the-world extension may be a concern for many. Indeed, there are plenty of companies offering this extension, but only a few have the capability to meet the web owners’ as well as customers’ expectations. One such company with 24/7 courteous support is

I hope everyone enjoyed this article. Implement the Ajax Cart Pro on your shopping cart and zero in the page reloads and ensure improved clientele to multiply profit.

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