Magento 1 Vs Magento 2: Which one Fares Best as the Choice for your Multi Vendor Marketplace?

It’s been some months since we have been hearing and reading quite a lot about Magento 1 vs magento 2 comparison and the debate for the ultimate winner.

Magento 2 was released in June 2015 with a host of promising features that will elevate the eCommerce experience for both admins as well as customers.

Our prime concern is Magento 2 Marketplace. Is it worth the hype? What is new in it? Should you upgrade to a Magento 2 multi vendor store?

Is it too early for e-retailers to upgrade to Magento 2? Or should they waste no longer and upgrade right away? Why should upgrade? What benefits will the upgrade bring in? These are the questions we try to answer in infograph we have put together with out decade-long expertise in Magento development.

Magento 1 vs Magento 2


Apptha marketplace Magento 2 marketplace script is a formidable package of technical strength and high-profile eCommerce abilities. It is teched-up build marketplace in magento 2 with features that can put your store on the fast lane to eCommerce retail success.

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12 thoughts on “Magento 1 Vs Magento 2: Which one Fares Best as the Choice for your Multi Vendor Marketplace?

  1. Stephen Meier

    The difference between magento 1 vs magento 2 was an informative. Good presentation and it speaks a lot about the magento editions with the multi vendor options. It is the core platform that can work for marketplaces and good to go with magento.

    • Ganesh Narayan

      Hello Stephen,

      Good to hear from you, hope you enjoyed this article. Also check our recent updates of magento 1 & magento 2.

  2. Matthew J Moynihan

    Appealing infographic, comparing the magento 1 vs magento 2 makes magento 2 a more responsible compare the previous CE editions. Hope this updated 2.0 makes a robust platform for building ecommerce stores.

    • Ganesh Narayan

      Dear Matthew agree your points as of now switching magento 2 is a better choice because of its updated features & functionalities.

  3. Ben Blanco

    While going through this blog post, I understand Magento 2 rivals Magento 1 with a host of functionalities, especially in page loading speed and user accessibility.

  4. Jason Hogrefe

    Actually I don’t have any idea about magento platform, Now I’m looking to start an ecommerce multi store. It would be helpful if u guide me to know more about this software script. Reach me at jaso****

    • Ganesh Narayan

      Hi Jason Hogrefe,

      Thanks for your interest. Our team will contact you shortly.

  5. Waseem Abbas

    Currently I have an estore in magento 1 platform, So I want to migrate my webstore into magento 2. Is it possible to update the version without any data loss.

    • Ganesh Narayan

      Hi Waseem Abbas,

      We forwarded your query to our support team. They will reach you ASAP.

  6. Fili Wiese

    Magento 2 features are more helpful for ecommerce portals, because the magento 2 update mainly into the webpage loading speed, So it’s a big advantage for ecommerce marketplace to get their customers engagement via the faster webpage speed.

  7. Edmund Hee Zhen

    Magneto 2 have more advanced features than magento 1 version, particularly website speed performance 20 percent faster and highly customizable in magento 2. Moreover the user friendly checkout is very helpful for the customers to complete their checkout process quickly.

    • Ganesh Narayan

      Dear Edmund,

      Yes, magento 2 performs better and the checkouts are easy to proceed and makes user convenience better one.

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