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What is Airbnb Clone

Apptha Airhotels
Airbnb, the world’s biggest & popular vacation rental booking website is on a roll. It has exceeded its revenue estimates by 50% mark. No wonder it is a thing of aspiration for most Internet entrepreneurs who want to strike gold in the ecommerce world.

It is here that an Airbnb clone script makes it grand entry. To clarify, a clone script is an exact replica of a successful business model. It could be a software, web application or an entire website itself; in this case Airbnb.

Vacation rental software is all you will need if you are planning to open a Airbnb like vacation rental website. It will bring in the same kind of revenue streams and benefits that Airbnb is acclaimed for.

Airhotels – How Vacation Rental Software Works?

Airhotels Workflow
Airhotels software acts as a bridge that connects two ends – discerning travelers and property owners with spare space to let out on a temporary basis. It is global community of travelers and hosts connected by homely living facilities in local destinations. Travelers find a place to live in using the search function in the website.

The host, i.e. the property owner will receive payment from the guest in the form of room rent; a share of which will go to the website owner. The website owner, that is the individual or the company that launches and manages the online booking system will get a share of revenue in the form of commission or transaction fee from hosts and travelers.
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What comes with this vacation rental software?

– Swift installation
– A sleek & clutter free neat interface
– Extensive customization facilities
– Bug-free high quality script
– Expert customer support & assistance
– Fully decked control panel with intuitive toggles

Why Airhotels in Specific? What makes it a worthy choice?

You can definitely opt for any other vacation rental website in the market, provided you are ready to forego the following stellar features of Air Hotels software:

Airhotels is a smartish uber-cool vacation rental software that is sculpted to perfection for ideal use by all kinds of users: from luxury hotel chains to individuals who want to convert their dorm rooms into a rental accommodation site.

Responsive Design

Flows fluidly into any screen size, for the matter desktops, mobile devices or even hybrid.

Endless Customization

Change the way your vacation rental website looks, feels and appears to your users with cosmetic and mechanical customizations.

Top-Quality Code

Bugs and errors are a distant nightmares as Apptha Airhotels is programmed to perfection by coders who know their tasks inside-out.

Fine-Tuned for SEO

Airhotels software is fine tuned to ensure that all the web pages crawl higher search engine rankings. From meta tags to headings, every aspect of the website can be optimized for SEO.

Convenience creating features for Users

– Smart search for properties with multiple filters
– Weeks/Days/Hours based booking
– Internal communication facility with host
– Notifications for bookings, cancellations and billing
– Quick access to previous bookings
– Wish list of want-to-visit property listings

Business boosting features for Hosts

– User verification through social credentials
– Google calendar synchronization for room inventory management
– Google map integration
– Property videos/images gallery
– Notification alert for every booking

Complete control giving features for admins

– Single dashboard with all control cluster
– Profile information management of users and property owners
– Individual commission calculation
– Multiple revenue modes – commission, processing, property listing fee.

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Get Revenue from Airhotels – Vacation Rental Software

Airhotels software throws up a plethora of channels for business owners to earn revenue. The lion share of revenue will accrue from direct bookings from guest. Also, in case of bookings to host properties, the take away revenue after providing for commission will also be substantial.

There are also other modes of revenue which include leveraging the large incoming traffic for Google AdSense, banner ads, affiliate marketing and so on. In other words, it is putting to use the spare space in the website for generating revenue.

The below mentioned image will explain the revenue channels more aptly.
Revenue Models

All said, what are you waiting for? The world is waiting for the next Airbnb like vacation rental website that will make their sojourns even more exciting. Get, set, go building your vacation rental website.

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  1. How much will it cost to build airbnb clone site and I need to list more than 1000+ listings, that connects with various cities, local regions. Is it be able to develop
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    • Dear Cisa,

      Good to see you here, with apptha’s airbnb clone script you can easily build your vacation rental website in instant time. With AWS cloud hosting you can list all your listings and it is stable one developed with magento platform makes it robust.

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