Keep your Affiliates Loyal and Excited!!!

Gone are those days where users will be satisfied with just the quality of the product or service; of course even now and forever the quality and service is important but to keep your users and affiliates happy, loyal, and excited simply delivering the right product is not sufficient. You need to do more and think out of the box. These days are the ones where the users expect more and more from the store owners. As a store owner and admin you should be working on innovative ideas to keep them loyal and excited.

Magento Social Affiliate is the extension that you should prefer to keep your affiliates glued to your site. This extension will help the users to refer their social media friends and will benefit the users when the referred friend or in other words, the affiliate makes the purchase. The users will be rewarded with certain credit points. Similarly the same cycle exists for the new affiliate. They may refer their friends via social media and earn credits; this is thus a cyclic process.

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This is a two-way advantageous process wherein the user and the store owner both are benefited. The store owners or the admin will be having increased sales and high site visitors thus their sales will go on a rocketing speed. As for the users and affiliates, they will have an easy way now to refer their friends through the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc. Additionally, the users will be reduced from the burden of e-mail based referrals which are tedious and time consuming process. The users have to simply click on the social referral buttons. Finally, they will be excited since the users can turn their credit points (after certain threshold) into purchase of products. Thus, the affiliates can stay loyal and excited while store owners can be happy too. Before purchasing the Magento Social Affiliate extension you can try a demo here.

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2 thoughts on “Keep your Affiliates Loyal and Excited!!!

  1. Reshma Sharma

    With the help of social affiliates we can keep our loyal to tend their business updates and for the store owners. Clearly explained.

    • ramanathan

      Hi Reshma,

      It’s great to hear your valuable points. Keep watching for more updates.

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