1 July, 2022

Integrating Videos in Joomla Articles and Adding Komento Commenting System Now Easy!

Integrating videos in Joomla articles

Developers and users from all corners of the world realize that Joomla is a popular CMS. But, a setback associated with Joomla CMS is it doesn’t carry any options to integrate videos to Joomla Article pages by default. Also, adding additional comment system to videos of HD Video Share with Komento is the expectation of many. So, a common question pestering many Joomla users globally would be is there any tool available for Joomla sites to overcome these two setbacks! By the end of the post you’d find the solution you’re in search for!

Apptha, the marketplace with magical extensions for Magento, Joomla, and WordPress is back again with a bang, this time with two special “free add-ons” for resolving the abovementioned crisis.

Solution #1 – Tool to integrate HD Video Share videos to the Article pages:

Be it a funny video, special occasion or an unforgettable instance, capturing the precious moments on a still camera or a video recorder is the recommended option, because you can relish it at any time you want to! Say you’ve the clippings of the precious images or videos; however, unless you put into display no one can enjoy them! Is there any special tool or extension available to showcase video clippings amazingly with social sharing options online would be question pestering many Joomla lovers! Here, you’ve the solution. Using Apptha’s HD Video Share extension for Joomla, it is absolutely easy to showcase videos.

However, the real question that lies in front of you is how to integrate the videos of HD Video Share compiled into the Joomla Articles page?

Apptha, with its forward-looking team of developers, provides solution for this as well. Apptha has unveiled a free add-on labeled “HVS Article” to integrate HD Video Share videos to Article pages with complete comfort. As this is a free add-on, it allows you to save some pennies as well.  Another biggest advantage of using this add-on is it can work without any issues on K2 pages of Joomla CMS too.

To download this free add-on, click the link: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/HD-Video-Share

So, by now you’ve integrated the videos to the Article pages; what next?

Now let’s discuss on how to add additional comments option to HD Video Share videos in Joomla websites. By this way, your videos will be reaching out people in a better way. Find the solution for this issue right down below.

Solution #2 – Tool to insert commenting system to HD Video Share videos:

Komento offers one of the best commenting systems which can be integrated with your Joomla site to rule out the issue of adding additional comment system on Joomla websites.

But, is there any tool available online to integrate the Komento system with videos is the next question raising in the minds of many! Apptha realizing this issue has come up with a special free add-on labeled “HVS Komento” to act as a bridge between the Komento commenting system and HD Video Share videos. This add-on helps in adding additional Komento commenting system to the HD Video Share videos using which adding comments is easy and can be managed from Komento system.

To download this free add-on, click the link: http://www.apptha.com/category/extension/Joomla/HD-Video-Share

So, by now you’d have developed a better idea on how to integrate videos of HD Video Share on Article pages of Joomla and enable comments on Joomla wesbites. Just download the two free add-ons today and start unleashing the power of videos on your Joomla CMS for offering stirring user experience.

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    A well written article explained clearly about implementing videos in article pages. For Joomla CMS komento commenting system also plays a vital role for commenting.

    1. ramanathan Reply

      Hi Jerick,

      You added a great point here. Also we added more interesting blogs like this, have a look on that too.

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